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Arizer SOLO 2 Vaporizer Review

The Arizer Solo 2 is  an uber popular  portable  vaporizer from the Canadian manufacturer Arizer. Being a successor to Arizer Solo, the new model boats interesting highlights like an LED display, temperature control, and Arizer’s much-hyped glass vapor path. That’s not all, the vaporizer has many more engaging points to grab your attention.

Let’s take a look at detailed review of Arizer Solo 2:

How Arizer Solo 2 Works – Efficiency With Utility

The UI on the Solo 2 is most likely the greatest change in the Arizer Solo versions. The 7 temperature lights in the predecessor have been replaced with a brilliant LED display.

You will see navigation buttons below the LED display with the inside button set apart with the “M” as the menu. Here you can get into plenty of customizations to suit your vapor experience. Above and below the menu, you will discover the up and down arrow buttons which enable you to control the temperature and change other settings in the menu.

To turn it on, press and hold the menu and the up button together. The screen will light up and a clock will begin tallying down. Note that the default clock is 6 seconds, and when the counter achieves 0, the vaporizer will beep and turn on. The display will welcome you with a cordial “Hello there” and a smiley face.

The next screen you will see is for temperature selection. Here, you will see the genuine temperature up front in the large content and your set temperature in little content beneath the set temperature.

To modify the temperature, just press the up or down button till you reach the desired range and the Solo 2 will naturally start heating.

Loading the Arizer Solo 2 is practically the same as the other portable Arizer  Vaporizers. In case you haven’t utilized any Arizer model in the past, take the glass aroma tube, fill the base of the dish with your choice of herbs and embed it into the heating chamber. You are all set to vape !

Arizer Solo 2 Menu – Simple Yet Functional

As specified, the Solo 2 enables you to modify different settings through the main menu. You can flip through the accessible settings by pressing the middle “Menu” button.

The menu in this latest version is perfect, simple to explore, and control. To be completely forthright, it is an extremely pleasant expansion to this unit and something we would love to see with different vaporizers. For example if you compare the Arizer SOLO 2 vaporizer vs. Crafty, the SOLO 2 gives you much more control in the palm of your hand . 


Temperature Control – Effortless and Quick

The Arizer Solo 2 brings precise temperature control to the 2nd Arizer  series, which is something that was missing for quite a while. Through the LED display, the Solo 2 can be set to any temperature  between 50 – 220 degrees Celsius. 

It’s good to use an increment of 10 degrees in SOLO 2 temperature, which will give off a thicker vapor as you go along. 

Another change to the Solo 2 model is the heating time. Trials reveal the Arizer Solo 2 efficiently reaches its ideal temperature within 30 seconds. This is amazing, and means the times of sitting tight for your vaporizer to heat are gone now! You can experience delicious, top-notch vapor in less than half of a minute!

Vapor Quality – Thicker Vapes, Better Experience

This one’s is truly on top of the list. Arizer has dependably been known for units that deliver unadulterated, smooth vapor particularly with their everything glass vapor tubes. Yet the Solo 2 version appears to create far more  superior flavor off of the principal couple of draws. Ensure you dry your herbs utilizing a de-humidor box for best outcomes.

The increase in airflow is the reason behind a more plentiful bundle of flavor immediately when contrasted with the old Solo.

Precise temperature control is likewise a major factor with regards to the better flavor and the nature of vapor that can be accomplished by the Arizer Solo 2.

Lower temperatures complete an amazing activity at protecting the flavor all through the session while delivering pleasant, thin vapes. On the other hand, higher temperatures give you incredible flavor to begin, but the flavor may decrease more rapidly. Anyway, a few herbs still feel pleasant even at the highest temperature range, with a more cooked flavor.

Manufacturing Quality – Portable and Sturdy 

The first Solo was a brute of a vaporizer, and it’s still popular and works well without issue. There are many people out there who are still on their unique Solo. the purpose of saying this is Arizer has gained reputation for its high manufacturing quality and the custom seems to proceed with the Solo 2 too!

While there’s not much to say about how long the vaporizer will last, we can let you know the Solo 2 is an outright workhorse.

It may not look the most pleasant when contrasted with a unit like the Firefly 2, however, it is definitely strong and does its job strikingly well.

Battery Life – More Vapor For Longer

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Another significant change to the Arizer Solo 2 is the battery life. The first Solo gave clients around 90 minutes of vaping time contingent upon the settings. With the Arizer Solo battery upgrade in the new model, depending on your heating settings, you can get just up to 3 hours of battery life, which is straight double to that of the predecessor.

Another good thing is you can use the new Arizer Solo while charging! We are extremely glad to see such a major improvement in its battery life. You get a power adapter which lets you power it up and make the most of your vaping sessions.

Portability – Sleek and Chic

The Solo 2 is more convenient than the first one, however, only slightly. The body of the unit is sleek and fits in a pocket effortlessly. Yet it is going to create a visible lump, which may make a few people think, “Is it a vape in your pocket!”

Also, there is still no option to store your glass aroma tubes for transport, which implies you have to bear additional pieces when you need to utilize your Solo 2. However, the new Arizer includes a belt-cut conveying case, which reminds of the old phone carrying pouch.

Ease of Use – Clear and Understandable

By and by, the Solo 2 is less demanding and more instinctive to use than Solo and the Arizer Air. This is generally a direct result of the advanced LED display, well-defined menu, and precise temperature control.

It removes all the mystery from discovering which temperature setting works for you. You can set most parts of the Solo 2 to your own preference, which offers great ease of use to the users.

To conclude, much the same as the first Solo, the Arizer Solo 2 is simple to clean and keep up, but flaunts many more advanced features. If you are someone who loves thicker vapes and prefer better quality over looks, then this portable vaporizer is perfect for you.

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