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Carta 2 and Boundless CFX+ preview

The New Boundless CFX+ and Focus V Carta 2 Vaporizers

In the vaping world there are a handful of companies who have established themselves within the community. Two of these companies are Boundless and Focus V. The Boundless CFX and Focus V Carta V2 (now referred to as the OG Carta)  are both some of the best-reviewed and most popular vaporizers  on the market; The CFX for herb and the Carta OG  for concentrates. These two models are lower cost imitators of the Storz & Bickel Mighty and Puffco Peak, but have stood out for their quality while being economically priced relative to their competitors. Not content to rest on their laurels, Boundless and Focus V are both working hard to set a new, higher standard and improve upon the great reputation of their older models.

This Spring (2022) , two new vapes are about to hit the market: the Boundless CFX+ (Plus) , and the Focus V Carta 2, dubbed the Quantum in Beta testing. Both of these are improvements of their earlier models. As you might expect, the CFX+ is a direct successor to the original CFX as is the Carta 2 based on the OG Carta V2, with a lot of cosmetic similarities.

So, what is it that separates these two vapes from the pack? And how are they different from the earlier versions? Let’s take a closer look on our preview of the Carta 2 and Boundless CFX+.


The CFX+ is set to retail at $199, the original was $179 up until it’s recent drop to $149 ahead of the CFX+ release. The Carta 2 on the other hand is ticking up quite a bit in price to compete with the likes of the Puffco Peak Pro. The OG Carta V2 was $249, it also has recently dropped in price to $199 ahead of the Carta 2 release which will retail at $350. So quite the increase for Focus, not so much for Boundless. 

Boundless CFX+ (Plus)

Boundless CFX+ plus preview

The Boundless CFX+ is constructed from a similar black plastic to the original CFX. However, the profile and form factor are significantly different. To begin with, the CFX+ is about an inch shorter, at 4 inches high, 2.5 inches wide, and an inch thick. This makes it a little more pocket-friendly, and it’s also easier to grip. Thanks to a new grooved exterior, it fits more comfortably in your hand, and you’re less likely to drop it. Whereas Storz & Bickel didn’t change much with the Mighty+ upgrade, Boundless has gone the opposite route and given the CFX+ a total design makeover.

One of the few complaints about the original CFX was the design of the mouthpiece. It had a swiveling design, which is convenient and easy to use. However, it can also flip open by mistake in your pocket or backpack, which exposes it to potential damage. The CFX+ has an integrated mouthpiece, which stores under the top panel when it’s not in use. This makes it harder to damage.

To ensure that it stays securely in place, the upgraded mouthpiece has been magnetized. It snaps satisfyingly into place, and pops out with minimal effort when your session is finished. It even has a little stir tool attached.

Speaking of the herb chamber, both the chamber and the funnel have been upgraded with a new ceramic design. This isn’t just great for providing smooth vapor – it’s also easier to clean.

CFX+ Vape Experience and Performance

The CFX+ mouthpiece isn’t just magnetized and easy to store; it’s also been upgraded with a zirconia lining. This helps to cool the vapor faster and give it a better flavor. The 100% Zirconia mouthpiece is why the Davinci IQ2 Vaporizer gives you better vapor than the Davinci IQC, which has a polymer mouthpiece. The new CFX+ mouthpiece is said to provide bigger clouds than the original mouthpiece, so maybe we have a new contender for vaporizers that are alot like smoking. As for the temperature settings, you get a range of 100°F to 430°F, just like the original CFX. Regardless, it heats up in only 20 seconds, and is said to be consistent throughout the session. So similar from what you have come to expect from the trusty CFX.

Another complaint with the  original CFX was the little divot in the chamber. Debris would often get stuck there, and required a lot of work to clean out. There’s no divot on the current design, so you’ll find that you have a much better loading and cleaning experience.

The CFX+ is currently a prototype, so we weren’t able to get any firm data on the battery life or our opinion of the vapor quality. We can say for sure that it’s battery is internal, just like the original’s. This was disappointing, since we really would have liked to see some removable batteries. Then again, you’re most likely looking at a similar battery life as the CFX, around 90 minutes. And it’s been upgraded with USB Type-C charging, so you can expect it to charge significantly faster. 

Focus V Carta 2 (Quantum)

carta 2 preview

The Carta 2 was dubbed the Quantum in beta testing. In terms of its physical shape, the Focus V Quantum is very similar to the OG Carta V2 but more sleek and appealing to the eye at the same time. In fact, the glass hasn’t been changed at all. This is actually good news, since the glass is the most likely thing to break. If you already own a Carta, you’ll have a spare glass ready to install from day one. The housing itself has a similar shape, although it’s more contoured for a more comfortable grip, and it has a rubberized silicone coating.

