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Vapes Most Like Smoking | To the Cloud Vapor Store

Vaporizers That Are Most Like Smoking

Often referred to as a session, Busting out the bong or dab rig is a custom for cannabis enthusiasts and very much a highpoint of the day.  As enjoyed as a 5 mile run to a jogger , the “Session” can be the zenful break where one enjoys the pleasures of smoking their favorite strain often in  the company of a few buds.

Unfortunately over many years smoking can take its toll on the lungs amongst a  plethora of other health issues. While doctors may not have qualms about the THC and CBD ingestion, it is the unhealthy externalities of combustion over time, which can lead to health professionals asking you to curtail or stop smoking altogether and try alternative methods such as vaping or edibles.

For the life long smoker, being told they need to cut back on the smoking can hit home hard. This is like telling a foodie they have to remain on a strict diet. Personally I have had friends, who are not fans of vaporizers, talk about how it is not the same as smoking. Albeit the end result is the same,it can feel like getting full without getting to enjoy the food. While I wholeheartedly disagree as a vaporizer enthusiast, everyone has different tastes and we get alot of customers at To the  Cloud Vapor Store who come to us asking which vaporizers are most like smoking. 

Plenty Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel

plenty vape like smoking

The Plenty  is Storz & Bickel’s least expensive vaporizer, but that should come with an asterisk given the relative high price of Storz & Bickel Vaporizers compared with other dry herb vapes. The Plenty Vaporizer needs to be plugged in to the wall and can be a pain to pull out and put away, so not really recommended unless you are going to solely be using it at home and have a designated space for your vape sessions. 

The Plenty has a temperature range from 266° F to 396° F, so it is capable of delivering the finer misty tasty vapor associated with Storz & Bickel Vaporizers, but if you dial up the temperature the Plenty is one of the best and delivering billowy smooth clouds. 

The Plenty Herb Chamber can fit a tad over .4 grams and  is just as wide as the chamber on the Volcano Hybrid or Classic Volcano Easy Valve, but a tad more shallow. The thick stainless steel sides are also very conductive. This shallow and wide design offers more surface area for your the hot air to be drawn in through your herb as you inhale. 

plenty Herb Chamber

The Plenty utilizes a helix design for the whip/draw which increases the distance the vapor travels before it hits your lips, but this also means you have to fill the helix whip with vapor before you can inhale. This greater volume of vapor will undoubtedly feel much more akin to smoking than being able to take quick puffs of something like the Mighty or Boundless CFX.

Lastly, the Plenty requires you to inhale on your own accord. The Volcano Vaporizer which utilizes the same herb chamber design regulate vapor output with a fan assist blowing hot air through the herb giving a consistent but less voluminous vapor. If you have some iron lungs and draw low and slow for a long period of time, you can really create a lot of vapor that feels like smoking with the Plenty Vaporizer. 

Hydrology 9 Vaporizer by Cloudious9

Hydrology 9 vaporizer

The Hydrology 9 Vaporizer is one of the few vaporizers which comes with a water filtration segment built in and without a doubt is the vaporizer most like a bong. While the setup can be a pain with needing to change the water and the occasional leaking from tipping over, it provides smooth and voluminous clouds. 

The herb chamber is a tad small compared to the other vaporizers (.7” x .4” inches) that are most like smoking, but you can get a good monster 3-4 rips on a single pack of .2 grams. The Chamber is narrow but deep, meaning alot of your herb touches the heating element. 

How tight you screw your Hydrology 9 together can really affect the airflow, this is one of those feeling out processes which needs to be done with the vaporizer, but once dialed in assists  in creating some monster hits with a decreased airflow that creates more force when pulling. 

Add in the water which assists in cooling the vapor and the Hydrology 9 gives you some bountiful yet smooth vapor which feels similar to smoking through a water pipe.

Boundless Tera Vaporizer

Boundless Tera Vaporizer

The Boundless Tera Vaporizer is another heavy hitter, with more straight forward reasons why. With two removable 18650 batteries, the Tera heats up fast for those who don’t like to wait.  The herb chamber can max out at about .4 grams of herb, the unit heats via conduction and convection (although they claim more convection) and the vapor path/mouthpiece are super close to the herb with very little draw resistance. This gives the unit the ability to pump out larger clouds that it’s CFX counterpart. 

The Tera also comes with a water pipe adapter letting you throw it on any 14mm or 18mm female port. With the Tera packed full and using the 14mm hydratube at 400°F, I really got that smoking sensation with this vaporizer. 

Boundless Tera water pipe

Davinci IQ2 Vaporizer

davinci IQ2 vaporizer

The first edition Davinci IQ was known for its ability to give off voluminous vapor and the IQ2 only improved on that. The Davinci IQ2 Vaporizer comes with the same large and narrow chamber which can easily accommodate .3 grams of herb. Just like the deep cylindrical design of the Hydrology 9, the IQ2’s conduction chamber allows for alot of the herb to be heated at once. The Zirconia metals used for the vapor path and mouthpiece work to cool the vapor as it is drawn and the IQ2 comes with a raised mouthpiece (pictured above) which gives the user more leverage to pull and can be used with the 14mm IQ glass adapter for use with your water pipe for even larger clouds. 

Iq2 air dial

Davinci also added an air dial which restricts or increases the vapor path air flow. With a more restricted airflow and a low, long and strong pull you can generate distinctly more vapor than with the airflow wide open. The Davinci IQ2 air dial really lets you dial it in (no pun intended) on how thick and smoke like you want your vapor to be. 

Obviously nothing can replicate the tried and true combustion methods, but all the models mentioned above are the herbal vaporizers which will get you as close to the real deal as possible. The Tera, Plenty , IQ2 and Hydrology 9  give voluminous vapor output compared with other vaporizers. While these large clouds come at the expense of flavor, texture and herb conservation you get with vaporizers like the Firefly 2+, it will not be a total loss. You will still be saving yourself from the external toxins of combusting the entire plant, which if you’re perusing this post, is why you are making the switch to vaporizers in the first place. 

If you are still sitting on the fence, every vaporizer sold at To the Cloud Vapor Store comes with a 60 day trial period and lifetime trade ins for store credit. This allows you to send your vaporizer back for any reason within 60 days for a partial refund, or upgrade whenever to a different model and trade your old vaporizer in. 

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