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Refurbished Crafty+ V2 Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel

5 out of 5
2 Reviews


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Storz & Bickel | To the Cloud Vapor Store


The Crafty+ Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel has already gained recognition as one of the best portable vapes for it’s quality, durability and new age technological innovation. Borne from evolution of the Volcano Vaporizer to give top of the line vapor in a portable unit. At half the size of the Mighty.  The Crafty+ Vaporizer is even better with improved battery life and improved app. This refurbished will give you all that and the best price on the  Crafty+ Vaporizer to boot

  • Build

    Medical grade materials and heat resistant plastics, Storz & Bickel epitomize German made goods with the Crafty+ Vaporizer with a stainless steel chamber able to fit around .25 grams of herb

  • Function

    Provides enhanced vapor through a combination of conduction and convection heating. The heating mechanics in the Crafty+ are in a league of their own

  • Session

    A more portable version of the Mighty, the Crafty+ provides excellent vapor for dry herb and concentrates alike with great vapor ideal for a handful of draws in a single session or microdosing with the dosing capsule

What's in the box

Comes with

  • Refurbished Crafty+ Vaporizer
  • Power Adapter
  • Extra Screens
  • Instructions


  • Buy refurbished for the win

    The refurbished Crafty+, let’s you get the best price on the Crafty+ Vaporizer which is one of the best portable and herbal vaporizers released to date. Offering the same quality as the Mighty vaporizer in a smaller size.

    If you are looking for the best price Crafty+ Vaporizer the refurbished unit is right up your alley. Inspected, tested and cleaned with the same 60 day trial period and lifetime trade ins we offer on all vaporizers


    The Crafty+ Vaporizer is made by Storz & Bickel, the German engineering geniuses behind the Volcano. The Crafty+ Vaporizer delivers what one would expect from such a reputable company. The Crafty’s ergonomic design fits comfortably in your hand while the improved slotted upwards  outside structure ensures the heat will never be too hot to handle. Made with the highest grade materials, the Crafty+ vaporizer leads the way in function and durability. Furthermore the Crafty+ offers a blue tooth connection  to optimize and track your vapor therapy via the web or Android App.

  • Crafty's Upgraded Smartphone App

    Besides being able to adjust your Crafty’s temperature up and down the new Crafty+ Vaporizer App now let’s you…

    • Power the Crafty on and off via the App
    • Save previously connected serial numbers
    • Extend the automatic shutoff time to up to 5 minutes
    • Locate your CRAFTY+ via App
    • Personalize alarm tones
    • Sync to your smart watch device
    • Add the Volcano Hybrid or other Crafty to the same app
  • Using the Crafty+ Vaporizer

    Besides the great option to connect your Crafty Vaporizer+ with your smart phone , it is also a breeze to use. Simply twist off the top and input your choice blend of herbs. Place the top back on and hit the power button. With your smart phone change the devices temperature. The haptic feedback and noise settings will let you know when you have reached your temp and are ready to vape away. The Crafty+ Vaporizer was the first smart vape of it’s kind to offer Bluetooth.

  • Crafty Vaporizer thermal technology

    The Crafty+ Vaporizer uses new wave thermal technology to channel vapor from your choice blends through the unit’s cooling chamber leaving you with dense, clean and cool flavor. The easy to use Crafty+ boasts a single button and heats to a default temperature of 356 °F. For Volcano like quality on the go there is no substitute. With a simple press of the orange power  button your Crafty+ will head to the factory preset of 356°F (180°C). From there feel free to adjust your Crafty’s temperature to suit your optimal vapor. Forget to turn off the Crafty+? That’s no issue, with patented technology the Crafty Vaporizer will automatically cool down when not in use.

    The Crafty+ also heats your herbs with a combination of conduction and convection, so you are getting the best of both worlds

  • Warranty And trial period

    The refurbished Crafty+ Vaporizer comes with a 6 month warranty through To the Cloud Vapor Store.

    To ensure your satisfaction this vaporizer comes with a 60 day trial period and lifetime trade ins.

best price crafty vaporizer



5 out of 5
2 Reviews
  • BRAD V

    I love my refurbished Crafty! Definitely my favorite flower vaporizer I’ve ever used. Traded in my Pax 3 which I hated due to the incredibly hot mouthpiece after a couple minutes of use. The Crafty is small enough to be discrete but you get the... quality craftsmanship and vapor of a Storz & Bickel and it’s built like a tank. Incredibly easy to set up and use. The vapor temp is perfect, the dosing capsules make it super easy to clean (almost no cleanup), the app is very easy to use, and the results are comparable to my OG desktop Volcano. Only drawback I can even consider is the battery life. I still get a very respectable 3-4 sessions and if you’re not good enough at remembering to charge it at that point, it’s probably user error or you should have got the Mighty. Buy it…you won’t be disappointed!

  • Chris Sobanski

    The Crafty is an insanely capable vaporizer.

    I guess the saying “you get what you pay for” is in full display with Storz & Bickel. Normally the name gets the $$$$. Perhaps the reason that nobody can produce a device with comparable performance of Storz & Bickel for a cheaper price, is... that it can’t be done. I’ve tried other vaporizers in the past. Many actually. To the point that I thought maybe vaporization may not be for me. Then I decided to treat myself but could not go all in with the mighty while having doubts in general. So I got the refurbished Crafty with a new customer discount and the option to trade in later seemed like a no-brainer. Here’s the deal, it didn’t take me long to realize my misconceptions of vaping due to inferior products. The Crafty has 3 flaws in my opinion. All of them them are due to design. Pocket sized portability comes at a price. In this case it’s battery life, temperature controls beyond the 2 initial set ponts that you can adjust via app, and overheating. Those are trade offs that for many make sense but others not so much so. I’m blown away by the performance and size and discretion rank low on importance. My trade in for the larger, king of portable (but not so discrete) The Mighty has already begun. Oh, just wait and see what kind of customer servicer these folks over there at To the Cloud Vapor Store have in store for you. (Pun kind of intended) I do not normally leave reviews but am quick to criticize. Good customer service needs to be better appreciated so we can have more of it. Thank you to the team at To the Cloud for helping me make my healthier transition from combustion.

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