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Apple vaporizer ban

Cannabis Vaporizers are the Most Affected by Apple’s Vaping App Ban

With the recent vaping related illnesses and deaths sweeping the nation some of the most popular  cannabis vaporizers became a tad harder to operate. Apple announced this week that they have removed all 181 vaping related apps from the App Store. Ironically the dry herb cannabis vaporizers, which are affected the most by Apple’s vape ban, have had zero contribution to the current national health crisis. This is one of those cases where all vaporizers regardless of sub-category are being grouped into one. 

Most of the E-Cig / E- Juice vaporizer apps are not used or needed to adjust temperatures on the devices. They are simply around to show the users the best methods for operating and using the device and for marketing purposes. This information is readily available online and the e-cigarette apps play no role in operating the device. 

Many Marijuana vaporizers on the other hand  sync via apps through a bluetooth connection and can control the devices exact temperature, adjust the unit  lighting, haptic feedback. power on and off and a slew of other nifty little features such as firmware updates.

The most affected vaporizer will be the Crafty and Crafty+. The regular Crafty vaporizer  comes with a default of 356°F , but if you want to hit temperatures between 104°F and 410°F you will need the Storz & Bickel app. The Crafty+ will come preset at 356°F with a built in boost to 383°F and super boost to 410°F If you have an Iphone and do not currently have the Storz & Bickel iOS app, we at To the Cloud Vapor Store recommend you check out the Mighty by Storz & Bickel instead which is all encompassing on the device itself. 

The Firefly 2+ is another vaporizer which is heavily impacted from the Apple iOS ban. The Firefly 2+ relies heavily on the app for firmware upgrades, battery life display, registering the device and most importantly adjusting the temperature. Unlike the Crafty+,  the Firefly 2+ can adjust temperature manually from 320°F to 420°F in 20 degree increments and also hit 500°F for concentrates. However this process of adjusting is quite the pain compared to the ease offered by the app. 


The Ghost MV1 would be the 3rd most affected vaporizer of the bunch. The MV1 offers the most up to date firmware upgrades through the app as well as the ability to adjust the full range of the temperature spectrum and see the battery life. 


While you can use the presets on the Ghost MV1 , switching between the temp adjust and checking the battery levels manually can be a tad of a hassle. Personally I never used the Ghost MV1 app except to update firmware. The presets for the temperatures did the trick for me. You can read here about best methods for using the Ghost MV1 without the app. 


Other vaporizers like the Volcano Hybrid, Davinci IQ, and PAX 3 have alot of features and temperature adjustments worked into the app. Thankfully with these vaporizers the devices themselves have a good range of preset temperatures or can run the full temperature range on the device itself. The app just provides an added level of user experience which is what one would expect on such pricey cannabis vaporizers. 


Another reason  this sudden app ban is unfortunate is that syncing your vaporizer to the app is one way to ensure it’s authenticity. With the lack of this information it can be expected more counterfeit devices will make their way in the hands of unsuspecting consumers. 


So far this ban has only affecting iOS apps and Android is still running the vape apps. It is being speculated that the marijuana vaporizers will have their apps returned to the Apple app store soon, but soon being an arbitrary term in that it could be days or several months. 


Another possibility is that companies with more clout could resolve this issue faster. For example Storz & Bickel is owned by Canopy Growth and are one of the bigger players in the space. It would be a safe bet that they could get their app back online before a new start up like Ghost could who doesn’t have the pockets or influence of a PAX Labs or Storz & Bickel. 


If you are looking for a vaporizer that doesn’t require bluetooth or have a smart phone capability we recommend you check out Arizer or Boundless vapes. The Mighty, Classic Volcano or Plenty by Storz & Bickel are also great vaporizers. These are some best vaporizers that will give you an amazing experience without the need for an app. 


The good news is that all vaporizers sold at To the Cloud Vapor Store are fully functional and will vaporize your plants without any app needed (including the Crafty+). The app control is just a nifty little feature used to enhance the customers experience. We as retailers have been down this road before with getting banned from advertising on Google and using Paypal. As we all  take part in a once illegal growing market coming to the age,  regulations and rules are always shifting. We hope it is a short time before Apple re-evaluates the current public health crisis and permits cannabis vaporizer apps back onto it’s platform. 

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