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Mighty+ review

Mighty+ Plus Vaporizer Review | Storz & Bickel’s Mighty Legacy

The Mighty+ (Plus) Vaporizer is the upgraded version of the original Mighty which was released by Storz & Bickel in 2014 and has held the top spot for best overall herb vaporizer since. The Mighty+ boasts some slight improvements over the original including a USB-C Charging port, faster heat up time and a ceramic coated chamber,  but at $50 more than the original Mighty it may not be worth the upgrade. Read our Mighty+ review and comparison to see which Mighty Vaporizer is the best fit for you.

Mighty+ vaporizer on sale


Mighty vs. Mighty Plus

The Mighty+ Vaporizer comes in a compact box which offers the essential components and a few spares. The box is nothing impressive and much smaller than the original Mighty. This is the same packaging route Storz & Bickel took with the Crafty to Crafty+ upgrade, removing the orange plastic grinder and filling aid tool which many did not use. In fact if you purchase a Mighty+ at To the Cloud Vapor Store you get a free 4 piece metal grinder which is much nicer than the Storz & Bickel plastic 2 piece grinder.

Mighty+ Comes With

  • Mighty+ Vaporizer 
  • 3 x Chamber Screens 
  • 3 x Cooling Unit Screens 
  • 3 x Base O-Rings 
  • Pick & Pack Tool 
  • Sample Dosing Capsule 
  • Cleaning Brush 
  • USB-C Cable 
  • Instructions


mighty vs. Mighty+ plus

The Mighty+ exterior and cooling unit is made  of the same medical grade plastics used in the Mighty. The heat dissipation grooves are redesigned from straight lines to U-Shaped ones. We saw this with the Crafty+ redesign which supposedly dissipates even more heat away from the hand. However the Mighty and Crafty were two of the few portable herb vaporizers which never got too hot too handle over multiple sessions as occurs with the Davinci IQ2 or PAX 3. 

The Mighty+ also adds a reinforced section on the upper part around the chamber. This was a part of the Mighty which was prone to breaking off, albeit this was only cosmetic.

Bottom fins are another new edition on the plus. Storz & Bickel claimed this would assist the unit to stand up on it’s own, however they do not work and you still must kickstand the plastic pick tool if you want your Mighty+ to stand up straight. Even worse the bottom fins of the Mighty+ make it so you cannot use the 3rd party Mighty stand. However I am sure they will have some Mighty Plus stands  in time.

The Mighty+ color pops a tad bit more with the temperature control buttons now orange. The Mighty+ logo is now bright orange instead of the raised plastic (all black) Mighty name on the original. It will be interesting to see if the orange Mighty+ logo fades over time. 

The LED screen is the exact same size and the display is nice and bright, but for some odd reason it is a fingerprint magnet compared to the original. Windex is required to remove smudges as the old t-shirt wipe off move will not do, so it is recommended to not remove the little sticker upon arrival of your Mighty+ to avoid this. 

The chamber is ceramic coated and the internal aluminum heating element has been reduced in size which permits the faster heat up time along with an improved circuit board. The power comes from dual internal 18650 batteries. 

While many who are yet to use the Mighty Vaporizer often ask how plastic housing can stand up to the repeated high heat, the Mighty+ is one of two vaporizers (both manufactured by Storz & Bickel) to carry a medical grade certification

Another new certification for the Mighty+ is the UL seal of approval. UL is a global safety certification company for electronics and scientific devices. A handful of other vaporizers could certainly obtain this certification but it is a costly process and most consumers are impartial to such certifications. The original Mighty did not have this accreditation and it is widely speculated this was a business move to keep the Mighty+ out of regulatory crosshairs. 

Mighty+ Specs

Dimensions 5.5" x 3.2" x 1.2"
Weight 8.3 oz.
Temperate Range 104°F - 410°F
Warranty 3 years (upon registration) *non transferable

Ceramic Coated Chamber

mighty+ ceramic chamber

The Mighty+ Vaporizer added a ceramic coated herb chamber, this upgrade was also made to the Crafty+C. Storz & Bickel made a similar move  with the Hybrid Volcano Chamber a while back due to quality control discrepancies with the old Aluminum Volcano Hybrid Chamber. The old Mighty and Crafty/Crafty+ Vaporizers used a stainless steel chamber which never had any issues. The new Ceramic coated chamber offers slightly better thermal conductivity.  Stainless steel exhibits a low thermal conductivity relative to the ceramic upgrade. 

It should also be noted that the ceramic coated chamber does not change the vapor quality or flavor. This upgrade works as a great cosmetic addition, making it so your chamber is less likely to get stained after repeated use and easier to clean.  That being said we recommend using the Storz & Bickel Dosing Capsules for keeping the Mighty+ easier to maintain. 

