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The Mighty Vaporizer

If You had to Pick One Vaporizer For The Rest of Your Life, What Would It Be?

If you could only own one vaporizer for the rest of your life what would it be?
Now typically I am against questions of this nature : If you could only eat just one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? What would you bring to a desert island if you could only take one thing?


Stuck on an Island with the Mighty vaporizer
There are no good answers to questions that force you into extreme and unrealistic ultimatums.


I don’t like these types of questions because they are inherently dumb due to the zero probability of anyone ever being forced to make a decision like this, or that there just isn’t a good answer.


That was until I was asked if I could only use one vaporizer for the rest of my life and what it would be? Now I have tried many a vaporizers and love a lot of them for different reasons. Thankfully they are not my seven children where any answer would have the rest of them freaking out.


Vaporizer Wizard featuring The Mighty
Photo Courtesy of Vaporizer Wizard

The Challenge

I wanted to give a quick retort and just settle for the idea that the question was too difficult to answer. It could even be expected that I would ramble on with pros and cons for all of the vaporizers on the market today without ever reaching an answer. Instead, I actually gave it some serious thought. I have tried almost all high end loose leaf vaporizers on the market over the years – how was it going to be possible to choose a single one? Then the answer just came to me. I was actually surprised at how quickly I responded after needing to think about it for only a short period of time.


Now I’ll let you know what vaporizer it is and why I chose it, but in order for me to help you understand how I reached my decision it is best if I give a rundown on how the decision came about.

Disclaimer : This was written in August 2016, future vaporizers don’t count. I also do not have seven children.

The Obvious Choice Was Not The Winner

It was funny, because the go to answer for the one vaporizer to have for the rest of your life is the Volcano Vaporizer. It’s the pinnacle, the luxury standard, considered the best on the planet and for good reason – and It’s been my go to for years. My Volcano still sees more than regular use, but after careful consideration it occurred to me that lugging around and filling up bags in my 40s while my in-laws were visiting town may be just a bit too much.


Storz & Bickel Volcano Vaporizer
The industrious German engineers hard at work at Storz & Bickel headquarters in Tuttlingen, Germany.

If You're Only Going to Have One Vaporizer Forever, It Should Be Portable

If I am going to have a vaporizer for the rest of my life I want to take it on the go with me. Not that I am especially active, but I rarely smoke (combust) my herbs anymore. Having a portable vaporizer to put in my backpack and take with me on travel or for day trips to the local swim hole are important.


I also want it to be rather easy to operate on the go. I press a few buttons and bada bing bada boom, I am ready to start my vapor therapy. I don’t want to fidget with my phone and the vaporizer at the same time. For this reason I ruled out some top contenders in the Firefly 2 and the Crafty. Changing the temp on my phone and the battery life (or lack thereof) made me cross these two off.


The Crafty Interface
The Firefly 2 Interface

The Crafty and The Firefly 2 boast Bluetooth Integration, which has been great in combating the proliferation of counterfeit vaporizers.

The Wow Factor

At the same time, I’m social and hope to remain so as I progress through life. So if I can only have one vaporizer for the rest of my life I want something that can be shared and enjoyed with amazement by those who may have not yet hopped on board with vapor therapy.  There’s some great portable units out there that have a significant wow factor, but a portable which I can throw inside a sunglasses case is going to lack the ability to coalesce a group of friends around a fire.


This caused the PAX 2 to fall off my list. Despite being my go to portable for me, I only enjoy using it when I am trying to be as discreet as possible. The PAX 2 is not going to be a vaporizer you’ll see passed around with a group relaxing at home. One thing I love about vaporizers is sharing them with others.


PAX 2 vaporizer
The PAX 2 is hands down the best vaporizer for concerts and festivals. Here it is at the 2016 Outside Lands Music Festival.

Simplicity & Ease

Drawing on the need for portability, the vaporizer I would choose to use for the rest of my life can’t have an insane amount of moving parts. I think the biggest frustration faced with a lot of great new end vaporizers on the market are the battery chargers, external batteries, whips, draws, baskets, and so on that come with the unit. The market is growing and every new vaporizer is trying to set themselves apart. Just a personal opinion, but ease of use and intuition are great for me.


