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Mighty+ (plus) new vaporizer

Speculating on the Mighty+ (Plus) Vaporizer

One to be tight lipped about product development and releases, Storz & Bickel appear to have accidentally leaked the Mighty+ (Plus) vaporizer with a simple icon on one of their charger packages. This was discovered by a user on the FC forum, a user forum for cannabis vaporizer enthusiasts.

Hey! I am first heading line feel free to change me

The Mighty+ Vaporizer is finally here Mighty+ vape

The Mighty+ Charger Packaging

While we do not know what the Mighty+ has in store the packaging gives us one piece of information. Given this icon was discovered on the packaging for a charger we may see the Mighty+ utilize the same Micro USB charge that the Crafty+ uses.

mighty+ vaporizer leaked

The Mighty currently has an AC Wall Charger which is bulkier. Befitting of the current era it sounds safe to say Storz & Bickel would probably want the Mighty+ to have USB charging capacity. This would also help them minimize packaging size and thus storage / shipping cost (with a less bulkier charger) as they did with the Crafty+. 

Storz & Bickel +

Delving into the packaging on the Crafty+ there is also a orange card that reads “S&B+” where you can scan the code with your smartphone and register for an extra year warranty. Deducing from this the Mighty+ will likely follow suit and offer an extra year warranty to the customer who registers it.

Mighty+ (plus) new vaporizer

Did Covid-19 Delay the Mighty+ Vaporizer Release ?

One of the craziest stories surrounding the Corona Virus was the uptick in marijuana sales. Along with this came a wave of demand for the healthiest cannabis vaporizers, which are less taxing on the lungs than conventional smoking and do not have the dangerous byproducts that can often be found in THC cartridges or Chinese knockoffs.

Storz & Bickel have had a hard enough time keeping up with the demand on the current inventory and have also been busy with the marketing and release of the 20th Anniversary Golden Edition Classic Volcano

Storz & Bickel new vaporizer

Releasing the Mighty+ Vaporizer now would just be biting off more than they could chew as even big named vaporizer retailers are running weeks behind on fulfilling orders. 

Will the Mighty+ Come with Bluetooth ?

Another possibility is that the Mighty+ was scheduled to be released alongside the Crafty+. Both the Crafty and Mighty were released side by side in 2014. They were then given new packaging and 20% more battery in 2018. It would make sense that the “plus” models of both these vaporizers were slated to be released together.. 

But a few weeks before the Crafty+ release,  vaporizer related deaths from black market and homemade vape products were gaining media attention. Despite the dangerous products being unrelated to dry herb vaporizers, all vaporizers were grouped together and   Apple banned all vaporizer related apps

If the Mighty+ was supposed to have bluetooth, releasing it without app capability would be a major let down for the customers. If anything the Apple vape ban made the Mighty vaporizer more appealing since it is an all encompassing device which can be controlled 100% from the device itself – no app or bluetooth needed. 

Deciding not to release the Mighty+ (Plus) may have been a hedge by Storz & Bickel in case Crafty+ sales nosedived after the app ban. This however was not the case. 

Will the Mighty+ Just be More of the Same ?

One thing I personally dislike about calling these the + models is where do we go from here ? On the Crafty+ most the changes the vaporizer community had been calling for did not come to fruition. Sure the Crafty+ was an improvement but so was the 2018 model Crafty vaporizer which came with a 20% increase in battery life in a white box with a little sticker letting you know it had more battery. What will it be in 3-5 years from now ? Will it be the newer model Crafty+ with new orange packaging or will will it be something totally new and by a different name ? 

Given Storz & Bickel sit atop the mountain in terms of making the best marijuana vaporizers there is no need to reinvent the wheel. They have found the working formula so I don’t see the need to go around adding stickers, changing packaging and calling things the Crafty/Mighty plus. It would be more fitting for them to just annotate the year of production instead of following a progression that can confuse those new to cannabis vaporizers. 

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