Ghost Vapes To the Cloud Vapor Store at Champs Trade show

Champs Trade Show 2019

So we just got back from the annual Champs Trade Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Although this was the first time To the Cloud Vapor Store made an appearance you could definitely see the marijuana industry is booming just by the sheer number of companies and attendees present, but I’ll spare you the trite and conventional commentary, I think you know the marijuana space is booming , yadda, yadda, yadda.

Storz & Bickel sell to Canopy Growth

Storz & Bickel Acquired by Canopy Growth

It was announced last week Canopy Growth, a leader in the cannabis space, had Acquired German Vaporizer manufacturer, Storz & Bickel, for 145 million Euros or 165 Million Dollars.

With the acquisition, Canopy Growth will gain access to the extensive patent library of Storz & Bickel – allowing for collaborative design of proprietary vaporizers under the penmanship of Canopy Growth.

Boundless Tera Off Gassing recall

The Boundless Tera Recall: Why Sometimes it Pays to Wait

Boundless Technologies is a proven name in the portable weed vaporizer space. Their vaporizers have been received well by the vapor community and the economical price point at which they are sold make them great entry level vaporizers. Boundless garnered most their industry clout for the Boundless CFX – an ideal beginner vaporizer for someone who wants quality but cannot or will not spring for the more pricey top tier vaporizers.

New Mighty Vaporizer packaging

Newest Version Mighty and Crafty Vaporizer Improvements

The Mighty and the Crafty Vaporizers were released in 2014 and three years later Storz & Bickel still have us waiting in anticipation for their next new vaporizer. However constantly releasing new vaporizers is not Storz & Bickel’s game. We need to remember that the Classic Volcano Vaporizer was released to the American Market in 2003. Since 2003 Storz & Bickel have rolled out four additional vaporizers, one of which is just a Digital Volcano – the digital version of a Classic Volcano,so it’s hard to even say they have 5 different vaporizers. To add more  context it was over a decade before Storz & Bickel rolled out their portable vaporizer line ( the Mighty and the Crafty) after the success they had with the Volcano.

New Volcano Vaporizer design

A Modern Look For the New Model Volcano Vaporizer

Check Out the New Model Volcano Vaporizer  Storz & Bickel  have recently rebranded their flagship product, the Classic Volcano Vaporizer. The new design however only affects the packaging design and the accessories – not the unit or the valve system itself.   Storz & Bickel have adapted a more modern look for the Classic Volcano…

Storz & Bickel price drop

Storz & Bickel Drop Prices Again in April 2017

Storz & Bickel Price Drop  Do the makers of the Volcano Vaporizer have a new product in the mix ?  Storz & Bickel, manufacturer’s of the The World’s Best Vaporizers just significantly dropped prices on three of the five vaporizers in their product line. The Mighty Vaporizer, Crafty Vaporizer and the Plenty Vaporizer all saw…