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Airvape legacy pro review

AirVape Legacy Pro Review | A Vaporizer Upgrade to Write About

The AirVape Legacy Pro is the follow up vaporizer to the Airvape Legacy, a portable hybrid heating herb vaporizer which offers easy to obtain vapor in a refined leather and hemp unit. Most of the improvements of the Legacy Pro are internal as the unit appears very much like the predecessor but performs noticeably better. 

AirVape is a smaller vaporizer manufacturer that has been around for a while. Some of their other vaporizers include the XS Go and AirVape X, which are okay budget vaporizers. The Legacy Pro is certainly AirVape’s most well received vaporizer to date, with mixed reviews on the pure hybrid original Legacy model.


While it is AirVape’s best vaporizer to date, at $269 it is also AirVape’s most expensive vaporizer to date. The old adage is true, you get what you pay for and the engineering costs which went in to making this a quality vaporizer reflect in the price. For example the Crafty+ by Storz & Bickel is $279, only $10 more than the AirVape Legacy Pro. If you want this type of high end vapor in a portable unit, it will cost you.

Thankfully if you use the link below you can get 20% off (CODE LegacyPro20) the Legacy Pro from the internet’s highest rated retailer, as well as a 60 day trial period and lifetime trade ins.

airvape legacy pro vaporizer


Unlike the Legacy Pro Vaporizer itself, the packaging for the Legacy Pro is nothing to write home about. Standard packaging that has some weird hologram  on the cover. This hologram actually gets in the way and is pretty annoying when trying to put your vaporizer back in the box. Besides that the packaging is basic and just does the job of giving you somewhere to put your device. I would think for $269 that the packaging would be a bit more thought out and sleek, but when you look at the unit itself (leather, hemp, 24kt gold plated inputs) there are alot of costs associated with the unit which does not let AirVape have much room to spend on G Pen like hemp carrying case packaging. 


legacy pro build

Much like the Original Legacy, the Legacy Pro looks refined and stylish but more so like a purse or a phone case given the hemp and leather exterior which cannot be removed. The internals are of very high quality and include a 24kt gold herb chamber, glass vapor path and a ceramic mouthpiece. There are alot of moving parts to the Legacy Pro but more so in the way that you can remove the battery, vapor path, mouthpiece, micro dosing disk, vapor intake screen. With a comparable vaporizer like the Firefly 2+ you can only take off the mouthpiece and lid.

One of the most noticeable improvements to the build of  Legacy Pro is the closing latch on the cover which ensures a proper seal. The old magnetic lid of the Legacy was problematic, the new locking latch offers greater quality control.

Gold Coated Herb Chamber –  The herb chamber on the Pro is a tad more shiny than on the OG with much smaller holes on the bottom of the chamber from the previous version. The chamber capacity is about .25 comfortably but can do .3 if you don’t mind a tad more draw resistance. 

Removable Glass Vapor Path & Ceramic Mouthpiece  – The Legacy Pro uses the exact same removable glass vapor path and ceramic mouthpiece as the previous Legacy model and yes they are interchangeable. While these are great components for flavor, you must exercise caution when cleaning as they are prone to be misplaced or break. The amount of internal moving parts which can be removed during cleaning is an overall negative of the AirVape Legacy Pro. Do not let this scare you away though, as when assembled this thing is as secure as it gets. 

Removable Battery – The AirVape LegacyPro uses a removable 3200 mAh 18650 battery. This not only offers a fast heat up time and multiple sessions on a single charge but gives the user the convenience of swapping out the battery with a spare to avoid any down time. Removable batteries have by in large been seen as a plus by the vaporizer community and if you have multiple vaporizers like the Arizer Argo, Davinci IQ2, AirVape Legacy Pro -which offer this feature you can swap batteries between all your vaporizers 

Micro Dosing Disk – Another added improvement is nixing the micro dosing basket and building in a swivel down component which can decrease the bowl size for micro-dosing, much like the chamber pearl functions on the Davinci IQ2.

Micro dose disc Legacy Pro

In theory the micro dosing disc is fantastic but it does not really cut the bowl size down to a true micro dosing capacity. It should be called a chamber reducer like the PAX half pack oven lid.

