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The Healthiest Marijuana Vaporizers

Marijuana legalization has led to an increase in popularity of cannabis use, and among the many benefits of its growing popularity is a demand for healthier ways to consume herb. When it comes to marijuana use, the method of consumption is the second-most important decision you have to make, right after the bud itself. The first cannabis consumption method most people think of is smoking, but a  myriad health concerns are associated with this method.  As if this weren’t enough, smoking can also result in unsightly and obvious odors that may be difficult to conceal. While the benefits that can be provided by cannabis are numerous, some people are unable to enjoy them due to issues like these.

In search of better cannabis consumption methods, many have turned towards vaporizers. Vaporizers do not present the same health-related risks as smoking, in addition to being easy and discrete. Not every vaporizer is created equal, even when they appear to be comparable at first glance. Depending on the material from which the product is constructed and the manufacturing methods, the safety of a particular vaporizer may be variable. However, there are certain vaporizers that are reliable, provide ease of use, discretion, and health-conscious performance that you want from a cannabis consumption product.

One important fact to remember when you are considering purchasing a weed vaporizer,  is not all types of vaporizers are used in the same way. Some vaporizers require cartridges containing weed-oil or THC concentrate. However, if you are looking for a healthy vaporizer, you’ll want to steer clear of “vape pens” that require cartridges. This is because the methods used to synthesize the oils and concentrate that fuel this type of vaporizer can be questionable. In some instances, the process companies use to convert cannabis into concentrate requires chemicals which can present  another set of hazards to your health.

Fortunately, dry herb vaporizers can provide a method of using cannabis that is considerably safer than alternatives while remaining easy to use and allowing for discrete consumption. With this type of product, the active ingredients of the cannabis itself are vaporized. This method ensures the vapor that the user inhales is almost entirely comprised of cannabinoids. By contrast, if someone were to smoke the cannabis, the combustion of the herb would result in the user inhaling a score of compounds and all the smoke that goes with it.  Furthermore, herb vaporizers allow the user to ensure that there are no dubious chemicals being added to the mix when they enjoy their cannabis. pending they totally trust or grow their own cannabis flowers.

While the dry herb variety of vaporizers provides a healthy option for cannabis consumption, not every product on the market offers the same quality product. A few  of the dry herb vaporizers that bill themselves as healthy are built out of cheaper raw materials which can break down at high temperatures and release toxic materials which can compromise the health of the user. There is also very little oversight concerning the manufacturing  of vaporizers in regions outside Europe and the United States. As a result many of the products which appears to be a  healthy alternative method of using cannabis may not be providing the health-conscious consumption that their marketing suggests.

For those willing to invest  into the selection of a dry herb vaporizer, there are plethora of healthy options available. This shortlist of herb vaporizers features a select few which are amongst the healthiest vaporizers currently on the market


The GHOST MV1 boasts a striking design that will remind you that the twenty-first century has arrived. This vaporizer is comprised of medical grade components, a ceramic chamber, alloy body and metal heat sink with a glass vapor path. The construction and design allows for the rapid cooling of the crucible where the herb is inserted, maximizing efficiency by ensuring the material lasts longer. While the GHOST MV1 works with either dry herb or concentrates, using this vaporizer with dry herb will offer a more healthy cannabis experience. However, it should be noted that the large size and relative heavy weight  of the GHOST MV1 means this vaporizer isn’t the most portable  and will serve best as an at-home vaporizer or around the yard.

Ghost MV1 Vaporizer Rose Gold

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3. The Cloud Evo by VapeXhale

VapeXhale Cloud evo to the cloud

The Cloud Evo is an easy to use desktop vaporizer that distinguishes itself with an option for an additional level of water filtration, providing an especially smooth experience for the user. The VapeXHale Cloud Evo is manufactured in the USA and a large portion of the unit  is constructed of artisanal borosilicate glass. While the base of this vaporizer isn’t too unwieldy, the glass attachment makes it a more stationary model.

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2. Arizer's Portable Lineup

The Arizer portable vaporizers – SOLO 2 , Air 2 and Argo  offer a simple and effective option for those who wish to have a healthy and economical option. Arizer portable vaporizers feature a stainless steel heating element and an all glass vapor path, which ensures that the user is provided with a healthy method of cannabis consumption that entails no external raw material output burnoff. Besides being a healthy and economical vaporizer the Arizer lineup is very easy to use and has no learning curve.

arizer healthy vaporizers for cannabis

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1.) The Classic Volcano by Storz & Bickel

Classic Volcano vaporizer for sale

The Volcano Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel offers an unparalleled vaping experience. Manufactured in Germany, every herb vaporizer produced by Storz & Bickel is made of top-quality, medical grade materials, thereby ensuring that the user is provided with the  healthiest method of consuming cannabis. While it should be noted that the Volcano Vaporizer is not ideal for portability, this German manufacturer also offers two healthy portable vaporizer options.

The Crafty vaporizer is an easy to use portable model that offers an efficient and healthy vaporizer for those who don’t want their vaporizer use to be limited to the home. The Mighty model is a larger, more powerful version of the more portable Crafty. And the Plenty vaporizer is a handheld desktop vaporizer that utilizes a double helix force and convection heating to give you efficient and thick vapor clouds.

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