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Storz & Bickel Volcano Vaporizer prototype - first volcano vaporizer ever made

Storz & Bickel – World Renowned Vaporizers Made in Germany

Storz & Bickel – World Renowned Vaporizers Made in Germany

Introduction & History

Storz & Bickel is a German company that designs a contemporary selection of high end vaporizers. They have supplied an amazing line of products, which to date have been considered the best vaporizers year after year.


The beginning of Storz & Bickel  goes all the way back to 1996 when Markus Storz began development on herbal vaporizers. By 1998, Storz had designed an innovative detachable balloon aspect to incorporate into his vaporizer that was patented as the Volcano is 1999. In 2000, Storz’s first Volcano vaporizer was finally available for purchase, delighting experts around the world. Jürgen Bickel joined the company as a partner in 2002, which sparked the formation of Storz and Bickel GmbH & Co. KG.

Storz & Bickel
Markus Storz and Jürgen Bickel

Moving to America

The American market was an area of interest as the company headed into 2003; delivering the first 110-volt devices on the market, and creating an accelerating upswing in sales. They further expanded into the American market in 2005 when the subsidiary Storz & Bickel America, Inc was founded in Oakland, California.





Next Level Innovation 

New advances in design were introduced in 2007 with the Digital Volcano Vaporizer . This was Storz and Bickel’s first ever electronically controlled vaporizer available for purchase. In 2008 they took their product design down a whole new route by introducing the Plenty vaporizer. This model was created to be an extremely powerful vaporizer that you could hold in your hand. This internationally patented handheld device was the first vaporizer to combine air and radiation heat into its design.


Storz and Bickel offer guaranteed quality and in 2009 they received certification for a quality management system, fulfilling the requirements to manufacture medical devices. This set Storz & Bickel apart from the rest , demonstrating their superior prowess in the vaporizer space, they were now allowed to design medical devices. Unfortunately these medical vaporizers have been limited to only a handful of countries and are not for sale in the United States. 

Storz & Bickel certification
Storz & Bickel Certification found on every vaporizer

In 2010 they designed a product to compliment this certification called the Volcano Medic. This was the world’s first certified medical herbal vaporizer that was put into circulation.


Portability was in mind when Storz and Bickel designed the Crafty and Mighty vaporizers in 2014. These are the most powerful battery powered herbal vaporizers on the market today. Currently, they are the only company worldwide that produces medical herbal vaporizers. They even designed a portable, battery powered medical herbal vaporizer, the Mighty Medic, in 2015. The latest project of Storz and Bickel was building the first medical herbal vaporizer manufacturing factory in the world in Tuttlingen in 2016.


The Mighty and the Crafty Vaporizers


The company’s flagship  product is understandably, the Volcano Vaporizer , due to it innovative technology. However, every product they offer is of the highest quality. That can easily be seen in their designs. The expansion of this company has been absolutely extraordinary, building new facilities and offering quality vaporizers and accessories. 


The History & Evolution of the Volcano Vaporizer

Storz & Bickel Volcano Vaporizer prototype - first volcano vaporizer ever made
The First Volcano Vaporizer ever made

The Volcano Vaporizer model is a tabletop model that is designed with advanced technology and has become the gold standard for vaporizer manufacturers since their introduction in the late 90s and early 2000s. This model is regularly referred to as the best desktop vaporizer and the foundation of the vaporization industry. The Volcano was created out of a search for quality and consistency, while ensuring the highest standards possible. So, it’s easy to see why this became Storz and Bickel’s flagship product.

The first version of the Volcano was crafted using a heat gun in Storz’s basement. Though unsuccessful at first, it proved to pave the way for the air pump design that was developed into the patented detachable balloon chamber. This technology is one of the company greatest achievements, offering many great beneficial aspects.


Volcano vaporizer diagramThis design is capable of separating the inhalation and vaporization process. This feature allows the patient to avoid contact with the heat that the vaporizer can create. Another beneficial feature is that the balloon aspect allows a nurse or caretaker to prepare the vaporizer and to control the dose. This device is made for ease of use with little to no resistance making it easier to inhale. This makes it ideal for people who are disabled or ill. Regardless of which you choose, the Classic Volcano or the Digital Volcano will bring the highest quality vapor 

Storz & Bickel’s Five Vaporizers 

The Classic Volcano

The Classic Volcano was the first of the Volcano models to enter the market. This stainless steel design features is made complete with either the solid valve or the easy valve ( the solid valve being the first and only delivery method at initial release ) and is made of made from food safe and odor free materials. It is a light and sleek model weighing only 3.5 pounds and measuring 7.9 inches by 7.1 inches. The Classic offers a variety of temperatures through its innovative method of convection heating, ranging from 266°F to 446°F. The internal temperature settings are controlled through an analog knob on the front. This model is boasted as a personal use device that offers individual balloon sizes that range from 1-10 feet with an adjustable filling chamber volume. This model is highly recommended if you are looking for customization.  A huge benefit that convection heat offers is that it heats evenly and efficiently because it is disbursed over a large surface area. It also allows for bold, voluminous hits.


