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Refurbished Arizer XQ2

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The refurbished Arizer XQ2 Vaporizer is the best value you will find online. This easy to use and operate  herb vaporizer is one of the best cost to quality desktop vaporizers you can find.  The XQ2 gives you Arizer quality vapor you have come to expect in a more modern and sleek appeal.

Better yet the XQ2 is a dual use vaporizer,  letting you fill up vapor bags or draw through a whip.


  • Build

    The XQ2 has alot of moving parts. The new XQ2 base is made from a sturdy heat rated plastic which leads to its aluminum alloy cylinder housing. The XQ2 unit is heated via it’s ceramic heating element and accompanying neon LED lights add some funky appeal.

    The Cyclone Bowl and bag adapter glass piece are made from 100% borosilicate glass and the 3 foot whip  is made of food grade silicone.

  • Function

    The XQ2 functions via convection heating and has a large stand off distance between the herb and heating element. As mentioned above you can vape using whip or bag. The XQ2 adds some refinements to the functionality which you can program using the settings button on the user interface. The XQ2 remote provides additional ability to operate without needing to change directly on the unit.

  • Session

    Given the refurbished Arizer XQ2 is a desktop vaporizer  with the Arizer XQ2  your sessions with be 100% at home.  While the unit is made of sturdy alloy, it is not something you want to be lugging around with all the glass moving parts. Given the unit takes a long time to prepare it is certainly a session vaporizer and you will be sitting down to enjoy a good amount of herb whether solo or with some buddies. The XQ2 is not a unit you turn on and off for a quick hit like you could have with the now discontinued Herbalizer. However you can fill up a bag (not included with the used XQ2) and chill on it for a minute.

What's in the box

Comes with

  • Refurbished Arizer XQ2
  • Arizer Cyclone Bowl
  • 3’ (ft.) Silicone whip
  • Glass Bag Adapter
  • Balloon Mouthpiece



No ratings yet

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