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mighty vs. Mighty+ plus

Original Mighty or The Mighty+ (Plus) ?

The Mighty+ (Plus) Vaporizer is Storz & Bickel’s hot new vaporizer that has been flying off the shelf since it’s September 2021 release following Storz & Bickel’s first keynote address. However it should be noted that the original Mighty Vaporizer enjoyed this #1 spot for best herb vaporizer since it’s release in 2014 and there is not much difference between the original Mighty and Mighty+. In fact in a blind vape test you will not know the difference between the Mighty vs. The Mighty+.

mighty vs. Mighty+ plus

More interesting here (letting us make the case for the original) the original Mighty is still in production, whereas the Crafty was discontinued upon the release of the Crafty+ as was the Digital Volcano upon the release of the Hybrid Volcano

Given the Original Mighty is still around we make a case for why you can’t go wrong buying the Mighty or Mighty+ and why the original Mighty may provide greater value. 

USB-C Charge Times

A misleading claim by Storz & Bickel was that the Mighty+ will charge faster with the new USB-C outlet. While it certainly can when you buy an upgraded super charging cord, the USB-C cord included with the Mighty+ takes nearly two hours to charge. The original Mighty only 90 minutes to fully charge with the A/C wall plug. 

While USB-C is viewed as the next prevalent USB outlet, it still remains to reach critical mass. Many who have not adopted a slew of new USB-C consumer electronic devices will find the AC Wall charger offers better accessibility to charging as everyone’s house still has the tried and true trusty wall outlet.

Buy the Mighty or Mighty+ Vaporizer

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Less Accessories with the Mighty+

Mighty+ vaporizer accessories

The Mighty+ cuts down on two accessories that Storz & Bickel include with the original Mighty – the Storz & Bickel grinder and the filling aid. These are not uber popular accessories and most did not use them. 

Another development is the removal of the liquid/ concentrate pads, however this is company wide as liquid pads have been removed from every Storz & Bickel Vaporizer.

Err 004 and Screen Issues

Mighty+ err004 issues

The Mighty+ has seen more defects in the first few weeks of use than the original Mighty Vaporizer which has had it’s quality controls dialed in through years of production. Some of these Mighty+ issues have been the 004 errors and the LED screen not working. While the LED screen issues are few and far in between (we have sold over 500 Mighty+ (Plus) to date with only three reports of non working screens and two with ERR 004) new vaporizers often have unforeseen defects come to light once pushed to mass production.

Many of the Err 004 issues have also been resolving themselves, but it would be nice to not have to worry about such an issue with a $399 vaporizer. We also have not heard a word from Storz & Bickel on what is causing the Err 004 to manifest and disappear. 

Mighty+ is $50 More

The Mighty+ is $399 and the Mighty is $349. A difference of $50 you will save if you purchase the original Mighty over the Mighty+. 

Vapor Quality

The Mighty and Mighty+ offer the same exact vapor quality. You will not be able to tell the difference between the two and beyond the taste and texture being equal the draws you get on a single pack will also be the exact same.

Original Mighty vs Mighty+ (Plus)

Overall the Mighty+ does make progress where the Mighty left off (Read the Mighty+ Review here) . Many see USB-C charging as a huge improvement along with the ceramic coated chamber which does not stain. It can also be argued the 3 year warranty vs. the original Mighty 2 year warranty is worth the extra $50 alone. But it is our opinion that Storz & Bickel should have discontinued the Mighty and made the Mighty+ the same price ($349) as the Mighty as they have done with the Crafty and Crafty+. 

The original Mighty still offers great value and for the reasons we have outlined above, we think it may provide an even better value over the Mighty+ in some circumstances. 

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