The most significant upgrade is the Intelli-Core™ atomizer. This new chamber is made from a glazed ceramic that’s exceptionally easy to clean. Even after a long session, you can wipe it out with just a cotton swab. At most, you might need a dab of rubbing alcohol every now and then to remove stains. The chamber is also 4mm larger (14mm total)  in diameter from the Carta V2’s 10mm chamber. In fact the chamber is now trade marked as Intelli-Core™ which promises 360 degree heating and consistency on par with a quartz banger. It sounds like you are getting a better base and atomizer with the Focus V Carta 2 so this really is an upgrade , but you are paying for it. 

Where the Intelli-Core atomizer offers better vapor quality, the base of the Carta 2 is upgraded with an OLED screen which shows temperature, session timer, battery life and  mode (herb or oil). This makes using the Carta 2 so much easier than the OG Carta.

The one button sequencing has been a criticism of ours on the E-Rigs and a reason why we  liked the Ispire Daab’s screen so much.  The OG Carta v2 and a slew of other electric rigs have you pressing one button for all the functions and spitting out information in the form of light sequences. For example press the home button 3 times and 5 blinks of a blue light means your battery is low. As you can imagine this is like solving a damn puzzle. Having a screen with all your information and temperature up and down buttons makes using the Carta 2  much easier and informationally transparent. 

Last the Carta 2 offers more light features than the original for those who like to use at night or dab in the dark. We have just seen Puffco come out with a similar disco lighting upgrade and the Arizer XQ2 boasts funky neon lights. While personally this is not a feature I care about one way or another, it does add an element of subliminal enhancement.

Carta 2 Vape Experience and Performance

The Carta 2 atomizer has also been upgraded in a less visible fashion. There are multiple heating elements around the sides, which provides for a 360 degree heating. You don’t have to worry about any hot spots or cold spots. The temperature range has also been widened. The OG Carta V2 was adjustable between 600°F and 940°F. The carta 2 can go as low as 500°F, so it can be used for most oils as well as thicker concentrates. We are awaiting to hear about it’s herb vaping range. 

Using the Carta 2 is easy. Press the power button five times to turn it on or off, tap it once to adjust the temperature setting. You can use the up and down button to choose between five presets – one more than the OG Carta – or you can hold the minus button to set a custom temperature. We also liked the design of the atomizer. Tighten it all the way, and you’re on the oil setting. Loosen it slightly, and the vape will automatically switch over to flower mode.

One change we didn’t like was the internal battery. The Carta V2 used a pair of 18350 batteries, which are easily replaceable. The internal battery cannot be replaced, although it does charge very quickly –Focus V saying only  20 to 30 minutes via USB -C.

As for the apps, the Carta 2  will have an app like the Carta V2. At this time without the Carta 2 (Quantum) we cannot assess the app or vapor quality. That is why this is just a preview and not a review 😉 However we do hope the Carta 2 app is upgraded to accompany the new light features. The current Focus V app is very buggy. 

Boundless CFX+ and Focus V Carta 2 | Two Anticipated Vaporizers for Spring 2022

As you can see, both of these vapes are similar to the originals, but with enough improvements to  warrant calling them new models. We are not seeing alot of uninspired next generation models lately that really are not huge improvements. It looks like the CFX+ and Carta 2 will buck that trend and provide noticeable upgrades beyond what we can preview.  The CFX+ comes with major upgrades to the mouthpiece, chamber, and funnel. The Focus V Carta 2 (Quantum) has a slightly different profile, OLED screen,  a new  (Intelli-core) atomizer , and a wider temperature range. Unfortunately, neither one has replaceable batteries. But other than that, both are poised to provide a premium vaping experience and will surely take off and then some from where the CFX and Carta OG left off.

So should you hop in with both feet and buy the Boundless CFX+ (Plus) or Carta 2 (Quantum) ? Personally I never pre-order a new vaporizer. I like to wait until the units are in stock and shipping. With all the pre-orders that have gone wrong such as the VapeXhale Petra never happening before Vapexhale going out of business. Then there are the mass release issues which  are not caught in beta. This has happened to the original  Puffco Peak, the Boundless Tera recall and a slew other  vaporizers. While these issues are quickly rectified and you are fully covered when purchasing from the manufacturer or an authorized vendor like To the Cloud Vapor Store, it is a headache and a pain. Best to let others have first cracks. Often times newly released vaporizers let you get the tried and true older models at a significant discount. However it does appear CFX+ and Carta 2 offer substantial improvements which will provide easier usability and improved vapor quality to the CFX and OG Carta. We will make sure to do a full review and comparison when we get our hands on them.

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Lori Johnson
1 year ago

I have the Carta 2. Huge rips, awesome temp range… it’s the cap to the atomizer I’m having an issue with. It is silicone and it is connected to the atomizer. It pops off constantly. As soon as it gets warm, it pops off and stays off. You have to hold it which is fine when you’re using it but sharing is a problem. I imagine that’s the first upgrade that will happen. It’s a great rig other than that.

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