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davinci IQC review

The Davinci IQC Review & Comparison – The Davinci IQC Vaporizer Stays True to Form

Today we are reviewing the Davinci IQC Vaporizer, recently released by Davinci only a short time after retiring the original Davinci IQ. In reviewing the Davinci IQC I wish they had not got rid of the IQ in the first place; IQC feels more or less the  same. Maybe the IQC is their way of validating my hypothesis on the abrupt end of the IQ with it’s quick rebirth in the IQC. 

Opening up the IQC

Davinci IQC comes with

The packaging is well crafted  and doubles for keeping your IQC safe on the bookshelf, nightstand or the coffee table with your desktop vaporizer. There is certainly some thought that goes into Davinci packaging and this is  packaging you will want to hold on to, even if you are not using it for storage. 

The Davinci IQC Comes With:

  • Davinci IQC Vaporizer 
  • User Manual 
  • Extended 10mm Mouthpiece 
  • Extra Pick Tool 
  • Brush Tool 
  • Alcohol Wipes 
  • USB-C Charging Cable (3 feet)

Build Materials

The Davinci IQC is sturdy as they come with the internals encased in  the same metal alloys as the original. The chamber is a ceramic glass lined oven and the vapor path is Zirconia metal. The only adjustments material wise from the IQ and IQ2 being  the antimicrobial polymers for the mouthpieces and vapor path top.

DaVinci IQC colors | To the Cloud Vapor Store

The latch closes noticeably smoother and more secure.The gasket and Zirconia mouthpiece combination on the IQ and IQ2 would often make getting a proper seal more difficult and the magnet on those units were not as strong as on the IQC. On the IQC this seal is much improved and  seats more secure.  

Vapor Path / Flavor Chamber

Taking out the vapor path is a tad difficult, (I had to use the Storz & Bickel Brush to get it out) which is also nice at the same time, as being more secure it won’t fall out and break which was an issue I had when cleaning the original IQ. The Vapor Path they use is the same as the Davinci IQ2, but instead of having a Zirconia stopper, it is the same polymer they use for the mouthpiece. 

The Flavor Chamber is an excellent spot to throw some added herbs. While Davinci once boasted this could double as storage for carrying herbs, any large amount in the airpath really inhibits airflow. If you do want to spruce up your flavor with spices or herbs in the flavor chamber, small amounts will do the trick, they just need to be pungent and aromatic. My favorite is mint. 

Chamber Pearl

IQC Chamber Pearl

The IQC utilizes the exact same Chamber Pearl as the IQ2. The Pearl is 100% Zirconia and reflects heat to assist with even bake throughout your herbs. The chamber pearl is roughly ¾ cm in height and when fully extended can add a little bit over 1 cm area to the chamber. So with the large .9cm Glass or Zirconia Spacer and Chamber Pearl extended you can really decrease the size of the chamber. Going a totally opposite direction you can remove the chamber pearl altogether if you want to pack in .5 grams. 

Ceramic Chamber / Chamber Size

Davinci IQC Chamber size

The Davinci IQC utilizes a decent size chamber which is both long (¾ in. deep) and wide (1.2 cm) for a portable vaporizer. It will accompany up to .4 grams comfortably. The large chamber size was actually something Davinci took into consideration on the original IQ. To cut down the chamber size for smaller sessions they designed the chamber pearl to extend and retract. Also there are both Glass and Zirconia Spacers which you can input to cut down the chamber size by ¼  or ½  or you can use a ceramic pod (pictured above)  and cut space down even more and add a level of convection to your IQC. The ceramic pod currently only comes with the IQ2 but can easily be picked up here. 

Another nifty design feature Davinci crafted is the stainless steel bottom which functions as a slide for easy loading.


The Davinci IQC comes with two new mouthpieces. The flat one is on the unit and the elevated 10mm mouthpiece comes in the box. Both mouthpieces are made of a polymer that feels like sturdy rubber. This new mouthpiece is an anti microbial part patented by Davinci dubbed the Share Safe which works to curb germ and bacteria growth. I do not know how this  technology works, but the concept is intended to make sharing your IQC vape more sanitary and it is FDA approved. It will be interesting to see if we start seeing this technology on cups and cans. 

True to form with the Davinci IQ series the 10mm extended mouthpiece will serve as a water pipe adapter for those who really want large hits through a water.

I will say the mouthpiece change not staying the course with Zirconia, such as it is on the Miqro, IQ and IQ2,  really makes a difference and not in a good way. The Zirconia mouthpiece makes the vapor cooler and smoother and a tad more tasty to boot. 

There is speculation that the mouthpiece adjustment was just a cost cutting measure as Zirconia is not cheap. The good news is you can buy the Zirconia mouthpieces and put them on as they are interchangeable with both the IQ and IQ2.

Davinci App

Davinci Vaporizer app

The Davinci IQC will sync with an app that is exclusively on Google Play, since Apple has not reversed their Vape App Ban. I do wish Davinci added a web app like Storz & Bickel have done but at least the IQC app is not as cool as the IQ2 app which has a know your dose feature allowing you to enter your herbs potency & amount and then get a read out on how much active ingredients consumed per draw and throughout the whole session. This was a feature rolled out for the IQ2 when it was anticipated Apple would allow vape apps back on the platform by the time of release.  Update: Davinci has released a web app for iOS users, you can read more here. 

