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Hydrology 9NX Vaporizer

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The Hydrology 9NX Vaporizer is the latest release from Cloudious9, a meticulously crafted water filtration vaporizer capable of doing both dabs and flower. The new 9NX  seeks to elevate on the predecessor by not only adding the ability to dab, but improving the function and performance of the original Hydrology 9 Vaporizer.

  • Build

    Durable as the original the Hydrology 9NX uses space grade anodized aluminum for the alloy body and  a borosilicate Glass mouthpiece. The herb chamber is comprised of ceramic while the Concentrate Atomizer comes with both a Quartz Glass and Ceramic bucket.

  • Function

    The Hydrology 9NX functions via both conduction and convection with the herb chamber utilizing patent pending dual heating technology , baking your flower from contact with the ceramic heating element and heat reflecting  from the top of the chamber cover. This efficient method makes stirring your herbs mid sessions obsolete.

    The Concentrate Atomizers function via conduction thermal heating which heat evenly and efficiently to ensure no cold spots and consistent dabs whether packing for one hit or dabs galore.

  • Session

    This is a fun one and the more the merrier. Given the process to setting up the Hydrology 9NX and the swanky lights, this is a more social at home vaporizer. While you can take it on the go like the Puffco Peak, the water aspect and size and weight make it more suited for being stationary and enjoying in settings where a desktop vaporizer is more appropriate.

What's in the box

Comes with

  • Hydrology 9NX Vaporizer
  • Magnetic Charging Kit
  • Heating Chamber
  • Cleaning Brush & Dab Tool
  • Spare Rubber Stoppers
  • Instructions


  • Best of Both Worlds

    The grass is always greener on the other side, so why not have both sides ? The most revolutionary aspect about the new Hydrology 9NX Vaporizer is it’s ability to both dab and vape flower well.

    Alot of herb vaporizers come with concentrate & liquid pads and alot of concentrate vaporizers have adaptation chambers to vape herb. These however are not ideal and it’s apparent that an herb vape is no good for concentrates and vice versa. Cloudious9 9 went the extra mile to make this a vaporizer that is great for both and has custom settings to ensure optimization of both your herbs and dabs.

  • Additional Purity

    The Hydrology 9NX Vaporizer  pulls your vapor though an added level of purity via water filtration. This is an added benefit for smoother more voluminous vapor and one of the reasons the original Hydrology 9 was such a big hit.

    With the higher temperatures for the concentrate settings , the water is all but essential. For the herb it gives you the user the ability to pull on this like your favorite water pipe. The Hydrology 9NX is one of the best vaporizers to emulate smoking and one to check out if you are making the switch from combustion.

  • Using the Hydrology 9NX Vaporizer

    Upon receipt of the Hydrology 9NX , we recommend reading the instructions and getting accustomed with the unit. there are alot of intuitive vaporizers out there and this is not one of them.

    Step 1.) Fill the NX9 with no more than 50% Water

    Step 2.) Load your Concentrate or Herb Chamber

    Step 3.) Insert into unit and press the Power button 3 times

    Step 4.) Select your temperature with the twist dial on the bottom

    Step 5.) Inhale when the light goes green

    Each session will last 120 seconds and slow and long pulls are recommended for optimal vapor production.

  • Temperature Settings

    The Hydrology 9NX Vaporizer has custom heat settings for the herb and concentrate inserts.

    Hydrology 9NX Insert Concentrate Atomizer  Flower Chamber 
    Blue  554 °F 356°F
    Green  590°F 383°F
    Yellow  626°F 401°F
    Purple  662°F 419°F
    Red 716°F 437°F
    White  770 °F 455°F
  • Vapor Quality

    The vapor quality on the NX9 is quite nice. This is top shelf  vapor you would  expect from a $300 device. While the water does take away a bit from the flavor you would otherwise get in a standard dry herb vaporizer, it adds a level of smooth.  For concentrates the NX9 is also on par with the mid level e-rigs like the Carta V2 or G Pen Roam.

    One thing to be noted is the lung capacity and longer pulls you will need to take to get the most out of the 9NX. It is not a vaporizer you can fire up and sip on for a quick hit like the Firefly 2+ , but more designed for a complete session whether it be by yourself or with some buds.


  • Chambers

    The Herb Chamber – will fit roughly .2 grams of herb and give a good 6-8 pulls. The heat reflection mechanism of the herb chamber coupled with the long cylindrical shape of the unit vape the herb evenly and there is no need to stir.

    The Concentrate Chamber – comes with two bucket inserts, one glass and one ceramic. The Quartz Glass atomizer will provide better flavor at the lower temperatures while the ceramic is ideal for taking down large cloudy dabs in the higher temperature ranges. While the Concentrate chamber can accommodate 1 gram of concentrates easily, it is best to only input what you will consume in 120 seconds. Cleaning the concentrate atomizer out with a q-tip after your session is also crucial for longevity.

  • Battery Life

    The Hydrology 9NX charges with a magnetic USB. It will charge full in about an hour.

    The Hydrology 9NX has a battery life which will last 50 – 100 sessions depending on whether you are using concentrates or dry herb, with the concentrates at higher temperatures taxing the battery life.

    The battery is removeable, but proprietary and at this moment they are not listed in Cloudious 9’s section for 9NX Accessories.

  • Cleaning

    The Hydrology 9NX can be disassembled into many parts, allowing you to get a deep down deep clean. This is essential given the propensity of concentrates to gunk up a vaporizer.

    While the 9NX can be disassembled into multiple pieces which are dishwasher safe,  putting it all back together can be a tad confusing.

  • Life of the Party

    All in all the Hydrology 9NX Vaporizer is a super fun and social vaporizer that can handle your dry herb and dab needs. It is definitely more of an at home vaporizer and not something you will be taking on a hike with you, but could be a great addition to a bon fire while camping with some friends.

    The manner in which it hits like a bong, is built solid and has aesthetically pleasing qualities like lights  make a great party vape. It is also a good coffee table vape for kicking back solo and watching a movie.

  • Dimensions

    Dimensions 7" x 1.75"
    Weight 1 lb. 2 oz.
    Temperature 356°F - 455°F (Herb) 554°F - 770°F (Concentrates)
    Charge Time 60 Minutes
    Warranty 2 Years
  • Warranty & Trial Period

    The Hydrology 9NX Comes with a Two Year warranty through Cloudious9.

    To the Cloud Vapor Store offers a 60 day trial period and lifetime trade ins for store credit to ensure your satisfaction with your Hydrology 9NX Vaporizer purchase.



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