The Chamber can hold .25 grams of herb, but if you want to micro dose you can get good results from using the dosing capsules with much less, this is thanks to the dual hybrid convection / conduction heating offered by all Storz & Bickel portable vaporizers.

Hybrid Conduction / Convection

The Mighty+ utilizes the one two punch of conduction / convection heating. The Aluminum heating element at the bottom of the unit heats the air drawn through your herbs while the ceramic coated chamber heats the herb directly. As mentioned above this hybrid heating method is utilized by all the Storz & Bickel portable vaporizers from the original Crafty to the new Mighty+.

Improved Circuitry

The Mighty+ may utilize the same heating method as the original Mighty, but it does it with a faster heat up time, smaller heating element and improved circuit board. This is simply due to the fact that microchips are better in 2021 than they were in 2014, when the Mighty was released. In fact the 2018  20% more battery redesign of the Mighty is much the same as the Mighty+ internal improvements today.

Temperature Range

104 °F – 410 °F

Heat Up Time 

1:06 to 380 °F

Boost Mode 

Another feature offered by the Mighty+ is the boost mode. This will increase the temperature 40 °F by pressing the power button three times rapidly during your session.


The Mighty+ will give you an average of 14 sessions on a single charge. It should be noted sessions can vary based on temperature and if you continue past the two minute auto shut off, which most certainly will. For the Mighty+ review we consider a session, full chamber to spent. 

With a full packed chamber you can expect 12 quality draws. Again this is subjective as the Mighty/Mighty+ has near 0 draw resistance. With this minimal (almost non existent)  draw resistance you can sip little tiny amounts (something that would be unfathomable on the Firefly 2+) , so if you take small 1-2 second draws you certainly will many more draws than large 5-6 second pulls ( as seen in the video here) . Regardless of your temperature setting and duration of draw, you can rest assured the Mighty+ is going to be the best vaporizer for extracting every last drop out of your choice of herb.

Vapor Quality

The combination of texture and flavor are what make the Mighty+ the best vaporizer. It is almost mind boggling how piney and silky the vapor from the Mighty+ is. Another  benefit is the vapor quality remaining consistent. The 7th draw is as good as the 2nd. With lesser vaporizers the taste and texture of the herb will really turn south after the 5th or 6th draw. While, yes at the very end of your session the Mighty+ vapor will not be as good as the first couple draws, it is still the most consistent and high quality from start to finish out of all the competitors. 

The vapor quality from the Mighty+ and Mighty is exactly the same, there will be no difference in the two. 

Another feature making the Mighty/Mighty+ the GOAT is the extraction capability. Just a personal blurb, I have taken ABV herb out of the Firefly 2+ and PAX 3 that was not producing anymore vapor and thrown it into the Mighty and gotten 1-2 more hits. It is without a doubt the Mighty+ would provide this same extraction.


The Mighty/Crafty Liquid Pads are being discontinued and do not come with the Mighty+ like they did with the original. In the current political climate with vape bans, and new regulations coming out of left field,  Storz & Bickel really want to avoid any liquid association with their vaporizers. 

concentrates in Mighty vaporizer

You can still vape concentrates with the Mighty+ as you can with any herb vaporizer, albeit this must be done within the confines of the temperature parameters and a max of 410 °F is nowhere near hot enough for dabs. 

Another downside to vaping concentrates with herb vaporizers is the wear and tear you put on the unit, it is like taking your sedan off roading. Concentrates can really gunk up an herb vape and make cleaning that much more messy. We recommend just picking up a super cheap pen like the Grenco Science G Pen strictly for dabs if you want rosin or shatter from time to time. 

Battery Life

The Mighty+ utilizes the same internal 18650 battery as the original Mighty does. One of the demands from consumers has been for removable batteries on at least one of the Storz & Bickel portable vaporizers. The removable battery would make more sense on the Crafty+C given there are dual 18650 batteries in the Mighty and Mighty+ which give make for great battery life. Adding to that, the Mighty and Mighty+ (Plus) both offer pass-through charging. This is great as it ensures you are never unable to vape as long as you are close to an outlet. 

Over time internal batteries will degrade and run down making charge times longer and battery life worse. The two year warranty on the original Storz & Bickel Mighty is good enough to make sure you can get your batteries replaced should they go south, but the Mighty+ 3 year warranty is even better to cover multiple battery replacements if you are using your Mighty+ all day everyday for months at a time. 

Storz & Bickel claim the Mighty+ battery will last longer, but in comparing a super old beat up Mighty (2018) with the Mighty+ the battery life is of little consequence. 

The Mighty+ is pumping out 14 full chamber sessions where the beat up Mighty will produce 10. An educated guess would say the Mighty+ offers 15% -20% better battery life over a new original Mighty. 

USB-C Charging

mighty plus usb c charging

USB-C is said to produce more efficient charging but what is confusing here is that the cable included with the Mighty+ takes 2 hours and 10 minutes to fully charge. The original Mighty is charging in 100 minutes with the Mighty A/C Wall Adapter. 

