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Refurbished Arizer Air 2 Vaporizer

2 out of 5
2 Reviews


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Arizer | To the Cloud Vapor Store


The Arizer Air 2 Vaporizer boasts a refined LED display and faster heat up times that the original Air with a removable 18650 battery.  The Refurbished Air 2 Vaporizer delivered on Arizer’s Slogan “Better by Design”  and delivers excellent vapor in a well built lightweight portable vaporizer that avoids complication

  • Build

    The Arizer Air is well made of an outer alloy , with a stainless steel chamber, and ceramic heating element which delivers vapor through a glass pathway. All the materials of the Arizer Air 2 ensure clean and healthy vapor delivery

  • Function

    The Arizer Air 2 is mainly a conduction vaporizer with the herb touching the stainless steel heating element. There is a slight element of convection as the herb will also heat via the heat transfer of the glass touching the heating element, but in our opinion that makes the glass the heating element and thus a conduction vaporizer.

  • Session

    Ideal for personal sessions for those who want a 5- 7 hits clean hits in a single session but don’t want to be held down with a bulky unit or stuck on the couch. The Arizer Air 2 delivers bountiful hits and is very user friendly, but not the best for throwing in your pocket and heading on a hike given the protruding glass pieces.

What's in the box

Comes with

  • Refurbished Arizer Air 2 Vaporizer
  • USB Charger
  • 2 x Arizer Air Glass
  • Potpourri Dish
  • Instructions


  • Refurbished for the win

    When you buy an Arizer Vaporizer you are buying a quality vaporizer from a trusted name in the  space. With Arizer already being price conscious relative to the quality of vaporizer they provide it only makes sense that a used Arizer Air 2 Vaporizer is even a greater value at a fraction of the price.


    One of the things we loved about the Arizer Air 2 Vaporizer was the set up of the vaporizer in the packaging and  ease of use out of the box. Opening up the Air 2 Vaporizer everything is laid out perfectly with an instruction manual that gives you easy to follow step by step instructions on getting to go with your Air 2 vape. The Arizer Air 2 unit itself is very intuitive


    To turn on the Air 2 press the “m” and “-”  consecutively. You will see a countdown from the display. Once this counts down, your unit is on and will start heating up. For a higher or lower heat just hit the up or down button.

    You can go back later and adjust the rest of the setting on your unit such as the LED brightness and noise notifications.

    The dial can be a tad confusing at first, but nothing you won’t be a pro at after 5 minutes of playing around with it.


    The glass draw stems are equally intuitive and easy to begin usage. Scoop in your ground herb to the end of your glass draw and place that in the heating element. Do make sure to ground your herb sufficiently and not to pack to tight.


    Once your Air 2 hits your desired temperature begin pulling for some tasty and robust vapor. Since all Arizer Vaporizers double as potpourri warmers the temperature range varies from the low 200 s all the way to 430 ° F


    Why improve on the Classic Arizer Air vaporizer ? The Arizer Air 2 delivers the same quality vapor but with refinements in an LED display to hone in on exact temperature, a higher powered 18650 removable battery and better fitting glass draw stems. In essence the build is a bit more sturdy with upgrades that make the user experience more enjoyable.


    Arizer leads the way with well priced vaporizers. With the Arizer Air 2 Vaporizer for sale at only $149.99 and the refurbished Air 2 only at $109,  it is one of the best priced portable herbal vaporizers on the market given it’s quality.

    Another aspect which adds to the value of the Arizer Air 2 Vaporizer is going to be it’s herb conservation qualities. On a fully loaded glass stem at 390  °F you can get 12 + quality draws. Even better the herb bakes evenly in the glass stems on both the Arizer Air 2 and Arizer SOLO 2 Vaporizers. This means no mid session stirs and no need to fill your chamber totally full for optimal results.

  • Our Air 2 Vaporizer Review

    If you are looking to get an in depth look at the Arizer Air 2 and see if it is the right vaporizer for you , check out our full in depth Air 2 Vaporizer Review Here.

  • Warranty & trial period

    The Refurbished Arizer Air 2 comes with a 6 month warranty from To the Cloud Vapor Store.

    To ensure your satisfaction we also offer a 60 day trial period and lifetime trade ins for store credit.

Using the Arizer AIR 2 vaporizer review



2 out of 5
2 Reviews
  • Joe

    Wish I’d bought a new Arizer. I don’t believe this refurbished unit works as well as friends Arizer. Unable to make contact with To The Cloud Vapor Store. Have sent email and called leaving message…I’m starting to believe they are ignoring request for exchange... and/or (now) refund as my 60 days are about up.

    • Tyler

      Hey Joe,

      We have responded with troubleshooting steps and you are covered with a 6 month warranty on all used vaporizers as well. If you would like to exchange for a new one and pay the difference. You can like wise do that. Please shoot us an email to thank you

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