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Crafty+ (Plus) vaporizer preview

Storz & Bickel Release the Crafty+ (Plus): Check out Our Preview of the New Crafty

Storz & Bickel have yet again tweaked and improved the Crafty Vaporizer (with the last round of improvements coming in 2018 with the addition of a 20% increase in battery life) and are calling it the Crafty Plus (Crafty+) While we don’t have all the details yet we’ll make sure to update you once we get hands on. Until then here is what we know about the new Crafty + Vaporizer.

New Design and Improved Housing

The Crafty+ more of less looks the same as the original Crafty vaporizer with the addition of more thermal slots to minimize feeling heat on your hand. The Crafty and Mighty vaporizers already do a good job of minimizing the heat transfer you feel in your hands due to this slotted design and the superior medical grade materials used in constructing these two vaporizers. However Storz & Bickel are never one to leave well enough alone and have added improved housing materials along with the new casing design. 

Crafty+ Plus Vaporizer

30% Faster heat up time

One of the biggest drawbacks of herb vaporizers is the lead time until you are ready to use your vaporizer. The original Crafty Vaporizer, even with the improved battery, took about a minute and a half to two minutes to heat up. When competing with cartridge vaporizers and a consumer base that wants instant hits the heat up time is essential. 

Crafty+ new vaporizer

While the Crafty+ remains a session vaporizer not intended for a quick on demand 1-2 hits, the heat up time is significantly improved reaching the 410 Degrees (°F) in under a minute and a half and can be ready at lower temperatures in under a minute. A small time to wait once you inhale the difference. 

Super Boost

The Crafty+ will give you an added feature to reach max temp 210°C (410°F) with the press of the power button three times. This is a neat little feature which some other vaporizers like the Davinci IQ have. When you are about to head out the door and want to boost your temp up real quick to get one voluminous hit before you leave.  Again I don’t know how long it takes for the boost to reach max temp as we haven’t got the Crafty+ in hand yet. 

Preset Temps

The Crafty+ will let you program in 3 preset temperatures into your device which you can reach by a simple press of the power button. By just pressing the button once during your session you can take your Crafty+ to the next temperature setting and  no longer will have to screw around with changing the temperature on your Storz & Bickel app.

Extra Year Warranty for Registering the Device

The Standard Crafty came with a 2 year warranty which is very nice given the Crafty has a less than stellar battery when compared to the Mighty and heavy users find themselves sending their Crafty in about every 6 months for battery replacement. 

The Crafty+ will come with a 3 year warranty when registered. I do not know why they are making you register besides for the fact Storz & Bickel may only cover the original registrant for this added year and not let the extra year be transferred over to anyone who purchases a used Crafty

Improved Runtime and Electronics

The Crafty Vaporizer currently has an automatic shut off which can be adjusted via the Storz & Bickel app so we are a tad uncertain what they mean here with improved runtime. The same goes for the electronics and we will be unable to see these claims in action until we ourselves get a hold of the new and improved Crafty+ Vaporizer. So stay tuned and we at To the Cloud Vapor Store will be doing a side by side comparison of the Crafty and the Crafty+ (Plus)  very soon.

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