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Gold Volcano Vaporizer

The Gold Volcano Vaporizer – Storz & Bickel Release the 20th Anniversary Gold Edition Classic Volcano

The definition of classic is “to be judged over a period of time to be of the highest quality and outstanding of its kind.” The Classic Volcano could not be a more fitting name.

The Classic Volcano is without a doubt the most iconic marijuana vaporizer the world has known. It was the very first vaporizer I ever owned , purchasing a used Classic Volcano in 2008 and selling upon graduation from college in 2012 for roughly the same price I paid for it. Through it all from the solo sessions to giant parties passing around  10’ party bags the Volcano Vaporizer lasted all while providing quality vapor and establishing a reputation with my classmates along the way. It is to no surprise I sold it to a fellow classmate who when I checked in with him last (2017) was still using it. 

The Volcano is admired from cannabis users from all walks of life, all using it for different reasons. On campuses across the globe it is used for recreation where the professor who teaches at those universities has one on his coffee table at home for the superior level of vapor it provides. The professor’s parents have one for the health benefits offered from the medical grade quality device.  Young to old all appreciate what an amazing vaporizer it is and it fits the bill for so many different aspects of use.

Gold Volcano vaporizer

Storz & Bickel recently released the Custom Gold Classic Volcano Vaporizer to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Classic Volcano. Of course work on the Classic Volcano dates back to 1996, it’s introduction and first retail sale to the public was in 2000. While we cannot confirm the month the Volcano first sold, what better month than April to celebrate the 20th anniversary, given that it is 4/20.   

Read More about the History of Storz & Bickel Here

We are awaiting to get our hands on the new Gold Volcano Vaporizer so we can share more information. As of now we know it comes in custom 20th anniversary special black packaging , but we are uncertain if there are bonus accessories , parts or if it’s just the same standard easy valve kit you now get with the Classic Volcano.

Difference in Quality ?

For a while now vaporizer manufacturers have been releasing limited edition colors. They drive a slight uptick in sales as they are the new shiny colors that are in limited supply.  Puffco would be the best example of the different color variations. The Puffco Peak has the Medusa, the Neon the Vision Peak. Firefly introduced the Oak and Zebra Wood back in 2018 and those colors quickly out paced the standard basic colors which had been on the market for sometime.

Different colors and patterns are awesome and allow the vaporizer to better represent the user. That being said they do absolutely nothing to change the vaporizer or the vapor quality. If you are not a huge Storz & Bickel fan, or someone with the money to spend who loves the fact that this model Volcano is made with 24kt gold, then we recommend just sticking with the original. The vapor on either variation of the Classic Volcano is going to be the same amazing vapor which made it the celebrated icon it is today.

Custom & Limited Edition Volcano Vaporizers

Storz & Bickel typically are not ones to roll out limited editions or  color variations of their vaporizers. One of the criticisms of their vaporizers is  lack of aesthetic appeal.  It is pretty hard to look cool drawing on the Mighty or taking down a large bag of vapor from the Volcano, but looking cool isn’t so much the on the minds of Storz & Bickel who are  known for the best function around.

Storz & Bickel have forayed into custom Volcano Vaporizers before. In the late 2000’s they produced a Green colored Classic Volcano Vaporizer, along with some other custom colors for head shops to display, but have not produced any more or done an off shot color release for the public until releasing the 20th anniversary custom Gold Volcano.

Green Volcano

Oddly enough the 24kt Gold Plated Classic Volcano is nothing new. There are a few companies who have been gold plating and making custom consumer electronics for a while now.  The Gold Volcano was just one of those consumer electronics which companies like Ademov will make for you, but at a cost of $3000 , we think you’re better off just getting the same thing from To the Cloud Vapor Store for $599. However should you feel the need for some customizations to your Volcano Vaporizer or any vaporizer for that matter of fact, you can get more than just gold, like this custom made black Digital Volcano below.

custom made volcano vaporizer

Storz & Bickel have only released a handful of  Gold Classic Volcano Vaporizers and have stated that it is a single production run with no more slated to be made. Unfortunately with the Covid- 19 crisis, it’s hard to say if these will be big sellers or not. At a time of economic uncertainty it’s hard to justify buying a gold plated Volcano Vaporizer at $120 more than the stainless steel edition which does the exact same thing. However if you do want one, better get them while they are here.

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