But wait, there’s more !!! Storz & Bickel offer a “super charger” for $25 more, plus shipping, on their website. The supercharger will charge the Mighty+ Plus to 80%  battery in 40 minutes. We have been told that the Android USB-C charger does the same thing as the Storz & Bickel supercharger. If you are going to charge $50 more for the Mighty Plus and then claim it charges faster than the original Mighty, but not include that specific charger and make it an upsell, why mention it when in fact the Mighty+ charges slower than the original ? That is like saying they serve free drinks on a flight, but you need to upgrade to get them. 

Furthermore most outlets are still USB outlets and not USB-C, while USB-C is the future and it is more efficient at the moment (2021) USB-C does not appear to be any more convenient than an A/C Wall Charger when I seldom  take my Mighty+ with me outside my house.


mighty plus portable

Is that the new Mighty+ in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me ? 

The Mighty and Mighty+ are the exact same dimensions and all parts (besides the charging cables) are interchangeable. The Mighty+ is not exactly a great portable unit given it’s larger size. It is alot like the Arizer SOLO 2, where it is great around the house or on the patio portable unit, but trying to throw it in your pocket takes up 100% of the real estate.


The Mighty+ is easy to operate and the ability to obtain quality vapor without needing to refine your draw is above all. Taking off the cooling unit to pack is the most learned aspect of using the Crafty/Mighty series vaporizers and once you figure that out, the three simple control buttons make the Mighty+ very intuitive. 

Storz & Bickel decided to keep the Mighty+ a non bluetooth / app integrated vaporizer. App integration is something that really has not affected vaporizer popularity, but it can be nice for easily adjusting vape temp. On the Mighty+ you can only go up or down one degree at a time, so if you are trying to vape at many different temperatures in one session, it is a pain adjusting 50 degrees or so. This however is not common and vaping at one set temperature or adjusting 20 or so degrees is what most do.


Cleaning the Mighty+ is a bit more involved due to the cooling unit coming apart in a few separate pieces, fitting like a puzzle. This also is where the majority of the build up is stored. With the Mighty+ black ceramic chamber (or using dosing capsules), it is hard to tell when you need to clean the cooling unit given the chamber appears totally clean. Good rule of thumb is every 50 sessions do a deep clean of the Mighty+.

Mighty+ Comparison | Making the Case for the Mighty Legacy

The Mighty+ upgrade feels alot like the Firefly 2+ upgrade. Pretty much the same vaporizer as the predecessor. That is in no way bad. The Mighty Vaporizer, we have repeatedly said, is the best overall herb vaporizer and with the new Mighty Plus variation out the original is now cheaper. Until someone comes along and invents a $5000 vaporizer, the Mighty / Mighty+ combo will remain king of the hill.

If you already own a Mighty, there is little reason to trade in for the Mighty+ besides the 3 year warranty. If you don’t own one and you have the money, the newer improved Mighty+ is is the hottest new toy. If the Mighty and Mighty+ were the same price, I would go with the Mighty+, the case we make for the original  Mighty is the $50 cheaper price tag with not much difference. 

The original Mighty Vaporizer may or may not  soon be out of production. For some weird reason Storz & Bickel retired the Crafty to make way for the Crafty+ but did not do the same for the Mighty. If you are looking to save some cash, it is a wise idea to pick up the original Mighty or refurbished Mighty Vaporizer. In fact we make the argument they are both great vaporizers, whichever variation you pick up, the Mighty+ review is almost interchangeable between the two. 

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1 year ago

I have owned a Crafty for many years. Recently I updated to the Mighty+. Unfortunately, the Mighty+ is a disappointment and I am not recommending it. Here’s why: The device is not balanced or ergonomically comfortable. To make the unit stand you must remove the “toothpick,” and reverse it at the base. Even then, the device is not stable, sits at an angle, and easily falls (think of the it falling off the table onto a hard floor here). Why did S&B create such a poor design for this $400.00 device? It’s a mystery. The Mighty+ is bulky, heavy, and does not sit comfortably in hand.

Finally, a criticism for all S&B devices: there is not suitable app for iPhone users. The app at the S&B website does not include Mac friendly browsers. I’m not sure why the old S&B app was removed from the Apple App Store but the inattention to this aspect of S&B’s devices is completely unacceptable. In conclusion, because of the physical instability and ergonomic awkwardness of the Mighty+, and the lack of an appropriator iPhone app, I do not recommend it. S&B can and should do better!

1 year ago
Reply to  Bill

I get your issues, but for me, I don’t mind laying my Mighty down flat, nor do I miss an app. This is my second vaporizer, the first was a real cheap one. It made feel like I was trying to inhale through snorkel tube 20 feet under. There was no vapor and no flavor. The Mighty is EASY inhaling, produces a big cloud with flavor.

I’m happy.

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