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Dr. Dabber XS

5 out of 5
6 Reviews


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Dr. Dabber | To the Cloud Vapor Store


The Dr. Dabber XS is the culmination of advanced technology and the desire to provide quality dabs you would expect from any electronic rig vaporizer in a much smaller package. The Dr. Dabber XS makes taking quality dabs on the go a breeze with superior vapor  in a compact size.

  • Build

    The Dr. Dabber XS is compact and lightweight. Constructed from polymers with a quartz heating dish and a spill proof glass water chamber the Dr. Dabber XS is certain to hit all the check marks for being a well made and long lasting durable mini rig.

  • Function

    Don’t let the size fool you. The Dr. Dabber XS functions like it’s bigger sibling, the Dr. Dabber Boost Evo. The XS is simple to load and easy to use. With a 10 second heat up time you can hot load or cold load your dabs and be ready to session anytime anywhere. The direct signature vapor pathway will give you pure and smooth vapor every time, even in the higher temperature ranges.

  • Session

    Being a handheld vaporizer the Dr. Dabber XS will let you go where previously limited by the larger size of standard electronic rigs. The XS mini rig finally makes it so you can session solo at your favorite spot without a huge set up or mess and still get the vapor quality you expect from a high end E-rig.



5 out of 5
6 Reviews
  • Thomas harris

    I’ve been looking at e rigs for a while, and decided on the dr.dabber xs. It’s EXTREMELY efficient, and easy to use. I’ve recommended it to all of my friends. 5 out of 5

  • Tyler

    Hey Gerald,

    Do apologize. Was under the impression from your emails you had wanted to use the return as a credit for something else. I have gone ahead and issued your refund for sending the device back after reading this and you can now pick... up whatever else you decide on from another vendor.


  • Denise Castro

    “Take it on the go”

  • Bhive

    Awsome portable rig,, Best purchase of the year ,full flavor and vapor production for the compact size you wont be disappointed.

  • John Pope

    5 out of 5

  • John Pope

    Let me just say wow, as a old school flower stoner I was recently introduced to dabbing of course starting with a torch and quartz banger I enjoy it like that but the first time my girl saw me do it I got the side... eye and questioned about what the hell was all that I thought this was funny coming from Mrs. Stoner no less she I have tried at least 20 different units mostly cheaper knock offs this little rig for 160 bucks is the next best thing to a torch and banger whats wild about this little chugger is the taste of the terps even at the hottest temp and clouds I mean ripping hits I wasn’t sure if I wanted puffco or Dr dabber but I do now and the boost evo is next on my list

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