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Carta 2 app

Carta 2 App | Focus V App Offers Unparalleled Customizations

While the Carta 2 is shaping up to be one of the most popular new electronic vaporizer rigs of 2022 the Carta app was up until recently  a work in progress. Oddly enough the Carta app had similar issues with it’s roll out to accommodate the OG Carta. The key difference being 1.) The OG Carta was not rolled out with a heavily marketed Bluetooth / app capability  and 2.) The OG does not have the same features and upgrades which make the Carta 2 app  much more desirable for some. 

In theory The Carta 2 Vaporizer has one of the best apps for a vaporizer on the market today and for many they are enjoying all the features and ways it can enhance your Carta 2 session.  Unfortunately, it had a rough start. Upon initial release, the application failed to work. Creators pushed it back repeatedly to perfect the design. New bugs appeared over and over again.

Carta 2 App Issues

While the Carta 2 app is much better than the original Carta app, it still has its faults. Let’s discuss problems just in case the app is going to put you over on pulling the trigger on the Carta 2 Vaporizer, as the app has some troubles a handful of users still can’t seem to handle. This will also help you get your expectations in line with reality. 

 Here are a few of the most prominent troubles and gripes from Focus V’s Reddit with the Carta 2 application:

  •     App features do not work
  •     Trouble connecting the Carta 2
  •     Bugs and other hindrances
  •     Getting stuck in herb mode

While it has come along way from just a few months ago when the Carta 2 was released,  Focus V continues to push out the most updated versions to the Carta Gang (Focus V community) in hopes of creating a version that sticks. Unfortunately, it’s not perfected yet. Some people report that the app worked perfectly for them from the get-go, while others state that it remains less than ideal. It’s unstable.

Vape Apps Vs. The App Store

Volcano App

Vaping is a touchy subject. It’s different from smoking, but there are many politicians and lawmakers that don’t approve of the inhalation of vapor. Thanks to this tension, various app stores have been known to remove and delete vape apps from their available content. It’s trickier than ever to get your hands on a vape app and even trickier for companies like Focus and Puffco to build them. 

 Apple is a prominent player in this removal. In 2019, they removed 181 vaping and vaping-related apps from the app store. Other companies followed suit in hopes of staying on a certain side of the spectrum in the regulatory playing field. 

 The path browser workarounds have been implemented by Firefly, PAX , Storz & Bickel, Puffco and yes Focus V;  most all brands that utlizie some form of app control for their vaporizers.  Essentially the internet  browsers drop security measures and  let your device communicate with a control system the company has built out. So it is very important to not accidentally use the Carta  browser for anything else than your Carta 2 control, especially any financial activities.

Using The Carta 2 App (iOS Users)

  • Download Carta Browser from the app store
Carta browser
  • Open Carta Browser and Type
  • Create an account (or enter account into)
Focus V account
  • Select your Device & Connect (make sure the device is on and charged)
focus v app
  • Enter your serial number (found on bottom of unit)

Carta 2 App Features

The Carta 2 app offers a myriad of fun controls especially if you are an interactive gamer or active in the Focus V discord. You get the standard controls that you would come to expect, but you also get XP (experience and interactive points), share your sessions,  control many devices from one app, change preset temperatures, remotely start sessions. The Carta App is neat indeed. The quick Carta 2 app commercial can give you a total run down for all the features that are offered on the Carta 2 app.

Do You Need To Use The App ?

You may notice that only a handful of customers have complained about issues with the app as of June 2022. This is one of those things that if you care enough about the app you are likely tech savvy enough to work out the kinks by troubleshooting yourself or working with information that is readily available.

When we did our Carta 2 review in May, the units were just getting rolled out and the app was still in Beta. The review was done without any regard for the app and the vaporizer certainly delivered. If you like large dabs that go down quick app or no app , the Carta 2 is a must have.

The Carta 2 has easy to navigate and understand controls on the side of the device alongside with an informative LED screen. There is absolutely no need to use the app to get the amazing hits, if anything that will come from after market carb caps and custom glass.

The app however just makes the device more user friendly for some and allows the tech savvy gamer who wants to be interactive, social and have the options to customize their dab sessions be able to do so.

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