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Storz & Bickel 2021 new vaporizers

Storz & Bickel 2021 Keynote | Mighty+ Vaporizer Release & More

After much anticipation and wait the Mighty+ has arrived. Nearly two years after the Crafty+ release, Storz & Bickel finally confirmed the Mighty+ Vaporizer  which will be available September 23rd. On September 9th, 2021 Jürgen Bickel gave Storz & Bickel’s first ever Keynote (the kind made famous by Steve Jobs and now shamelessly  imitated by every tech company). The presentation went over the history of Storz & Bickel  , the factory expansion in Tuttlingen, Germany  and the new S&B vaporizer releases. The presentation was filled with some uber cliche parts, such as the cheesy Mighty+ commercial at the ten minute mark.

Storz & Bickel 2021 keynote

This 15 minute Keynote was informational, but could  have been reduced to half the time and still covered the important takeaways on Storz & Bickel’s new Mighty+ Vaporizer ;  revamps to the Crafty+ and new onyx color Volcano Vaporizers. We are going to unpack it backwards to let the new Mighty+ be the star of this review.

Mighty+ Vaporizer Finally Here

Good news, if you purchased the Mighty Vaporizer from To the Cloud Vapor Store in the last month, you can trade it in for the Mighty+ at full value of what you paid.

We expected the Mighty+ to be alot like the original Mighty Vaporizer. Storz & Bickel upgraded the Mighty Vaporizer back in 2018 with haptic shut off notifications, an extended battery life and swapped the old blue packaging for a white box. The Mighty+ however is a large enough departure from the original that the new plus (+) variation is warranted. So let’s dive in and see what is different and what is the same.  

Mighty+ vape

Some Things Remain the Same

The Plastic Outer Shell will utilize the same high quality medical grade plastics currently used on the Storz & Bickel Mighty. This is a special plastic compound resistant to chemicals and heat. 

Conduction / Convection Heating  – Since inception the Mighty and Crafty hit us with the best of both worlds. A heating element at the bottom of the unit which drew hot air upwards and through the herb (convection) and a heating element in the chamber which heated the herb by direct contact (conduction). The Mighty+ and Crafty+ will still utilize the same dual heating method which we have grown to love. 

Pass Through-Charging Functionality remains on the Mighty+. With pass through- charging you don’t need to worry too much about the battery life, if using at home, as you can just plug it in and session away. 

Chamber Capacity is the same and the Mighty+  will still accommodate dosing capsules 

Cooling Unit and O-Rings will remain interchangeable with the Mighty Vaporizer. 

No Bluetooth, which makes total sense with  Apple’s iOS Vaporizer App ban. Although when we speculated on the Mighty+ release, there was a strong conviction it would add bluetooth capability. 

Dual 18650 Battery component will be the same on the Mighty+ Vaporizer as it is on the regular Mighty

What is Different ?

The $399 Price of the Mighty+ Vaporizer is $50 more than the original Mighty at $349. It should however be noted that when the Mighty was released in 2014 it cost $449 and subsequently went through two price drops to reach $349. This is kind of a bummer to see given the Crafty+ stayed the same price ($279) when it was released. Would venture to say this price increase has to do more with inflationary pressures on raw materials and a strained supply chain that the global economy is currently facing.

Ceramic Coated Filling Chamber will replace the old stainless steel chamber. Stainless Steel was once considered the gold standard for vaporizer chambers, however after a few incidents with the Volcano Hybrid Chamber, Storz & Bickel opted to go with the new ceramic coated chamber.

Heating Block has a reduced mass for faster heat up. Heat up on the Mighty+ is around 60 seconds, whereas on the Mighty it takes 90 seconds to reach 375°F.

The Fin Design  added curvature to dissipate heat away from the hand. Storz & Bickel also claim this is a more ergonomic design. It is more or less the same adjustment on the fins as the Crafty to Crafty+ design upgrade. 

USB-C charging allows the Mighty+ to charge to 80% in 40 minutes. Adopting USB-C is the direction consumer electronics are heading and we’ve already seen the Puffco Peak Pro and Davinci IQC Vaporizer swapping out the Micro USB for the USB-C. 

Redesigned Circuit Board accommodates the increase in power which allows for a faster charge and a smaller heating block to reach vaping temp in less time. The original Mighty has a 30 watt power draw, the Mighty+ is at 45 watts – that’s a 50% increase brought to you by Moore’s law.

Super Booster works by clicking the home (power) button 3 times. This will take your Mighty+ temperature up 60°F degrees 

Bottom Fins will allow the Mighty+ Vaporizer to stand upright. Many complained about the Mighty being unable to stand upright on it’s own. Laying it down on it’s side presented a slew of cosmetic issues. While you can purchase a Mighty stand, now there is no need to at all. 

Brighter Orange Buttons will give you that Storz & Bickel color pop for the modern era. This is a pure design change of pace meant to make the device more appealing.

Mighty+ Vaporizer Review & Comparison

The Mighty+ will not be available at To the Cloud Vapor Store until early October, so we cannot yet do a side by side comparison. We do speculate the ceramic coated chamber will give the herb a different  flavor and that the improved circuit board will provide a few more sessions on a single charge. Packaging changes  are also unknown.  At the end of the day the comparison will be a moot point as only the Plus (+) model will be produced. 

Crafty+ Vaporizer Upgrades

Crafty+ upgrades

To make matters more confusing the Crafty+ was released two years ago independent of any Mighty updates or upgrades. For this reason many thought the Mighty+  was never coming. The Crafty+  made some slight changes from the original Crafty Vaporizer, which you can read about here. These changes however were about the same scope and scale as we are seeing with the 2019 Crafty+ to the 2021 Crafty+. Instead of going off on a tangent, I will leave you with a question I have for Storz & Bickel. Why would you rename the model of the vaporizer if it’s not that different, just to make real changes two years later, but still call it by the same model name ? 

The Crafty+ upgrade added the same features we saw with the Mighty+ which it did not already have. 

  • Ceramic Coated Chamber 
  • USB-C Charging 
  • Improved Circuit Board

The Fundamentals Remain the Same

crafty+ or Mighty

The silver lining here being if you want to compare the Crafty+ and Mighty+ Vaporizer, the features will still be the same as comparing them when they were released in 2014. For example the Crafty+ has bluetooth capability and can be controlled from the Storz & Bickel web app, the Mighty cannot. The Mighty+ has pass-through charging capability and the Crafty+ does not. Any comparison of the two ,whether plus models or not, will give you the main differences. 

Volcano Onyx Vaporizer | Last and Definitely Least

Classic Onyx Volcano

Much like the 20th Anniversary Edition Gold Volcano released in 2020, Storz & Bickel are spicing it up and adding a new Onyx color for some variation to the Volcano line up. The Onyx Hybrid and Classic will be the same as the regular Hybrid and Classic Volcano, but will just come in black. This is a more pragmatic color over the 24 karat gold and will be the same price as the originals, whereas the gold model was $120 more. It is uncertain how long the Onyx Volcano  models will remain around and if they will become a mainstay. 

Storz & Bickel Keynote Wrap Up

At the end of the day, the biggest news here is certainly the Mighty+ Vaporizer release. The Storz & Bickel Mighty is considered the best portable herb vaporizer in the world. Even at it’s high price point they have sold 500,000 since inception and in the EU, Israel and Canada it is considered a medical device (With Storz & Bickel being the only ones to hold medical device distinction in the vaporizer space and a UL Certification ) . While the original Mighty stands the test of time and could have kept it’s #1 spot for years to come, it is nice to see Storz & Bickel innovate and improve their lineup.

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