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3DXL Chamber

5 out of 5
3 Reviews


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What's in the box

Comes with

  • Peak Pro 3D XL Chamber
  • XL Joystick Cap


  • Limited Edition Gold 3DXL

    Introducing the limited edition Peak Pro 3DXL, now available in stunning gold, adding a touch of luxury to your vaping experience. This device is a must-have for enthusiasts seeking enhanced performance and efficiency. Featuring the same  78% larger bowl, it allows for 2x more vapor, enabling users to rip harder with significantly less reclaim and now with more bling.

  • Bigger Clouds

    The new Peak Pro 3D XL Chamber will take you “To the Cloud ” . Not for the faint of heart, the Peak Pro 3D XL Chamber has the potential for massive hits which can ruin your day. With 2x the vapor production the  3D XL Chamber generates more vapor than anything currently on the market.

  • 78% Bigger

    With added vapor production you also get a larger canvas. The 3D XL Chamber is 78% larger than the standard Peak Pro 3D Chamber. This let’s you load significantly larger dabs without needing to worry about spillover and reclaim puddles post session. All of which translates to more dabs for you with less cleaning.

  • XL Control

    Two new features on the second edition Peak Pro are the joystick cap and “max vapor” setting in the Puffco app.

    The 3D XL Chamber supersizes these, giving you even more precision with an XL joystick and exclusive “XL” vapor control setting to get the biggest clouds possible.

  • Easier to Use

    No more refining your draw to get optimal vapor production. With the Peak Pro’s new 3D XL Chamber you can rip as hard as you want. The larger chamber and improved airflow alongside all the other added benefits you get with the 3DXL make the journey to cloud city easy peasy.

  • Compatible with Peak Pro Models

    The 3D XL is compatible with all Peak Pro Vaporizer models. Simply throw on the chamber and update to the latest firmware.

  • All the Flavor

    Just because the Peak Pro 3D XL Chamber rips hard and heavy does not mean you need to sacrifice flavor. The 3D XL Chamber boasts all the material upgrades which are provided on the regular Peak Pro 3D Chamber.



puffco peak pro 3dxl chamber
  • OEM Puffco Accessory
  • Compatible with Gen 1 & New Peak Pro
  • 78% Larger than the Standard 3D Chamber

Will the 3D XL Chamber work on the Gen 1 Peak Pro ?

Yes, the 3D XL Chamber is compatible with both the old and new Peak Pro Vaporizers.



5 out of 5
3 Reviews
  • Big Al

    Love the 3DXL for bigger dabs per sesh and less mess, a win win!

  • Mike Riley

    Great addition

  • Pepper

    Much better than the standard cup, the way it should come. A must purchase if you don’t have it.

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