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Mighty Vaporizer Accessories | To the Cloud Vapor Store

Mighty Vaporizer Accessories | Must-Haves for Your Storz & Bickel Mighty

The Mighty Vaporizer offers the best plug and play vapor out of all the vaporization devices currently on the market. At To the Cloud Vapor Store, we constantly  sing its praises as the only vaporizer to buy if you can get only one and the best overall rated vaporizer on the market since it’s 2014 release.

The Mighty does well enough on its own and we advise customers to wait on loading up on accessories and extras until they use the Mighty. However if you don’t want to wait and see what customizations or accessories will enhance your personal experience best , here is a list of the most popular and recommended Mighty Vaporizer Accessories.

Dosing Capsules

dosing capsules in Mighty Vape | To the Cloud Vapor Store

The  Storz & Bickel Dosing Capsules are little metal pods which are filled with flower and then dropped into the Mighty Herb Chamber. When they first came out many thought they were gimmicky for being marketed as a way to prefill for on the go. The Mighty (and Crafty+) Vaporizers are not hard to load and unload and lugging around a handful of capsules along with your bulky Storz & Bickel Mighty is more of an issue than loading it. However the Dosing Capsules have proven a multi faceted essential accessory for your Mighty Vaporizer.

So Fresh and So Clean 

The Dosing Capsules  keep your herb chamber squeaky clean. They are also helpful for preventing the small kief like particles of your herb from falling down and building up over time into the Mighty’s lower heating element. While you will still need to clean the Cooling Unit and Mouthpiece, the Dosing Capsules will add longevity to your vaporizer and the preferred clean aesthetics. 

Mighty Vaporizer cleaner | To the Cloud Vapor Store


Before Dosing Capsules if you wanted to use your Mighty with small amounts of herb you had to hamper it down with a liquid pad. The Dosing Capsules add another level of convection and keep your herb confined within the capsule allowing better vapor production with just a fraction of the herb for 2-3 hits and no need to place something else in the chamber to hold it down.


While the Mighty is not primarily intended for concentrates, it does comes with a liquid pad letting you toss on some wax or rosin at your discretion. Concentrates will really gunk up and put strain on your Mighty Vaporizer. We highly recommend the Dosing Capsules to help minimize how gunked up concentrates can make your Mighty Chamber. The liquid pad Storz & Bickel gives will not fit in the Dosing Capsules. If you want to enjoy concentrates in your Mighty we recommend picking up some Firefly 2+ Liquid Pads which fit easily in the S&B Dosing Capsules or adding your concentrates atop a small bed of herb (in the Dosing Capsules).

Mighty Car Charger

While the Mighty is not a pocket portable vaporizer, it is a portable vaporizer which can easily be transported around (backyard, camping, to the beach etc.). The Mighty does not charge via a micro USB or USB – C.  The wall charger it comes with is your standard two prong AC wall plug. While we speculate this will be updated with the Mighty+ Vaporizer release, as of now we are relegated to the AC Charger. I have a Mighty that I keep in my center console and never having to worry about a dead battery when me and my pals post up at the beach or nights when I stay at my girlfriend’s is a piece of mind offered  by the Mighty Car Charger. Add in the fact the Mighty offers pass through charging and I can power it up real quick by just turning my car on.(Never Vape and Drive)

Mighty Water Pipe Adapter

Mighty water pipe adapter

Using any vaporizer through water is always a fun change of pace and the ability to take larger and smoother hits makes vaping feel more like smoking than conventional vaping. While the Mighty by no means needs the added level of purification, having the option to do so adds another dimension.

 We recommend going with the Mighty Water  Adapter which lets you plug your Mighty into any 14mm female port. This way you can decide what glass to use –  a hydratube or glass piece you may already have at your house. The Mighty mini bubbler is too small to offer the fully enveloped experience you can get from running vapor through a much larger volume of water using the Mighty Water Pipe Adapter.

Mighty Vaporizer Stand

Mighty Vaporizer Stand | To the Cloud Vapor Store

The Mighty Vaporizer will not stand up on its own like the Crafty+ will. This is due to the bottom of the vaporizer not being totally flat.  For those who don’t want to place their Mighty back in the original packaging after each session, having an assigned spot with the Mighty Stand  for keeping it upright is sensible to the longevity of your vape investment.

To Accessorize your Mighty or Not

While the Mighty needs no other accessories to solidify it’s top spot on the charts, if you are going to have a premium vaporizer you might as well add some accessories that will enhance your overall experience and assist in keeping your vape humming along clean for as long as possible. Whether you buy them with your Mighty or wait until you see what suits your sessions best, there are Mighty Vaporizer Accessories to fit your  needs and customizations.

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