The Digital Volcano

The Digital Volcano vaporizer features an easy valve design. The basic structure is identical to the Classic Volcano, with one major addition. The internal temperature is controlled using a digital LED screen that improves accuracy and ensures simple monitoring of internal temperature and adjustments. The LED display is very large, allowing for easy viewing. It also displays both the set temperature and the actual temperature of the device, which can be switched between Celsius and Fahrenheit. This model also features the same method of hot air convection heating that is designed to be the most efficient method of heating for vaporizers. It also features the same stainless steel make and uses food safe, odor free materials for its construction. This design, like all of the Volcano models, is crafted with high quality components that are designed to withstand years of heavy use as well as large amounts of concentrate, herbs, and oils. The easy valve models are highly recommended for beginners and are much less maintenance than the solid valve because they must be cleaned and reused.

The Volcano Medic

The last of the Volcano models is the Volcano Medic. This vaporizer is the first of its kind, designed and certified for medical herb vaporization. Currently, this model is distributed under the brand Vapormed, and only in Europe, Canada and Israel. This model is also designed using the same technology with pumped hot air and has been proven to be exceedingly efficient and effective in the medical field. The Volcano Medic allows for a rapid and safe delivery system with immense temperature control. This model is the most favorable model in the medical field and is simply one of a kind.

The Volcano is just a part of the wave of innovation coming out of Storz & Bickel. As it stands, it gave the company a distinguished prominence that continues to grow, and as they align themselves with the health oriented aspects that helped to start their company they are experiencing more successes. Their Volcano products have allowed for their company to become industry leaders in the vaporizing community. This is no surprise because their craftsmanship is of the highest quality with an extremely efficient design. Storz and Bickel holds a prestigious distinction for the creation of the Volcano. This is due to the high medical grade materials and quality management systems used that helped to attain the medical certification. Through their prestige and motivation, they also developed many other high end vaping products, such as the Plenty vaporizer, the Mighty vaporizer, and the Crafty vaporizer.


The Plenty Vaporizer

Storz and Bickel’s Plenty Vaporizer is a powerful handheld vaporizer with a similar design as the tabletop masterpiece, the Volcano. One major difference is its handheld design. Made from the highest quality materials, this thirteen inch vaporizer sports a removable mouthpiece and comes loaded with an auto shutoff feature that does an excellent job in terms of energy efficiency. This wonderfully elegant device plugs into any standard power socket, and with it’s small footprint it can fit just about anywhere. The power in this wonderfully ingenious machine is capable of heating dry herbs, liquids, and oils up to 395 degrees Fahrenheit. It utilizes an internationally patented combined air and radiation heater design that ensures prompt vaporization occurs and is maintained throughout a user’s session. The filling chamber wall radiates heat while the metal mesh lets hot air, generated deeper inside the machine, blow through. Adjusting the temperate is made to be simple and quick with side controls and an easy to read thermometer. Users will be pleasantly surprised by the coolness and fullness of each draw, thanks to the brilliant cooling coil design. The filling chamber attaches the mouthpiece to the main body of the device. The container holds up to 3.4cm^3 and provides the perfect amount of surface area for efficient vaporizing. Unlike the Volcano’s balloon and pump design, the Plenty uses quieter technology proving to be very convenient. The kit includes a multitude of useful items. One of these items is a practical orange two piece grinder that also contains a filling chamber, to assist with herb preparation. Also included, is a liquid pad for variable viscosity vaporization, screen replacements, and a brush for maintenance.


The Crafty Vaporizer

The release of the Crafty vaporizer revolutionized the vaporizer industry. This compact vaping technology was one of Storz and Bickel’s first battery powered devices. It is designed using a single Lithium-ion battery for power. The battery has long life and can recharge quickly. This is an extremely convenient model because of its small build, making it easily portable. Hitting the market in 2014, it quickly made a name for itself for the quality, versatility, and the abundant features this unit provided to the users. This Crafty vaporizer is designed to be perfectly pocket portable and boasts a 1.4cm^3 filling chamber that utilizes convection heating and can be used for dry herbs. The Crafty can also take advantage of a liquid pad and vaporize concentrate, liquids, and oils of varying degrees of viscosity. This is also an extremely easy device to use, requiring only a single push of a button to heat the chamber up to the default temperature of 365 degrees Fahrenheit. The device will even give off a vibrating signal, informing the user that the device is ready. It recommended for beginners because it is so simple it can used right after you purchase it. Each draw is of high yield and smooth, thanks to cunning cooling unit design.


Another unique capability this device employs is the ability to be controlled with the use of Bluetooth enabled smartphones. The remote control application provides full access to the user to better optimize their experience. There’s even helpful information such as battery life and operating statistics in the app. This models the smallest vaporizer that Storz and Bickel produce. However, this does not take away from the powerful vaporizing technology that it uses. It will still give that same robust, clean, full flavored vapor that is guaranteed when using their vaporizers.


