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Storz & Bickel web app

Crafty and Crafty+ Web App Released by Storz & Bickel

As you can imagine, when Apple decided to pull all the vape apps from the iOS platform that a reversal on this decision would not come quickly. Storz & Bickel thankfully  got ahead of the curve on this one by releasing a web based app for the Crafty and Crafty+ and are working on one for the Volcano Hybrid as we speak.   Update: The Storz & Bickel Web App , now works for the the Hybrid Volcano and Crafty+ Vaporizer.

As many of you may already know the Crafty and Crafty+ utilize the Storz & Bickel smartphone app, without which you cannot adjust through the full spectrum of temperatures (104°F 410°F). While the preset temperatures get the job done, to get the most out of your Crafty or Crafty+ Vaporizer the app function is imperative.

How to Use the Web Based App On Your Desktop or Laptop

Crafty+ Web app

On a regular desktop computer or laptop one simply needs to open Chrome and  go to https://app.storz-bickel.com/ . It is important that you have the latest version of Chrome running or the web app may not work properly.

Turn on your Crafty Vaporizer and hit connect and Voila , you are ready to rock and roll with all the great features provided to you in the Storz & Bickel app.

How to Use the Web Based App On Your Iphone

On your Iphone it will be a tad more involved since  Chrome on an Iphone’s operating system does not support Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE).   Skirting this also does require a small one time purchase of $1.99.

  • Purchase Web BLE in the app store
  • Open the App and input https://app.storz-bickel.com/ into the URL bar
  • Turn on your Crafty or Crafty+ 
  • Hit connect , sync up your vaporizer and enjoy 
new crafty+ vaporizer web app

Oddly enough we have not seen demand for the Crafty+ (or other vaporizers affected by the vape app ban) drop off too much. It does appear it could be some time before Apple reassess their position on vaporizer apps. While companies like Ghost, Firefly and Storz & Bickel plead their case to Apple , it’s hard to imagine it is getting much attention from such a high flying tech giant. This does just go to show the ups and downs faced by companies and consumers alike as cannabis technology clashes with the ever changing policies of big tech. 

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