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Comparing and Contrasting the Arizer SOLO 2 and the Arizer Air 2

Arizer has been a trusted name in the dry herb vaporizer space since 2008 when they released the  Extreme Q Desktop vaporizer. Their vaporizers are known to be well designed, easy to use and  produce excellent vapor at a very reasonable price. The Arizer Air 2 and the Arizer SOLO 2 demonstrate the Arizer standard  with some noted improvements over the original SOLO and Original Arizer Air.

If you have been looking at a reasonably priced and easy to use portable herbal vaporizer , the Air 2 and SOLO 2 are two you should definitely consider. But which one is going to be better suited for you and how much of a difference is there between them?


The Arizer SOLO 2 is a tad bigger than the Air 2. With a height of 4.5” inches and a total of 5” inches around.

The Air 2 is 4.75” inches tall and 3.5” inches around.  Despite the slightly larger size of the SOLO 2  and it weighing twice as much, in my hands they both feel the same weight. The SOLO 2 tips the scales at 7.5 ounces and the Arizer Air 2 weighs 4 ounces. I guess I am unable to judge ounces in my hands. If you do prefer a smaller vape, the Air 2 would be your choice.

Readout and controls

If I was hard of sight or had issues controlling my hands I would choose the Arizer SOLO 2. It has a larger LED readout and it’s control buttons are organized into what feels like a single button,  making it easier to customize your settings and power on.

The Air 2 has 3 smaller control buttons for adjusting the settings and temperature.

On both the vaporizers they are turned on via holding the home button and temp adjustment at the same time. With the SOLO 2 you hold the home button and the temperature increase (up) button. On the Arizer Air 2 you power on by holding the home button and the temperature decrease button. You can execute this with just your thumb on both vaporizers but as mentioned above, is a tad easier with the SOLO 2.


Both the SOLO 2 and Air 2 have a very wide temperature range unseen in other portable vaporizers – 122 Degrees (F) 428 degrees (F). This range reflects that both vaporizers double as aromatherapy diffusers and come with a potpourri dish. So while you do Yoga or meditate, both will provide some tasty fragrances.

You can also fit the glass stems of the Arizer SOLO 2 and Air 2 into a water pipe. Granted you may need an adapter joint as I believe they are around 12mm so not exactly ready to roll in your 14mm female part.

Vapor Quality

You would think that the vapor quality would be the same between the Arizer Air 2 and the Arizer SOLO 2. The vapor actually is identical. Both heat via the same exact stainless steel heating chamber. The SOLO 2 eeks out an edge for vapor quality based solely on the longer glass mouthpiece / draw. It is about an inch longer so with higher vape temps you will not get as hot of vapor with the added stand off distance. The Arizer Air 2 mouthpiece is 2.75” (in) long and the Arizer SOLO 2 mouthpiece is 3.5” inches long. You can swap the Air 2 mouthpiece in the SOLO 2 and vice versa so if you wanted to get a tad cooler vapor you can pick up a SOLO 2 mouthpiece and put it in your Air 2. When you have the same length mouthpieces in, there is absolutely no difference in the vapor between the SOLO 2 and Air 2.


The herb capacity on both is the same. You can manage .15 grams of herb in both and both will allow you to vape much less with great results. They are great herb savers and will save you money you spend on herb. On a full chamber at 400 degrees Farenheit I can get over 13-16 draws.


The SOLO 2 has considerable more battery power than the Arizer Air 2’s removable 18650 battery. The SOLO 2 does not have a removable battery but will provide two and a half to three hours of constant vapor production depending on temperature. Where the Air 2 will last an average time of 70 minutes on a single charge.

The 18650 battery is becoming the norm for portable herb vaporizers so many users have spares of these and putting a fresh on in your Arizer Air 2 is a breeze. While the SOLO 2 does not have a removable battery , it can be used while charging.

Charge times 

The Downside to the SOLO 2 not having a removable battery is that it takes around 3 hours to fully charge. The Arizer Air 2 takes a very long time to charge as well ( 2+ hours) , but if you use an external charger you can get a fully charged 18650 battery in a fraction of the time.

Heat up time

With the larger battery, the Arizer SOLO 2 heats up in a matter of seconds taking only around 30 seconds to get to 375 degrees. The Arizer Air 2 takes 70 seconds to reach the same temperature.


Arizer’s entire portable lineup take the cake for ease of cleaning. Given they all operate in the same manner with putting your herb into the glass mouthpiece and then placing that into the heating chamber – there is a standoff distance so most the herb isn’t touching the heating element proper. This makes it so the heating element stays clean with all the build up happening in the glass. To clean the glass simply soak in 91% isopropyl or boil in a pot of water and hit with a Q -tip after. The chamber proper of the item just needs a quick swipe with a damp Q- tip and it’s as good as new.

So which one is it ?

There are definitely more similarities between Arizer’s Air 2 and SOLO 2 vaporizers. I would venture to say if you got the Arizer Air 2 and were loving it, you could swap it out with the SOLO 2 and not skip a beat. The only thing would be the size of the Air 2 which can easily be put in you jean pocket , where the SOLO 2 would be a hard fit.

What complicates the portability of both vaporizers is the glass mouthpiece cannot retract. So you would need to carry the glass mouthpiece separate from the unit itself. So while the Air 2 vaporizer can easily be brought around with you , throwing it in your pocket and heading out the door are two different stories.

In summary both are great portable herb vaporizers. Easy to use, understand and clean all while providing great vapor at a price below the competition. They don’t put alot of hype of moving parts into them. The Arizer SOLO 2 and Air 2 vaporizers are well suited for Grandpa, Mom and even junior (if he’s 21 years of age or older =) ) You can’t go wrong with either of them.

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