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Mighty AC Power Adapter

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  • OEM / Authentic Storz & Bickel Part
  • Compatible with the Mighty Vaporizer
  • Designed for 110V (US) Outlets
  • Charges your Mighty Vaporizer in about 90 minutes


Mighty Vaporizer Power Adapter | Storz & Bickel Parts & Accessories

If you lost your Mighty power adapter To the Cloud Vapor Store has you covered. The OEM Mighty Power adapter is the only way you should charge your Mighty Vaporizer  to ensure your Mighty  faces no issues with a lesser Chinese made AC adapter. The Mighty power adapter is utlizies the U.S based two prong plug for the AC wall charger and will have your Mighty Vaporizer charged in about 90 minutes.

Looking to a replacement Mighty Charger or just want a back up, To the Cloud Vapor Store has you covered with the best prices and free shipping on all Storz & Bickel parts & accessories.




No ratings yet

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