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Boundless CFX+ (Plus) Vaporizer

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The Boundless CFX+ is the latest release from Boundless appropriately released on 4/20/2022. Boundless calls their new CFX+ rendition “vaping evolved” and while that sounds cliche, they are not wrong. The new Boundless CFX+ has some major design overhauls compared to the original blockbuster Boundless CFX vaporizer. How will it stack up over time ?

  • Build

    The Boundless CFX+ is constructed from a similar black plastic to the original CFX. However, the profile and form factor are significantly different. The CFX+ is about an inch shorter, at 4 inches high, 2.5 inches wide. Boundless has also added a zirconia vapor path for cooler and tastier vapor and a magnetic mouthpiece.

  • Function

    The Boundless CFX+ (Plus) functions with conduction heating, heating your dry herb by contact with the ceramic oven.

  • Session

    Beta reviewers have said this is best a solo user session vaporizer given the mouthpiece. The design of a conduction herb vaporizer (which the CFX+ is)  is generally best for an in place session. The CFX+ is pocket portable so you can session at home or away.

What's in the box

Comes with

  • Boundless CFX+ (Plus) Vaporizer
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Stir Tool
  • USB-C Charger
  • Instructions


  • Sleeker and More Compact

    The CFX+ continues on the path which made the  CFX one of the best budget friendly portable herb vaporizers.

    One of the key features Boundless improved on was the sleeker and more compact size, making it more versatile and ergonomic.

  • User Interface

    The user interface on the Boundless CFX+ (Plus) makes your sessions that much easier. From setting precise temperature control to timing your sessions, the new CFX+ LED Screen let’s you see all the important information you need to know about your session in real time.

    To enjoy the entire myriad of features press both  temperature buttons simultaneously.

  • Using the Boundless CFX+

    To turn the Boundless CFX+ on hold the two main buttons for three seconds. From there the LED screen will power on and begin heating to your last session’s temperature.

    The temperature buttons on the side can be pressed simultaneously to access the full menu of options. Keep pressing them to pass through Fahrenheit / Celsius, session timer , preset temperatures and a handful of other customizations.

    Remove the mouthpiece and lightly pack with ground herb. You want to fill the chamber full with a light pack.

    Place the mouthpiece back on and hold the main control buttons together until the unit turns on.

    The haptic feedback will vibrate when your CFX+ is ready. Inhale with slow 4-6 seconds draws from the mouthpiece for best results.

  • Boundless CFX+ Sessions

    The Boundless CFX+ will heat up in around 30 seconds to the low 400°Fs. Waiting a few seconds longer is ideal for those who want larger clouds on the first hits.

    On a nearly full pack (.3-.4) grams the user can expect  around 12 draws.

    The CFX+ does come with a 5 minute automatic shut off , which can be adjusted up to 8 minutes in the settings for those wanting longer sessions.

  • Temperature Range

    The Boundless CFX+ can session between 100°F – 428°F using the temperature control buttons on the side.

    The unit also comes with 4 preset temperatures which you can access via the “setting wheel” . This is designed to help new users of the CFX+ see what their ideal temperature would be.

    • 378 °F
    • 400 °F
    • 414 °F
    • 428°F
  • Chamber size

    The Boundless CFX+ can accommodate up to .6 for those who want longer sessions with thicker vapor. Generally .4 is recommended for optimal filling while not restricting airflow.

  • Improved Mouthpiece

    One of the biggest improvements on the Boundless CFX+ is the magnetic zirconia lined mouthpiece. The snap on features makes it easier for anyone who had issues with the old twist off Boundless CFX mouthpiece and adds a level of sleek.

    The mouthpiece also is lined with zirconia giving the vapor a cooler and smoother hit.

  • Battery

    The Boundless CFX+ battery boasts a 30% improvement over the original and will give the user 6- 8  sessions on a single charge in the low 400°F range. It has two internal 2500 mAh 18650 batteries.

    The CFX+ will charge in an hour with the provided USB-C Cable specifically designed by Boundless.



  • Cleaning the CFX+

    Ensure to discard your already vaped herb (abv) after each session and wipe out the chamber. Disassembling and cleaning the zirconia mouthpiece is recommended after about 30 sessions. Instructions for disassembly can be found in the Boundless CFX+ manual.

  • Specs

    Specs 4" x 2.5" x 1" (in.)
    Weight 10 (oz.)
  • Warranty & trial Period

    The Boundless CFX+ comes with a three year warranty and 90 day warranty on the battery.

    To further ensure your satisfaction, To the Cloud Vapor Store offers a 60 day trial period and lifetime trade ins.

Boundless CFX+ plus preview



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