Hemp & Leather Exterior – The AirVape Legacy Pro boasts a sleek black hemp & leather exterior making it fit in more with a finely decorated living room than say other consumer electronics. When I reviewed the original Legacy which has a similar pattern I stated it looks like a vaporizer for a grown up. Something that is rather elegant and stylish, but would likely become stained and tattered over time if proper care was not asserted. 

Digital Readout & Controls – On the left side of the device sits a digital readout screen, power button, temperature control buttons and the USB-C charging port.

I would not call the Legacy Pro all encompassing because of the amount of internal moving parts. The cover at least is permanently in place via the latch and when fully assembled sessions are easy breezy, even more so than the Mighty+ which requires you to fully remove  the cooling unit. 

On my fourth session with the Legacy Pro I went to discard the already vaped herb in the trash and the airpath screen fell right in. The trash was full with chicken bones and a bunch of other pretty gross things so I was not going to go fishing for a 2 cm screen. Thankfully AirVape includes a backup screen and rubber seal so I could keep the AirVape Legacy Pro review going without delay.

AirVape Legacy Pro Comes With

legacy pro accessories
  • AirVape Legacy Pro Vaporizer 
  • USB-C Cable 
  • Q -Tips 
  • Alcohol Pads 
  • Liquid Pad 
  • Extra Rubber Seals & Screens 
  • Cleaning Brush

AirVape Legacy Specs

Weight 8.7 ounces ( .5 lbs)
Dimensions 5" x 1" x 1.75" (inches)


The AirVape Legacy’s biggest and most noticeable improvement is the hybrid convection / conduction heating. The herb chamber now heats via conduction from the chamber  as well as hot air being drawn through your herb when you pull (convection).  We feel this is a reason the Pro has been received so well where the original Legacy was not. While I felt the Legacy provided some of the easiest to obtain vapor from a convection vaporizer (pure convection vaporizers are notorious for providing inconsistent vapor) The hybrid heating provides a level up in terms of larger clouds over its predecessor. 

The removable 18650 battery has added some more juice with upping the power 200 Mah. Simply a measure to describe the energy charge that a battery will hold and how long a device will run before the battery needs recharging.

The Vapor path intake has also been elongated and enlarged to offer more voluminous vapor in the form of less draw resistance. On the old Legacy the air intake screen would often have the airflow hindered with herb particles. This can still happen on the Legacy Pro model, but the increase in size and change to a more oblong shape mitigates much of this. 

What is the Legacy Pro Temperature Range ?

The AirVape Legacy Pro has a temperature range from  200°F to 440°F.

What is the Legacy Pro Heat up Time ?

The Legacy Pro will reach 400°F in 17 seconds.

Getting Started with the Legacy Pro

Legacy Pro Controls
  • Turn on/off by pressing the power button 3 times. The unit will automatically begin heating which is nice. There is no need to power on then do another sequence to engage the heat. In session mode when powered on the Legacy Pro just goes. 
  • To change from Fahrenheit to Celsius press the temp down button and power button at the same time. 
  • To change the session timer press the temp up button and power button at the same time. You can choose between 3, 5 and 10 minute sessions before the Legacy Pro will power down. 
  • Press both the temp up and temp down button at the same time to enter on demand mode. In on demand mode hold the power button for the duration of which you wish to engage the heat. 

One of the drawbacks with the Legacy Pro is the QR code instructions which bring you to their website. It would be nice to have a little quick start guide upon receipt so I do not need to whip out my phone while learning to operate a new device. I would also think this is more of a 35 years old and up type of vaporizer as well,  many of whom are not as tech savvy and the Millenial and Gen Z Puffco crowd accustomed to getting every piece of information from their phone. 


In reviewing the AirVape Legacy Pro, the versatility in sessions is one of it’s biggest benefits. You can pack it full and enjoy for a full 10 minutes straight in session mode or pack light, screw the micro dosing disk down and hit it in on demand mode – or anything in between. The easy to obtain vapor also make it a great dog walking or patio vaporizer. Outside of that however the relative heavy weight (.5 lbs) will be noticeable in the pocket if taking to dinner or a show.

