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Flytlab Stik Vaporizer

5.00 out of 5
5 out of 5
2 Reviews

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Flytlab | To the Cloud Vapor Store


The sleekest of design and easily  portable , the Flytlab Stik is a wonderful concentrate vaporizer for wax, shatter or whatever concentrates your heart desires. With two atomizers and temperature options from 200°F to 650°F you can choose to indulge in flavor or get instant effect. There is not a better dab pen for the DIY dabber out there


  • Build

    The Stik is crafted of a sturdy alloy body comes with a ceramic slab and dual quartz atomizer. The Stik fits together using magnetic clasps attaching the battery, mouthpiece and atomizers. It feels like vape device from the future

  • Function

    The Flytlab Stik heats like most other atomizer centric pen vapes. Your concentrates go in and you fire it on. The benefit between the ceramic slab and dual quartz make for a wide range of temperatures to enjoy your dabs accordingly

  • Session

    Able to hold up to one gram in the atomizer the Stik is a great dab pen for those who make their own concentrates , instead of using 510 carts and want to pack in a lot for multiple hits and sessions. Sure you can pack a little but this one is meant to be packed full and passed around

What's in the box

Comes with

  • FLYTLAB Travel Bag
  • Ceramic Atomizer
  • Dual Quartz Atomizer
  • Dab Tool
  • FLYT Enamel Hat Pin
  • Micro USB Charge Cord & Dock


  • A Departure into Concentrates

    The Flytlab Stik is the latest vaporizer by Flytlab, an LA based vaporizer company, known mainly for their portable dry herb vaporizers, the Lift and the H2FLO. The Stik is Flytlab’s initial foray into concentrates and it does not disappoint. The Flytlab Stik is a quality built and sleek looking concentrate vaporizer that gives the user more control with 2 different atomizers and a wide selection of temperature settings so you can choose flavor or effect

  • Futuristic Look and Feel

    The Flytlab Stik boasts a sheek design and is totally threadless. You will not be screwing around with any 510 threads as the whole device is goes together with beautiful magnetic connections to include the mouthpiece cover and atomizer / battery connection. A tad larger than the PAX Era the Stik can go in and out of your pocket for discreet use but with a huge chamber is a dab pen which be passed around with friends while watching the game

  • Two Atomizers

    The Flytlab Stik comes with a ceramic slab and dual quartz atomizer. The ceramic slab provides the user with ample room to store  their concentrates and savor them at lower temperatures (200°F – 400°F). The dual quartz atomizer has roughly the same capacity as the ceramic slab with two titanium coils allowing you to dab with effect at higher temperatures (400°F – 650°F)

    Flytlab Stik Atomizers

    Given the size of the two atomizers, the Flytlab Stik is one you can load up  and head out the door knowing you will get multiple rips without constantly worrying you will need to reload. This makes it great to use your own wax or shatter instead of paying through the nose for a pricey cartridge

  • Temperature

    Ceramic Slab Atomizer  – 200°F, 250°F 300°F and 400°F

    Dual Quartz Atomizer – 400°F, 500°F, 600°F and 650°F


  • One Button Control

    After you you have charged the device full, everything from powering on to changing temperatures to checking battery life is controlled by one simple button. To power on press the home button three times. Select your desired temperature from the LED lights on the side of the unit by pressing the home button again. Then hit the home button one more time to enter vape mode and draw. The unit will enter standby mode once again after 12 seconds has passed (auto shutoff) or you can end the heating cycle by pressing the home button one more time. Think of it as pressing it on and pressing it off instead of having to hold the home button while you pull

  • Insane Long Battery Life

    The Flytlab Stik utilizes a proprietary charging dock and will charge to 100% in about 90 minutes from empty. While the battery life will vary based on temperature setting you can expect to get anywhere between 60 – 75 sessions on a full charge.  You can check the battery life with the home button by pressing it and holding it for three seconds.

  • warranty and trial period

    To the Cloud Vapor Store is an authorized vendor of all Flytlab Vaporizers. The Flytlab Stik comes with a one year manufacturer warranty. 

    We also want to ensure you are happy with your purchase. That is why we offer a 60 day trial period and lifetime trade ins on the Flytlab Stik.

  • Will the stik Stick ?

    To see if the Flytlab Stik might be the right vape pen for you, check out our full review of here.

flytlab stik concentrate pen blog



5.00 out of 5
5 out of 5
2 Reviews
  • Rakim

    Best Wax Vape ever.. Chef is finally back in the kitchen, with the FLYT Stik i’ll be able to blend my own MIX… thx for the wonderful review

  • AVB Queen

    The tiny beast is by far the best wax vape i’ve ever had. Thanks for your nice in depth productreview, now im a fan of FLYTLAB!

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