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crafty+ or Mighty

Crafty+ Vs. Mighty Vaporizer ? Choosing Your Storz & Bickel Portable

The Crafty+ and Mighty are the undisputed champions of portable dry herb vaporizers. Coincidentally if you blindfold yourself you will not be able to tell the difference in vapor between the two. The complication being that there are two variations of the best portable vaporizer,  So do you get the Crafty+ or the Mighty Vaporizer ? We will address the key differences and similarities to help you decide.


Storz & Bickel price drop

Even after two rounds of Storz & Bickel  price drops, both vaporizers are still priced rather high (as most premium goods are). The Mighty comes in at $349 and the Crafty+ is $279. While the $70 difference may seem like alot for similar devices it comes down to the additional raw materials and parts which go into the Mighty that do not go into the Crafty+. 

This vaporizer is going to last you years to come so you should only be considering price as a factor between the two if the $70 will really break the bank. If this is the case we strongly recommend checking out a refurbished Crafty+ Vaporizer for the absolute best price.


Crafty or Mighty Vaporizer

 If you want a portable herb vaporizer you can toss in your pocket and head out of the house at moment’s notice,  like you would a Davinci IQ2 or PAX 3 , then the Crafty+ is going to be your best fit as it is much more portable. While the Mighty Vaporizer can be taken with you on the go it is a tad too large to just throw in your pocket and will require a backpack or a carrying case for transporting around. 

If you are going to be using mainly at home and on the back patio the Mighty Vaporizer’s size is of no issue as you still can use it with one hand. The Mighty’s larger size also makes it more of a social vaporizer, than the Crafty+, if you want to share with your significant other or friends. 

On the flip side of this is discretion. For those who are going to be using while walking the dog and want to maintain a lower profile around the neighborhood the Crafty+’s versatility and smaller size is what you are looking for.

Vaporizer Dimensions Weight
Crafty+ 2.2” x 1.2” x 4.25" 4.8 oz
Mighty 3” x 1.2” x 5.5” 8.4 oz.

Battery Life

mighty vaporizer internals | To the Cloud Vapor Store

The Mighty is larger due in part to its two 18650 batteries versus the Crafty+’s one battery.  This gives the Mighty the edge, providing longer sessions with less down time. Sweetening the deal, The Mighty offers pass through charging, meaning you can charge it and use it at the same time. This cannot be done on the Crafty+.

While the Crafty+ has an improved battery from the original Crafty Vaporizer the sessions are about 60 percent of what you can get out of the Mighty. The Crafty+ will give you roughly 6  sessions (10 – 14 draws fully packed) whereas the Mighty can give you upwards of 10 sessions. 

Heat Up Time

With the recent updates on the Crafty+ and Mighty batteries,  both units hit vaping temp in 60 seconds and will top out to the highest 410 °F in 90 seconds.

Charge Times

Crafty+ vs. Mighty Charge times | To the Cloud Vapor Store

The Mighty charges via an AC Wall charger and takes a tad under two hours from 0 to full. The Crafty+ is going to charge full in 100 minutes and uses a micro USB. So while the Mighty has more battery to charge it is getting more juice from the wall versus the micro-USB and the charge times are pretty much the same.

Bluetooth / App

Crafty+ Web app

The Crafty+ is operated via a smartphone app. This app is still available on Android, but since the Apple vape ban of 2019 IOS users will need to use the web app. How you access the app is not much an inconvenience as is the need to use the app to change the temperature. The Mighty is an all encompassing device with no need to bust out your phone to change the unit’s temperature. The total control you have over the Mighty in the palm of your hand is one reason many users prefer it over the Crafty+. The vape apps have really not evolved much from their inception and don’t offer much beyond better insight into your unit and temperature control. 

For those who want the Crafty+ but do not want to screw around with the app there are three preset temperatures (which can be adjusted) built in, so good sessions can still be had without needing to use your smartphone in conjunction with your Crafty+. It is just dialing it in and then adjusting are that much more of a process.


Mighty vs Crafty+ accessories | To the Cloud Vapor Store

With the upgrade from the Crafty to the Crafty+, Storz & Bickel trimmed the accessories (pictured above)  which came with original Crafty. The Storz & Bickel Grinder and Filling Assist are still included with the Mighty.  Most people have a grinder (you get a much higher quality free one when buying the Mighty or Crafty+ from To the Cloud Vapor Store) and most customers were not using the filling chamber assist. The Crafty+ basically comes with all you will need to include some extra screens, dosing capsule and cleaning brush. The Mighty you get the Storz & Bickel grinder and filling assist along with the screens and the rest.

Vapor Quality / Sessions

You are going to get the exact same quality vapor with the two devices. It is silky smooth and tasty. The vapor prioritizes texture over flavor, but you get amazing flavor as well. Likewise the chamber capacity is the same. Both can fit roughly .25 grams of herb. 

The Crafty+ and Mighty  are the two best portable vaporizers on the market and if you don’t like the vapor quality of these, you plain just will not like vapor. 

It is funny that the bigger Mighty lends itself to social settings by virtue of its size. I have never had friends over and passed around the Crafty+, but we have shared the Mighty around a bonfire. Despite the fact you can pass around a pen vape if you really want to, I would venture to say the larger device may pique more interest and thus be a conversation piece, much like the Desktop Volcano Vaporizer. The Crafty+ certainly is the more solo use vaporizer of the two, but there are other factors impacting your decision, such as the battery life and app. 


The biggest issue on these units is the internal batteries going south, especially with heavy use. If you are going to be doing 1-2 sessions a day, you will not need to worry , but it is when you start using 2 hours a day the Crafty+ will only last you several months before needing to send in for a battery replacement under Storz & Bickel’s warranty. 

The Mighty also has less issues overall with breaking down from wear and tear. It is certainly the more durable of the two vaporizers given there is no app software and double the battery power.


The Mighty carries a two year warranty and the Crafty+ a three year warranty upon registration of your device. With the Crafty+ being the less durable of the two it is nice to have a three year warranty.

Waiting on the Mighty+

We do not believe there is a  Mighty+ coming anytime soon. It has been almost two years since the release of the Crafty+ and the Mighty is still one of the best sellers, outselling the Crafty+ 3:1. The Crafty+ also did not change that much from the original and the adjustments and improvements which were needed on the Crafty were not needed on the Mighty. Add in regulatory headwinds and we think there is no need to reinvent the wheel. You can read more about our speculation on the Mighty+ here.

In comparing and contrasting the Crafty+ and Mighty you can split the differences and see which vaporizer is going to be best suited for you and your situation. You can try both of these amazing units out for up to 60 days under our trial period and we also offer lifetime trade ins for store credit. So no need to use this blog post alone to make the Crafty+ or Mighty Vaporizer decision.

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