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Crafty+ Plus vaporizer

The Crafty+ Review | What has Changed from the Crafty to Crafty+ ?

Storz & Bickel recently released the Crafty+  (Plus) which will replace the original Crafty, no longer in production. The Crafty+ boasts both external and internal upgrades but so far these minor adjustments don’t make it a far cry from the original model Crafty Vaporizer released in 2014. I always opt for the blindfold test in these situations and if you blind fold me and I hit the Crafty and Crafty+ I do not know which is which.

External Changes

Crafty vs. Crafty+ Vaporizer

The stir tool is a different color and has the S&B logo on it 

The cooling unit doesn’t have the word’s Crafty on the top but the S&B logo instead 

LOGO on the side says Crafty+ in Orange 

Heat guard shell slants upwards

Not included with the Crafty+

  • Cleaning Brush 
  • Crafty/ Mighty Filling Aid 
  • Storz & Bickel Grinder 
  • Large Cooling unit O-Rings 
  • Wall Charger adapter for the USB Cable

Included with the Crafty+

  • Small Cooling Unit O-Rings
  • Extra O-Rings 
  • Extra Screens 
  • Liquid Pad 
  • Dosing Capsule
  • USB Cable 
  • Instructions

Internal Changes

While the external updates are meager it’s under the hood what matters and Storz & Bickel have made a handful of improvements based on customer feedback to make the Crafty+ more power efficient giving the unit faster heat up time, longer battery life and requiring less energy so that the battery and circuitry will last longer.

Craftypluscomparison by Storz & Bickel

Internal Upgrades

  • Circuit Board
  • Heat up Time / Heating Element
  • Improved Battery Life
  • Faster Charging Times
  • (3) Pre Set Temperatures / Super Boost
  • Extended Warranty
  • No Pass Through Charging
Crafty+ vaporizer for sale

Circuit Board

The Crafty+ circuit board was redesigned to give more precise temperature control and improve the feedback loop to the Storz & Bickel app. These improvements are simply due to the advances in technology where more can be done with less. 

The improved feedback loops  can be seen while inhaling from the Crafty+. During use the temperature of the unit will drop, but quickly rebounds to reach the set temperature much faster than the original Crafty. 

Heat up Time / Heating Element

The Crafty+ heats up about 30% faster with a redesigned heating element which still uses the hybrid convection / conduction heating but with a more efficient design. While the heat up time is slightly improved, I am still waiting around 90 seconds to hit 380°F.  

Longer battery Life

Again with the internal improvements the battery is getting more bang for the buck. The battery is not bigger or any different it just operates with less energy. There have also been some adjustments to the internal elements which surround the battery. This is the most notable update given the gripes over the original Crafty’s terrible battery life 

On the new Crafty+ one can expect to get about 7 sessions  (360°F – 385°F degrees) with a full pack of around 10 draws on a full charge. 

Faster Charging Times

The Crafty+ will charge in about an hour twenty 

Super Boost

Triple press the power button at anytime during your session and the Crafty+ will climb to the 410°F max temperature. 

Pre Programmed Temperature Settings

The Crafty+ will come preset at 356°F with a built in boost to 383°F and super boost to 410°F

Extended Warranty

The Crafty+ comes with a 2 year warranty which can be extended an extra year (making it 3 years when registered). This warranty however cannot be transferred and will only apply to the party who originally registered the device. 

No Pass Through Charging

While you can still use the Crafty+ when it is connected to the USB cable it will stop charging when powered on. It was determined that pass through charging was detrimental to the wearing down the battery. 

Things That Didn’t Change

  • Price
  • Vapor Quality
  • Build & Design
  • Operation
  • Temperature Range
  • Size & Dimensions

Things That Didn't Change


The Crafty+ is the same price as the original Crafty – $279. 

You can get 15% Off at To the Cloud Vapor Store with code VapeNow15

Vapor Quality

The Crafty+ gives off the same amazing vapor quality as the Crafty. When I mentioned I can’t notice a difference between the vapor of the Crafty+ from the original, this is not a knock on the Crafty+ at all. The vapor quality from Storz & Bickel vapes is just that high end that it’s hard to get any better. 

Same Great Build and Design

Storz & Bickel are known for making great vaporizers, using only the highest quality medical grade inputs. That rings true for the Crafty+ and everything from the size and weight to the interchangeability of accessories (mouthpiece, cleaning pick, cooling unit) are the same 


The Crafty and Crafty Plus still function with the main power button serving as the main source of control. Given the IOS app fiasco, if you have not downloaded the Storz & Bickel app already, but still want to get something with crazy good vapor. We recommend the Mighty – no app needed. 

Temperature Range

The temperature range is  104°F – 410°F. Alot of customers wanted to see this improved for the use of concentrates, but it still maxes out at 410°F, which works fine for your loose leaf and will still do concentrates, just not the degree a Puffco Peak or Firefly 2+ will. 

Size & Dimensions 

The Crafty and Crafty+ are the same dimensions and weight

Do I Need the Crafty+ (Plus) ?

If you have the Crafty don’t lose sleep over picking up the Crafty+. While the plus is one of the best vaporizers out there, so is the original. If you have not purchased the Crafty+ and have the Storz & Bickel app already downloaded, then the Crafty+ is definitely a vaporizer to own. Apple recently banned all vaporizer apps and while the Crafty Plus comes with three preset temperatures, to get the most of your vaporizer the app is very much essential.

No Pass Through Charging

While you can still use the Crafty+ when it is connected to the USB cable it will stop charging when powered on. It was determined that pass through charging was detrimental to the wearing down the battery.

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