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new volcano hybrid insert

How to Change Your Volcano Hybrid Inserts

Storz & Bickel have begun manufacturing the Volcano Hybrid with the new Stainless Steel heating element and chamber insert. However if you were one to have purchased the Hybrid model Volcano in 2019 or early 2020 you will have to request the new inserts which we covered  in our blog post here 

Once you get the new inserts replacing them is a breeze. Just follow these simple steps and voila, no more concern about aluminum alloy decomposition splinters.

volcano hybrid vaporizer old insert

Starting with the Hybrid filling chamber pop the old silver insert out and upwards from the orange plastic housing. The silver insert , seen in the image above, was causing the issue of the aluminum alloy breakdown. If you look closely you can see the most miniscule of wear & tear from the twisting and heat transfer on both these old aluminum alloy pieces which we are replacing. 

new Volcano hybrid inserts

Take the black stainless steel insert and place it inside the same housing which the silver insert was removed from.

On the top of the Hybrid’s heating element itself you will want to rip out the screen that sits over the heating element. Do not try and pry off anything else but the screen. You will need a tweezers or any pick type of tool which can take out the old screen with ease 

new volcano hybrid insert heating insert

When all is said and done and your new heating element and chamber inserts are in place you should have these two pieces left over. You can toss them or keep them if you want to switch back to the old ones for better conduction vaping without the fan.

old hybrid inserts

How Different is the Vapor With the New Inserts ?

Storz & Bickel went in uncharted territory with the aluminum alloy heating element and chamber insert in the first place as the lighter metal had more conductive property. This means that the old inserts would heat faster and distribute more heat through out the herb.

While there is not much a difference when using the fan with the new inserts the difference can be seen in how quick vapor is readily available when using the whip and no fan assist. Again this is because the new inserts take longer to heat up. They also retain more heat for longer, do not cool down as quick.

As far as vapor taste and quality go , there is no difference that I can notice. The Classic Volcano , and Digital Volcano both utilize stainless steel in their chamber and provide some of the best world renowned vapor around. As mentioned you can switch back and forth between the two inserts and see which suits you best.

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