The Mighty Vaporizer

A twin sibling to the Crafty, the Mighty battery powered vaporizer provides its users with portability, state of the art features, and a long battery life. Released in 2014, the Mighty has shocked the vaping community with its powerful design that is capable of producing aromatic, flavorful, and satisfying vapor. This vaporizer is only 5.5” x 3.2” x 1.2” making it about the size of an Iphone 6 and double the width. The temperature can easily be controlled via the plus and minus buttons provided and the LCD display. This vaporizer’s temperature can range from 105 to 410 degrees Fahrenheit. This versatile range can be very convenient for different kinds dry herbs. The convection heating technology that this vaporizer incorporates is exceptional because it can produce a massive amount of vapor on the first hit without burning the herbs. The Mighty can also take advantage of a liquid pad and vaporize liquids and oils of varying degrees of viscosity. With heat dispersal technology on the exterior of the device, it never gets too hot to hold. The two lithium ion batteries take just a short two hours to fully charge. The two batteries then maintain a charge capable of handling seven to eight sessions before needing to recharge. The Mighty Vaporizer is also integrated with pass through power capabilities that allow the device to be used while it is charging through the included power adapter. The design for the filling chamber is integrated into the device, accommodating a large amount of herb; cleaning and filling is made easy by this feature. This unit was definitely designed with the great care and cunning of German innovation.


Efficiency and High Quality Prevent the Need for Much Advertisement

Since its beginnings in 1996, Storz and Bickel haven’t had to spend much on advertising. This is due the effective and efficient technology that they have developed. They have been able to focus their attention on designing and improving the cutting edge capabilities of their vaporizers. Their work to establish medically certified products is absolutely inspirational. The quality and assurance they deliver has no equal and has set a very high bar in the vaporizer industry. It wasn’t long after their conception that they expanded to become a global presence. Their hallmark products are delivering satisfaction to so many people across the world. Word travels fast and that’s what they’re counting on. Storz and Bickel vaporizers are considered the staples of modern vaporizers. The products speak for themselves with high quality materials, well thought out vaporizer models, and excellent support teams located in their two major operations locations Tuttlingen, Germany and Oakland, California in the US. The mission is quite simple, deliver to best possible performing product. Every year the company makes further advancement and improvements to their technology that keeps them up to date with the ever changing vaping culture. So it’s no surprise, that their products can speak for themselves, simply through their quality and effectiveness.


Recent ExpansionStorz & Bickel Factory

Due to the large amount of success seen by Storz and Bickel, they have had the ability to recently expand. As mentioned previously, this outstanding duo expanded by building their first factory that would be solely responsible for the manufacturing of medical herbal vaporizers, located in Tuttlingen, Germany. Tuttlingen is also commonly referred to as the center of medical technology. This is due to the 150 year old surgical production factory, first ever of its kind, and the 500 medical device manufacturers and that are located within the town. It is only fitting that this is where they should locate their innovative factory.


New Accessories and Replacement Parts

Storz and Bickel haven’t released any new models of vaporizers recently, but they have released a notable variety of accessories and refinements that are available for purchase. One of their most convenient accessories is an accessory that allows you to pre-fill ground herb or concentrate oil into a magazine inside of dosing capsules. These Magazines come with 8 Dosing Capsules; the dry herb magazine costs $6.90, while the liquid magazine costs $9.90. They also sell dosing capsules in a larger quantities, groups of 40 pieces, allowing you to prep herb or liquid for an extended period of time. The dry herb capsules are cheaper, costing only $13.90, while the liquid set costs $39.90. The Capsule Caddy is a great accessory if you are looking to prep a single dose of either, herb or liquid, costing $5.90 and $7.90 respectively. These magazines are absolutely genius if you are looking to prep ahead of time and can really help you out, whether you are prepping a large or small amount.

Replacement parts and refinements for all of the models are also available at a reasonable prices as well. The replacements parts and refinements that are available for purchase are various power adapters, car chargers, cooling units, filling aids, filling chamber parts, cooling coils, and tubing sections. They also offer a variety of sets that include mouthpieces or lip pieces, wear and tear maintenance tools, seal rings, course and normal screens, and liquid pads. Balloon adapters are also available for both easy and solid valve models, among many other great products. Basically, any part that you could ever need, either as an additional piece, replacement part, or as an accessory is available for purchase.



Markus Storz and Jürgen Bickel are vaporizer geniuses who continue to lead the vaporizing industry through their innovative and distinguished technology. They are truly, in respect to vaporization design, a duo made in heaven. Storz is a visionary who began his career as a graphic designer. His artistic training and capabilities pair exceedingly well with Bickel’s impressive technical background. Their collaboration has allowed for them to design the most impressive, extensive, high end vaporizers on the market today spreading their reach to the whole globe. All of their products use a patented heat exchange design and convection hot air for extremely effective distribution of heat. They have designed vaporizers that are so efficient, effective, and outstanding overall, that they basically sell themselves. The quality is so exceptional that they don’t need to advertise on a level with their competitors. They can just let their vaporizers do all the talking for themselves. Using their outstanding patented technology, Storz and Bickel have changed the way people view vaporizers. They have also set the bar for standard of quality and efficiency that is sought after in the vaporizer industry. It is astounding to think that before this successful company was expanding all over the entire world, these two men were simply trying to find a higher quality, more efficient means of using dry herbs.



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