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Puffco peak pro 3d Chamber review

Puffco Peak Pro 3D Chamber Review & Comparison

Update: The new Peak Pro V2 comes equipped with the Peak Pro 3D Chamber. For more information on the new 3D XL Chamber read our review here.

Puffco has become almost unanimous with concentrate vaporizers, from pioneering the Puffco Peak design which spawned countless imitators to their ability to remain one step ahead of the competition, there is no question they are the most recognized brand in the e-rig vaporizer space. While the new Peak Pro now comes equipped with the 3D chamber, the Puffco Peak Pro review still holds true and you can read about the added benefits of the 3D Chamber that you get when you buy the New Peak Pro

Released in Summer 2021 the Puffco Peak Pro 3D Chamber was been met with cheers and jeers alike, something the Puffco brand has had it’s tumultuous moments with in the past. The 3D Chamber is an enhanced chamber which now comes equipped with your Puffco Peak Pro (which currently retails for $420). This is quite the deal given in the past the 3D Chamber was a $100  aftermarket accessory. The improved 3D Chamber boasts faster heat up time, greater efficiency and an improved battery life. Think of it like the Puffco Peak Pro+ (Plus), which is a joke not lost on vaporizer enthusiasts given newly released vaporizers such as the Mighty+ have been near rebrands with the word “plus” thrown at the end. We are going to review the Puffco Peak Pro 3D Chamber and show you all the added benefits. 

Puffco 3d Chamber

Puffco 3D Chamber Release

Puffcon Los Angeles

The 3D Chamber was released to a select few a Puffcon,  A block party in Los Angeles held in October 2021 which celebrated the Puffco Peak and moreover Puffco culture. Amongst its most loyal fans (assuming if you attend a Puffco event, you probably love the Peak) it scored very high marks citing better flavor, better vapor production and faster heat up times. It’s official release has been received well, but there are still plenty of detractors. So we took it upon ourselves to review the 3D Chamber and compare it with the standard Peak Pro Chamber

Peak Pro 3D chamber review

The 3D Chamber Heats up Faster

  • 24 seconds to 545 °F with the 3D Chamber 
  • 35 seconds to 545 °F with the Standard Chamber 

The Peak Pro 3D Chamber Enhances Battery Life

With the Peak Pro 3D Chamber we were pumping out over 30 minute average long sessions between 545 °Fand 620 °F. The battery life was very much improved  with the 3D Chamber. Each session with the 3D Chamber was taking up about 3% battery whereas a session with the OEM Chamber was about 5%, not exactly a slouch either.

If you have the  Peak Pro Power Dock or always have your Peak Pro charging and use mainly at home, this is not much of an issue given the original Chamber busts out roughly 20 sessions of the same time and temperature.  

However if you are someone who is on the go with your Peak then the 3D Chamber will pay dividends.

Material & Build

Standard vs. 3D Chamber

The 3D Chamber (red ring)  has a polished ceramic heating surface that is shinier compared to the standard. The 3D Chamber also has additional heating points of contact, heating not only from the base but partially up the sides. In theory this should have stopped any pool rings from forming. In practice there was still some residue on the sides of the 3D Chamber that would not vape. 

The rest is the same, with both built from sturdy thick metal and ceramic. The 3D Chamber does have a different design pattern for the heat vents, but the material used to construct both chambers (besides the polished ceramic) is all the same.  


This is another hard comparison given the Peak Pro Standard  is no slouch. I would give the 3D Chamber a slight edge on the first hit being tastier and after that all bets were off.  Myself not being a huge connoisseur of dabs thought both chambers provided great flavor, however growers, extractors and aficionados who strictly dab, swear the flavor is much better with the 3D Chamber.


The 3D Chamber does provide fewer but higher quality hits. This makes sense given the heat up time is minimized producing vapor faster.  In taking down very tiny amounts of extract at 620°F  the 3D Chamber provided a solid 3 hits where the OEM Chamber  4 with the last two being more faint in comparison.


The Peak Pro 3D Chamber retails for $100 and the Standard $60. So if you break your original chamber or it burns out,  it may be worth the extra $40 to go for versus buying another standard chamber. 


It is important to clean any e-rig atomizer after every use with a dry Q-tip. Here the 3D Chamber shines with the polished ceramic allowing for an easier quick swab to clean. For a deep cleaning just remove the rubber topper and throw the whole thing in 99% Isopropyl Alcohol , allowing to soak for 20 minutes. 

Cleaning Hack 

Oddly enough the 3D Chamber was the chamber which fell victim to some staining that did not come out. For this we turned to a hack of throwing in some coarse Sea salt and rotating around with a Q-Tip. This got our 3D Chamber squeaky clean.

Cleaning the Peak Pro Chamber


Both the 3D and Standard Chamber will carry a Puffco 30 day warranty. It cannot be disassembled like the Peak Atomizer can and attempting to do so will void the warranty. 

Is the Peak Pro 3D Chamber Worth it ?

This seems to be another one as to where you find yourself. Are you the casual dabber, couple times a week like myself or are you the 710 all day everyday. The casual user can easily coast by without needing to drop another $100 on the Peak Pro 3D Chamber. For those who are taking 20 dabs a day, the 3D Chamber will make your life alot easier and would give it a strong buy rating. Also if you want the newest and shiniest thing, well the 3D Chamber is it and it is an improvement. 

The 3D Chamber is better, yes, but the fact it is $100 more understandably makes many apprehensive, especially given the standard chamber does a solid job. Personally I would pick one of these up once my standard chamber went south.

Troubleshooting Your 3D Chamber

3D Chamber firmware update

To use the 3D chamber you must upgrade the firmware with the web app to version W. To upgrade you will need to access the web app, then go to Menu => Settings => Firmware.

One of the more frustrating aspects is pairing and using the app. The web apps just don’t function the same as the iOS apps. During the 3D Chamber review there was plenty of issues for both chambers with the app disconnecting, not sensing the unit, loading errors and not providing real time feedback. The battery remained at 24% for 4 one minute sessions, until it was disconnected and when re-syncing and reconnected showed 11% battery. The app had more bugs than the Amazon Rainforest. However we later learned from the  Puffco Reddit Sub that Puffco has been working on some upgrades causing downtime.  Our app issues were resolved by deleting and redownloading the Path Browser App. 

Another issue you may encounter is the chamber not detected error, for this try tightening or loosening and engaging again.

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1 year ago

Who uses the puffco that hot. Temps should be around 500 for flavor. No wonder you get no flavor it’s all burning.

Lul Bass
10 months ago
Reply to  Billy

Looks like dude threw some pop rocks in it and called it a day that is red LOL wuh?

jay travs
2 months ago
Reply to  Lul Bass

sea salt….. to clean it. OP states that.

4 months ago

Does anyone know if the chamber works with any other hardware, or does it always have to be paired with the Puffco Peak Pro? Appreciate the help.

4 months ago
Reply to  Tyler

Thanks for the quick reply, Tyler. Now that its obvious what I’m spending my tax refund on, I have to decide which Puffco I’ll buy next!

4 months ago
Reply to  Tyler

Does the regular chamber work with a peak pro?

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