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If You Can Only Own One Vaporizer | Why the Mighty Vaporizer Takes the Cake

So you are confused by all the reviews and opinions and are wondering what is the one vaporizer to buy if you could own only one. Maybe you want the vape experts opinion on what vaporizer they would chose if they could only have one vaporizer.

If you could only own one vaporizer for the rest of your life what would it be? Now typically I am against questions of this nature such as: If you could only eat just one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? What would you bring to a desert island if you could only take one thing? They are very unrealistic scenarios that dabble in fiction. 

one vaporizer to buy

There are no good answers to questions that force you into extreme and unrealistic ultimatums.

I don’t like these types of questions because they are inherently dumb due to the near zero probability of anyone ever being forced to make a decision like this, or that there just isn’t a suitable singular response.

The Challenge : What Vaporizer Would you Own if You could Just Pick One ?

Cannabis vaporizers

I wanted to give a quick retort and just settle for the idea that the question was too complex to answer. It could even be expected that I would ramble on with pros and cons for all of the vaporizers on the market today without ever reaching an answer. Desktop Vaporizers will never leave you needing to charge , while concentrate vaporizers are a major time saver over  traditional dab rigs, but I am partial towards flower vaporizers. Then again, I like a vaporizer that can do both if needed. Then I need to think about portability, durability, yadda yadda yadda.

Instead, I actually gave  the one vape query some serious thought. I have tried all the  high end loose leaf vaporizers on the market over the years – how was it going to be possible to choose a single one? Then the answer just came to me. I was surprised at how quickly I responded after needing to think about it for only a short period of time. 

The Volcano Vaporizer Was Not the Winner

Storz & Bickel Factry

It was funny, because the go to answer for the one vaporizer to have for the rest of your life is the Volcano Vaporizer. It’s the pinnacle, the luxury standard, considered the best on the planet and for good reason. The Volcano Vaporizer is what many grew up on and was my first premium vaporizer ever owned. It’s been my go to for years and now with the new Volcano Hybrid’s one minute heat up time and whip capabilities,  my Volcano still sees more than regular use.  After careful consideration it occurred to me that lugging around and filling up Volcano Bags in my 40s while my in-laws were visiting town may be just a bit too much.

If You're Only Going to Have One Vaporizer Forever, It Should Be Portable

Mighty+ vaporizer

If I am going to have a vaporizer for the rest of my life I want to take it on the go with me. Not that I am always vaping on the go, but I rarely smoke (combust) my herbs anymore and the 510 concentrate pens just aren’t the same. Having a portable herb vaporizer to put in my backpack and take with me on travel or for day trips to the local swim hole is  important.

Hold the Bluetooth Please

davinci IQ2 vape app

While it is great newly released vaporizers like the Davinci IQ2 and Crafty+ have incorporated Bluetooth to help more precisely control the device and give you greater insight and flexibility with your session, it also means you need to fumble around with your phone and your vaporizer. I like the ease of having an all encompassing vaporizer that can be controlled in it’s entirety in the palm of my hand.

A Hefty Portable with WOW Factor is Required

PAX 2 vaporizer

You want a portable vaporizer that has social potential. If I can only have one vaporizer for the rest of my life I want something that can be shared and enjoyed with amazement by those who may have not yet tried a cannabis vaporizer. There’s some great portable units out there that have  great vapor quality,  but a portable vaporizer like the PAX 3 which I can throw inside a sunglasses case  lacks the ability to coalesce a group of friends around a fire. 

Simplicity & Ease

Drawing on the need for portability, the vaporizer I would choose to use for the rest of my life can’t have an insane amount of moving parts. I think a big frustration faced with a lot of great new high end vaporizers are the proprietary  external batteries, whips, draws, baskets, and so on that come with the unit. The vaporizer  market is growing and every new vaporizer is trying to set themselves apart. Just a personal opinion, but ease of use and intuition are great for me. 

I also want something that is going to have zero guesswork in getting the optimal vapor. Alot of on demand convection vaporizers require serious dialing in through trial and error. Something that you pack and pull with no guesswork or draw resistance and get amazing vapor is going to be my choice for the vaporizer to be my lifetime companion.

Durability & Reputation

If this is going to be your forever vaporizer, you are going to want something that is tough and well built with medical grade materials,  a vaporizer which has already been put through the ringer and is highly regarded , made by a company who backs up their products.  There are alot of companies who this pertains to , but when I think of the best vaporizers which have been around for over 20 years  Storz & Bickel is the only company which comes to mind.

Pick The Mighty Vaporizer if You Could Own Just One

Storz and Bickel Mighty

The Mighty Vaporizer was released in 2014 and to this day is still regarded as the best herb vaporizer out there. While the Volcano Vaporizer can offer more oomph and will last longer.  the combination of superb vapor quality, portability, durability, usability and quality in unmatched and unparalled in the Mighty Vaporizer. If I had to choose one vaporizer to use for the rest of my life , out of all the iconic vaporizers on the market today – the PAX 3, Puffco Peak Pro , Hybrid Volcano – I would go with the Mighty Vaporizer.

I do want to make clear the Mighty Vaporizer nor any vaporizer , will last forever. I have seen Volcanos last upwards of 12+ years and heard stories (unconfirmed) of 15 years. The Mighty comes with a three year warranty and will can be replaced by Storz & Bickel for a small fee outside that warranty date. At the time of writing this blog we are still speculating on when Storz & Bickel will give us something new with the Mighty , like they did with the  Crafty upgrade the Crafty+. With that being said, if you bought a Mighty Vaporizer in 2014 or in 2021 , you are getting the same great vapor quality and own the currently #1 ranked herbal vaporizer on the market.

the best vaporizer ever
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