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AirVape Legacy Pro Vaporizer

4.50 out of 5
4.5 out of 5
6 Reviews


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The AirVape Legacy Pro  is Airvape’s successor to their Legacy Vaporizer.  The new AirVape Legacy Pro is a portable hybrid heating dry herb vaporizer.  The hybrid heating enhance the vapor production and the new unit heats up in about 15 seconds so you are ready to start vaping much quicker than before.


  • Build

    The AirVape Legacy Pro cuts no corners with quality materials both inside and out. While the foundation is structed around a sturdy alloy the AirVape Legacy Pro boasts ceramic, glass and 24k gold internals with a stylish hemp and vegan leather exterior.

  • Function

    The Legacy Pro is now a session vaporizer which heats your herb via conduction and convection resulting in a more bountiful vaporizer from the predecessor. The vaporizer offers both on demand and session mode however for those who like to vape on demand much like you would with the Firefly 2+.

  • Session

    The AirVape Legacy Pro has a larger chamber than the previous model and with the on demand function no more, it is most certainly a session vaporizer. The Legacy Pro can stay on for up to 10 minutes as well making it a great vaporizer to pass around with some friends while enjoying a fire pit or concert.



4.50 out of 5
4.5 out of 5
6 Reviews
  • Mark

    Legacy Pro is among the best portable vapes I’ve used. It has sturdy, well designed quality to the whole device. Vapor quality is as good as it gets. Little to no restriction. The glass and rest of the pathway work great. One... rechargeable battery, efficient and effective. The device has a warranty that is valid here at To The Clouds. If you want a top notch, quality device this is excellent. Thanks to To The Clouds, quick to process orders and keep you updated. Nice folks.

  • Narendra Patel

    I am a Mighty man, have been using since 2013 and buy vaporizers often just to see what’s out there and new technology. This AirVape is awesome vape for the price and hits like a champ believe me I have a box of about 25... vaporizers I have bought over last 10 years and this is closest to Mighty for tase and heavy hits:

  • klkwrk

    I’m new to vaping and I was looking for something that was easy to use and produced good vapor. This vape definitely fits the bill. It’s very easy to use and it is smooth and flavorful.

  • BoomerNerd

    Significant improvement over Legacy. This model is about my 4th attempt at finding glass paths and replaceable battery in a compact form. I’m done looking for anything appreciably better because this model satisfies with no further searches needed.

    Filling and use much easier than previous... version. Resultant vapor in clouds is your reward. Works fine with reduced temps.

    Minor drawbacks are the heat generated that can be handled by holding differently. I run most of time at 185C (365F). Annoying is the small flimsy rubber gasket near the heating chamber. Good luck with replacing or handling if dropped. G

  • Veronica Holcomb

    I am still fighting USPS they delivered to wrong house the person even signed DH I still have not received it I have a claim open with USPS

  • Steve Jorgensen

    Floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee. This thing is amazing. The vapor quality feels like it is the Volcano but in my hands.

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