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Firefly 2+ plus review To the Cloud Vapor Store

Firefly 2+ Review | The Firefly 2 Vaporizer Upgrade

The new Firefly 2+ Vaporizer doesn’t appear to have changed much at first glance, and even under the covers there are still many similarities to the original Firefly 2 which was a huge departure from the very first Firefly Vaporizer. Currently the Firefly 2+ is the only vaporizer being produced and sold by Firefly and remains one of the best herb vaporizers  on the market. Check out our Firefly 2+ review  to see how Firefly is constantly upgrading and innovating to elevate your experience.

You may have noticed the Firefly 2 and accessories have been in sparse supply recently, with all authentic Firefly 2’s being sold out for months. Firefly had been hard at work making some improvements to the Firefly 2 and will be remarketing the breakout herb vaporizer as the Firefly 2+.

The Firefly 2+ Plus will contain all  the same features consumers have come to love about the Firefly 2, but the upgrades will certainly be welcomed to address sticking points on the Firefly 2 such as the lack of airflow.

Gen 3 Firmware

The Firefly 2+ will contain firmware version 3.33 whereas the previous model Firefly 2 supported version 1.33. The improved firmware has packed even more refined improvements into their signature dynamic convection vaporizer. The good news here is we just updated the used Firefly 2s we had on hand to run the 3.33 version firmware. So whether you pick up a brand new Firefly 2+ or a refurbished Firefly 2 , you can run the updated firmware.

Precision Tuned 

With some improvements on the heating element calibration, the Firefly 2+ is precision tuned to +/ – 2 ℃ meaning it will hold your selected temperature better than ever before.

Dynamic Convection

Firefly 2 plus dynamic convection


The Firefly and Firefly 2 have always utilized this heating style, however with a more improved feedback loop on the Firefly 2 Plus Vaporizer the dynamic convection is the best yet. The Dynamic Convection works by ramping up the heating element as you draw hitting a myriad of temperatures on the way up to your set temperature range while you inhale,  thus providing a wider array of vapor and flavor profiles versus standard conduction and more importantly making sure your herb is not wasted when you are not drawing. Your herb is only heated as you inhale. Nothing is ever lost.



Battery Life

Firefly 2 plus charger to the cloud vapor store We were hoping to see improved battery life with the Firefly 2+, but it sits on par with the old Firefly 2. On a full charge you will get about 3-4 sessions of 10+ draws on a single charge. This will vary greatly depending on  your vaporizer temperature with the higher temps for concentrates depleting the battery faster. When I had used the Firefly 2+ for concentrates at 500 degrees F and then for herb the next sessions I was only getting 3 sessions. We do recommend picking up an extra battery and an external charger for your Firefly 2 Plus so there is never any downtime.

Greater Airflow 

When the Firefly Vaporizer was originally designed Firefly founders, Mark and Sasha, were thinking about efficiency and lung size. The tight draw was intentional – reflecting a calculation of the average lung size times the amount of vapor that can be absorbed by the alveoli of the lungs per surface area. The cloud size experience that tracks with the legacy smoking experience has a counter-intuitive scientific truth. Blowing clouds of vapor is like drinking your beer and spitting out more than half of it. When you spit out vapor clouds, it doesn’t mean you got more in your lungs. It means you wasted a considerable amount of your material. So the Firefly 2 was made not to waste material unnecessarily just to give big clouds for show. But some people found the airflow frustrating because they were accustomed to an unconstrained airflow. Not many people are talking about vapor efficiency yet, but they are talking about easy airflow. So Firefly listened and made adjustments with the Firefly 2+ Plus.

This was a good improvement to see given one of the Firefly 2 sticking points was the need for long controlled breaths to get the best vapor. With more airflow offered by the Firefly 2+ Plus not only will users get more vapor per draw but the need for the controlling the breath as much will decrease.

I still found to get the best pulls with longer breaths out of the Firefly 2+ and recommend a 4-5 second pull to get good vapor. However when taking hits between the two the Firefly 2+ clearly has less draw resistance.


Less Colors

The Firefly 2 plus will tone it down a tad with the color insanity – The Firefly 2 came in an 8 color assortment. The Firefly 2+ will be toning the color assortment down a notch down with removing some of the less popular colors like red and white. They will also be adding a fully gold version with a gold body as well.


Interchangeable Parts

The good news for those who want a Firefly 2+ with one of the colors which has been nixed ; The Firefly 2 top will work on the Firelfy 2+ and vice versa. In fact the Firefly 2 mouthpiece, battery lid, charger, and the rest of the parts are interchangeable.



Personally I am glad they didn’t call this the Firefly 3. The upgraded edition feels alot like when Storz & Bickel released the upgraded Mighty Vaporizer. If you already have the Firefly 2 , the Firefly 2+ should not be on the top of your list.

At the end of the day the Firelfy 2+ is just an upgraded Firefly 2 vaporizer in more compact packaging with less accessories for $80 cheaper. They were one of the holdouts on the price and as the Firefly 2 was highly recommended at $329 for herb purists who need the best vaporizer out there to taste the plant, so is the Firefly 2+.

There was no one who could beat the Firefly 2 on flavor and the Firefly 2+ further solidifies that standing.

Firefly 2 plus vape
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