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Yocan Uni Pro Plus

3 out of 5
1 Reviews
  • OEM Yocan Mod
  • 650mAh Battery
  • 3 Voltage Settings
  • 510 Magnetic Thread



Yocan Uni Pro Plus Box Mod

We have a limited supply of Yocan Uni Box Mods. This is a great Magnetic 510 threaded battery for oils. The long lasting battery is 650 mAh and will last for many  sessions for your 510 carts and the Uni even offers three temperature settings: 3.4V, 3.8V, and 4.2V. Besides being one of the best Box Mods on the market the Yocan Uni can adapt to any cart via its adjustable chamber height and width. Yocan also sells propriety atomizers and magnetic rings allowing you to fill up with your own oils. If you are looking for the best Box Mod you will see why the Yocan Uni is so popular. One will do the trick and last you for years while providing convenient and easy to obtain vapor regardless of your cart.



3 out of 5
1 Reviews
  • Tug

    Unless you have someone that will walk you through the operation codes of push here 3 or 4 or 5 times – wait and then push the button again for this or that… you’ll need the instructions (written in a very small font – I... had to take a picture with my phone and blow it up). You have to screw on the “adapter” piece that’s in the package in order to engage the heating element – then good luck on navigating the temperature settings, and getting it to produce some clouds. I felt/feel a little like my kids trying to hack into the secret GTA menu. Once it starts up, I don’t touch anything. I will vote yes for form factor – small discreet – you only see the mouthpiece of a 510 cart poking out. Thbudte

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