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New Volcano Vaporizer design

A Modern Look For the New Model Volcano Vaporizer

Check Out the New Model Volcano Vaporizer 

new volcano vaporizer design

Storz & Bickel  have recently rebranded their flagship product, the Classic Volcano Vaporizer. The new design however only affects the packaging design and the accessories – not the unit or the valve system itself.


Storz & Bickel have adapted a more modern look for the Classic Volcano while still staying true to their signature blue and orange colors we’ve seen since inception.  The new model Volcano Vaporizer packaging also adds a cool little carrying handle which leads me to believe more people will start saving the packaging as it doubles as a handy carrying case. The top of the new packaging shows what it would be like to look down at the top of the Volcano unit itself. Pretty cool, a new rebrand to get the juices flowing.


Easy Valve Now Automatically Comes With The New Classic Volcano

easy valve included

Until now the Classic Volcano Vaporizer was sold separate from the valve system, so one could get just the Volcano unit separate if they had an old valve system laying around. With the new variation of the Volcano Vaporizer being sold with the Easy Valve kit already sealed in the packaging, this is going to create a headache for vendors like us in customizing the valve system for our customer. however as mentioned the easy valve is the far preferred method. 



End of the Solid Valve ?

So is the the Solid Valve done for ? Not exactly, Storz & Bickel did re-do the design on the Solid valve to match the new design on the Classic Volcano and it is still being sold separately, but the one issue now is that the new Classic Volcano comes with the easy valve inside. So you can no longer order the unit by itself and choose the solid valve as your solid valve design


The Solid Valve kit  was becoming less and less popular with customers over time and with improvements in how to replace the bag on the easy valve kit, via the easy valve balloon adapter, it is pretty much the simplest and easiest way to use the Volcano Vaporizer.


Another reason for phasing out the Solid Valve kit is the cost of production. The Solid Valve kit utilizes three main pieces (the actual valve, filling chamber and the mouthpiece) The plastic and metal needed to go into one of these parts is roughly equivalent to what is required for making just the easy valve filling chamber  alone. So your easy valve is not only easier to use as it is one piece system, but is also cheaper to producer and more sustainable for the environment  in that it requires less raw materials.


Does this affect the Digital Volcano ?

The Classic Volcano was the first to receive the new packaging, but yes the Digital Volcano now does have the new packaging design and comes with the Easy Valve in place.


Regardless of how you spin it this move makes alot of sense for Storz & Bickel with the Solid valve losing popularity over the years and the easy valve being easier to produce, maintain and most importantly providing a more hassle free experience for the consumer.  At the end of the day the Solid Valve is still an option for the old school vapor aficionado and while it may be on it’s way out, it will always remain part of the Storz & Bickel History.




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