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Storz & Bickel sell to Canopy Growth

Storz & Bickel Acquired by Canopy Growth

What This Could Mean For S&B Vape Lovers

It was announced last week Canopy Growth, a leader in the cannabis space, had Acquired German Vaporizer manufacturer, Storz & Bickel, for 145 million Euros or 165 Million Dollars.

With the acquisition, Canopy Growth will gain access to the extensive patent library of Storz & Bickel – allowing for collaborative design of proprietary vaporizers under the penmanship of Canopy Growth. 

The deal which keeps founders Marcus Storz and Jürgen Bickel on board will also give Storz & Bickel access to greater opportunity through access to more resources. 


It is a bold statement on the part of Canopy to harpoon the German Vaporizer manufacturer. While Storz & Bickel are known for making the best dry herb vaporizers around, this segment of the market is still peanuts when compared to the cannabis market as a whole. Personally we at To the Cloud Vapor Store think $165 Million is a rather low ball price to acquire such a technology leader in the vaporizer space. And Canopy is placing a rather safe bet on their domination and growth to continue as global legalization becomes all but certain in the coming decades.

While the knee jerk reaction is to lament the deal , seeing small niche companies which are loved and supported by loyal customers be acquired by big money,   here is why this deal could turn out to be a good thing for Storz & Bickel enthusiasts.

New Vaporizers

Storz & Bickel has been around since 2000 and have produced the Volcano, Plenty, Crafty and Mighty –  That is all. 4 vaporizers make up their entire Storz & Bickel arsenal over the last twenty years and they dominate the global market.

It’s hard to imagine any company with only four products over roughly twenty years dominating the space they are in. With an aggressive expansion plan by Canopy and Canopy having their own patents we will could see some new vaporizers coming to market very soon.


Marcus and Jürgen Still Driving The Bus

While the exact specifics of the deal have not been released to the public , Storz & Bickel will continue to oversee operations and will do so for the near future.  Any worries of total change should be swept aside. With the possibility Canopy acquired Storz & Bickel solely for the anticipated organic growth over the years of the vaporizer line up, there will be no major changes and all will remain the same


Better Customer Service

We hear it all the time from our customers and in the forums, Storz & Bickel have the best vaporizers but not that great of customer service. I think anyone who has gone to either of their headquarters in Tuttlingen or Oakland would be surprised at how few employees are working at this vaporizer behemoth. Being a German company focused on efficiency not too much man power is put towards communication. If you have an issue with your vaporizer you fill out a form online, get an automated response, send it in and get it back repaired. There is no number to call and inquire about where your repair is at what exact time, what is a matter with it etc. It is a company that is more focused on operation than on customer service.  

Being given a larger umbrella we could see some greater influence on the communication side of the business that interacts with customers.


Possible Price Decreases of the Vaporizer

We have already seen this with two price drops from Storz & Bickel in the past. With the fierce competition in the cannabis and vaporizer space many vaporizers are now much cheaper than when they were first released. As mentioned above they are a rather small company employee wise given how large their footprint is. With greater financial backing it is possible they could reach greater economies of scale with their vaporizers at a lower price and further decimate the competition.


At the end of the day we will have to see what the Canopy Growth Deal brings.  The Cannabis vaporizer market has changed rapidly but Storz & Bickel have remained a constant on top. This is a brand loved by many and is not going anywhere. We can only hope the Canopy Deal brings us the next great Storz & Bickel vaporizer.

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