Session Mode – Is the standard mode the AirVape Legacy Pro comes in. In session mode the vaporizer stays heated at the selected temperature for 3, 5 or 10 minutes. (timer can be adjusted with the controls)

On Demand Mode – lets you engage the heat and draw at your own accord. To engage on demand mode press both the temperature control buttons at the same time. In on demand mode the AirVape Legacy Pro will count down from one minute before shutting off. Every time you engage the heat to draw the countdown will restart from 1 minute. In my personal opinion this defeats the purpose of on demand mode as a true on demand vaporizer you can pick up, engage the heat and set it down. It should be noted this is an added feature however and not the primary way to session.

With a fully packed chamber you can expect roughly 10 quality mid sized draws. What is nice here if you wanted more hits you have a serious long battery life and can get 20 full pack sessions on a single charge.

Vapor Quality

The vapor quality on the AirVape Legacy Pro is robust and tasty with the flavor fading in the latter half of the session and the pronounced volume remaining. The Legacy Pro provides superior clouds to the former all convection Legacy. This is certainly top notch vapor but still not on par with the gold standard Crafty+ & Mighty+ due to the fact the vapor quality is inconsistent from start to finish.

The AirVape Legacy Pro also comes with a liquid pad so you can vape oils, waxes and other concentrates.  The flavor here is amazing but solely because the device only reaches 440°F.  At this low of a temperature with concentrates you are wasting a considerable amount and we recommend just getting a cheap vape pen and not gunking up your nice herb vape.

Battery Life & Charging

The Legacy Pro utilizes a removable 18650 battery which will last 75 to 90 minutes depending on temperature. The AirVape Legacy Pro is equipped with a USB-C charging port and to recharge in the unit is around 2 hours which is why it is nice the battery is removable as an external charger will cut this time significantly.


Sorry folks but I have become jaded. I rarely leave my house for a night on the town and take an herb vaporizer with me. If I did it would not be the Legacy Pro. The Legacy Pro is big and bulky enough that it would be a nuisance in your pocket or purse. The loading process is also a bit difficult and requires a little brush between sessions.

Campfire, taking with you camping, patio or walking the dog. The Legacy Pro would be great here. It is a portable vaporizer as much as some of the rest of them. Around the house or vacation rental portable but not out on the town portable.


The Legacy Pro is up there for being a pain to clean. A simple brushing and scrubbing will do the trick every 10 or so sessions. Whereas you will want to do a deep clean about every 50 uses.

A deep cleaning would entail removing the mouthpiece, battery, glass vapor path, micro dosing disk and vapor intake screen. The mouthpiece from here then breaks down into screen, silicone seal and ceramic mouthpiece. 

Put everything but the battery, silicone seal and mouthpiece into an isopropyl & salt alcohol bath bath and scrub or hit with a pipe cleaner. Place all the scrubbed parts into boiling hot water with the ceramic mouthpiece and silicone seal. Remove, dry and put back into the Legacy Pro. 

What makes the deep clean such a pain is just the amount of parts. There is not one part which is hard to clean like say a Mighty cooling unit, but many small parts which can break or get lost and also the keyword “many” meaning a more time consuming cleaning. 

A drawback of the herb chamber being totally flush with the body is loading becomes a pain with particles getting all over the place. A Storz & Bickel brush is super handy for gently sweeping this spill over back into the chamber.

The Legacy Pro | Certainly an Upgrade

airvape legacy pro comparison

We’ve been red in the face over here trying out newly released herb vaporizers the last year. Most of them have felt very much like the previous model with only minor tweaks, none of which changed the device enough to warrant a totally different name. Hopefully companies figure out a way to just annotate something is an updated model instead of doing a whole marketing push to create hype about something which is more or less the same as an older product, but I digress.

The Legacy Pro deserves it’s “Pro” addition.  The issues of the older model were assessed and addressed. The micro dosing basket replaced with a reducing disc, the magnetic latch with a locking latch, pure convection to hybrid heating for more bountiful vapor. Definitely a totally different vaporizer from the original Legacy and good to see a vaporizer that took feedback and turned it into critical refinements.

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1 year ago

Was hoping the taste was on park with the firefly 2+….oh well still a nice device

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