Recently I have been using the Vapir Prima and HAZE V3 dual chamber vaporizer with regularity. The Haze V3 being a bit better than the Prima, but both still being good quality portable vaporizers. The external batteries and the chargers they came with however add a level of cumbersomeness. The Haze V3 has baskets which need to be filled and then put into the vaporizers, then there are the draws (mouthpieces) on the Haze Vaporizer which separate and can be lost easily. (Disclaimer: the HAZE V3 Vaporizer is one of my top 3 portable vaporizers). The Prima, on the other hand, requires a custom charging cradle for it’s custom battery. If I lose it, I can’t substitute with another battery or cradle. If I am going to have one vaporizer for the rest of my life, I would like it to be as all encompassing as possible.

Built Tough

If you haven’t just scrolled to the bottom of the page already, I thank you as I forgot the 2nd most important aspect – Durability.


So you may think this is stupid since durability and quality are synonymous. That is not always true when dealing with vaporizers. Point in case the Volcano Vaporizer versus the Herbalizer ; you’ll see that both produce great quality the vapor. These two vaporizers are tied for top spot in the quality of vapor they produce with half saying Volcano is a tad better and half saying Herbalizer is a bit better. Where they differ is the durability. What sets the Herbalizer apart performance wise from the Volcano (Halogen lights, multiple therapy options, cooler UI) make it a more complicated and less durable vaporizer.


The Volcano has already stood the test of time with many Volcano vaporizers today in circulation being over 10 years old. I digress as the Volcano was ruled out as “the one“ I would own for the rest of my life. I’m just simply saying “the one” would need to be of a trusted and proven brand which can take a lickin and keep on tickin.


Now we are on our last leg. If I am going to vape from a wooden box that meets all the criteria of what I’ve mentioned thus far, but I absolutely hate the vapor quality, what’s the point?

The Winner

The Mighty Vaporizer
I can see clearly now the rain is gone...

Isn't the Crafty the Same as the Mighty?

So why not the Crafty, which is basically the same thing? Now remember the question was regarding if you had to own one for the rest of your life. I do opt for the Crafty when on the go as I prefer its more compact size. If you’re looking to throw a vaporizer in your pocket the Mighty will not fit, however it can easily be placed in a small backpack or purse.


The Crafty vs. The Mighty vaporizer
A shot from the back giving some context for size. Think of the Crafty like and iPhone 6 and your Mighty like an iPhone 6+.


The size of the Crafty is the only aspect I prefer over the Mighty. The Mighty Vaporizer has the Crafty beat in all other categories. That is my personal opinion. Another aspect one may enjoy about the Crafty over the Mighty is the bluetooth connectivity. Personally, this is something I don’t care much for as I don’t like fidgeting with two devices on the go. Still, I can see how it is rather neat and handy.


With the Crafty you can connect to your Iphone or Android. It lets you see how many hours your device has been run and you can set your temperature via the app, among a few other things. As mentioned previously (to date) there is no counterfeit Crafty on the market.


For battery life and social situations the Mighty wins out. The Mighty has double the battery power of the Crafty. Although I don’t keep track of how many uses I can get out of each fully charged. I often find myself using a Mighty many times with little effect on the battery and the total opposite for the Crafty – I am always charging that thing. This, in turn, makes it the more feasible option to pass around with mi amigos.

A Mighty Conclusion

The Mighty is all encompassing. I don’t need the phone to change the temperature, that can be done from the device itself.  


For the vapor quality, I feel the Mighty packs a bit of a bigger punch. Although both units have a temperature range from 104-410 fahrenheit, it has been discussed that the dual battery actually gives the Mighty a slight edge with the power thus providing the one up on the vapor.


Now while there are comparable units which can give better flavor of vapor, The Mighty is the best for extracting all the desired material from your plants efficiently and evenly with just the smoothest feel. It’s the bee’s knees! I have taken herb which I cannot get any more vapor from out of the PAX 2, Firefly, Ascent, etc and plugged them into the Mighty. The Mighty shows me this ABV still had some vape in it. The Mighty has never hit hard or hot for me even at the very high temperature. I find that the vapor is still very enjoyable.


I hope you enjoyed reading my synopsis of how I reached my answer. If you are still sitting on the fence about the Mighty Vaporizer, not to worry. To the Cloud Vapor Store offers the Mighty both new & used with a 90 day paid trial period.


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