While the apps can make use on some vaporizers much easier, as we saw with the Puffco Peak Pro, they really have not advanced beyond changing temperature and for reference the Mighty Vaporizer and Arizer SOLO 2 remain the best selling herb vaporizers, both of which have no bluetooth (app) capability. The Davinci IQC is a straightforward herb vape that you turn on, adjust temp and draw. Even when the app was functional in iOS I never used it.  

Turn Off Bluetooth

Pressing the temperature up and down buttons 5 times will turn off Bluetooth. This will save battery life for those not using the app with their IQC Vaporizer. 

Precision Temperature or Smart Paths

Thankfully Davinci programmed the Smart Paths into the IQC for the overwhelming majority who do not use an Android. These smart paths increase in 20 degree intervals over an 8 minute session and are represented by the LED  blocks on the IQC. ie.) four blocks is Smart Path 4 (as pictured below) Upon receipt your Davinci IQC is programmed for Smart Path 3. 

Davinci IQC updates | To the Cloud Vapor Store
  • Smart Path 1 350°F – 370°F 
  • Smart Path 2  370°F – 390°F 
  • Smart Path 3 390°F – 410°F 
  • Smart Path 4 410°F – 430°F

You can switch between Smart Paths and precision temperature by clicking the home button once. The temperature range on the unit is 32°F  to 430°F.  I do not know why 32°F  is an option as your IQC will not actually get down that low which is freezing. In precision temperature mode it will hold the temperature within one degree of your setting the whole time. 

Getting Started / Heat Up Time

To start your session click the power button 5 times this will turn the unit on and begin heating. Adjust the temperature via the up and down buttons. To Power off hit the power button 5 times again.

Heat Up Times 

  • 1:12  to 400°F  
  • 55 seconds to 369°F 

The Davinci IQC will automatically shut off after 8 minutes.

Boost Mode

Boost Mode is a feature on all IQ series vaporizers. With the vaporizer on press and hold the main power button. The LED display will show upwards arrows and the vaporizer will head to 430°F degrees. Once you release it will go down to it’s last set temperature. 


The IQC provides more volume hits than precision hits. The mouthpiece does have 5 openings and you are drawing from a large conduction chamber so it is more a billowy voluminous vapor.

While the vape hits temp in a little over a minute, if you are using the ceramic pods or spacers it does take even more time to start getting vapor production. The best draws are going to come from 4-6 second low effort inhales. If you want an easier pull, use the 10mm water adapter. 

Even with a little herb you get alot and it is not easy to just fire this thing up and take a few hits and be done with it if you want fresh hits every time. If you are looking for something to  take 4 fresh hits and then retire, then the Miqro is going to be the vaporizer for you. 

There is a big misconception however that you can’t pack the IQC up and take a few puffs, turn it off and then come back the following day and repeat. While the taste and quality of the vapor will not be as good as a fresh pack, this is totally within the realm of the IQC and IQ series line up.

Vapor Quality

The IQC vapor quality ranks in the higher echelons. The vapor prioritizes a robust texture over the flavor profiles you would get with the Firefly 2+. With smooth clouds and good volume the Davinci IQC Vaporizer is perfect for a smoker making the switch for health reasons. The Zirconia does the work on the IQC as it does of the IQ2 and Miqro of cooling the vapor and providing a texture that is easy on the throat, especially for how much vapor you can get from it.


I’m a huge advocate of not doing dabs with your herb vape. The IQC is primarily designed for herb, on top of that it doesn’t even come with extract pods. If you do want to use your IQC you will need these extract pods or you will just ruin your chamber. In my review of the IQC I sandwiched a pinhead wax ball into the ceramic pod with some herb. This did elevate the flavor a tad. This is about the only extent I would use the IQC with rosin. I find find it a little odd they advertise the dual use function then don’t give you the pod for extracts.

Battery Life & Charge Times

iqc charge time

The IQC charges via a USB-C cable. This does allow the unit to charge fast (2 hours)relative to the IQ and IQ2 which take around 5 hours if charging your battery internally.

On a full charge I was able to get nine 7 minute sessions before needing to recharge. I will say the benefit being here, you can get a full session knocked out in 4 minutes even if packing the IQC full. Then add in the ability to replace the battery with a fresh one or charge externally. The long charge times really are not that big of a deal unless you are on the road and I do not feel the IQC was that great of a beach vape. You are better off using this puppy at home or around the block. For around the home use the charge times shouldn’t restrict you at all if you pick up the external charger or a spare battery, or simply just charge it often. 

To check the battery level of your IQC Vaporizer press the up and down temperature buttons simultaneously


Davinci carrying case

Given the durable alloy casing and compact size of the IQC it can be easily transported if you have a backpack or other small carrying case. Trying to go out to eat with the IQC is a different story. 

I have my phone, keys and wallet. Putting the IQC in the pocket with the keys was causing it to scratch  and putting it in my phone pocket was just too much in one pocket. Add on the fact that I cannot just fire this bad boy up on a crowded restaurant patio and it really made me question why I even tried taking it on the go in the first place. 

iqc portable vaporizer

I did bring it surfing with me and again this proved to be unsuccessful. Between having to open the case from my backpack then dig it out with sandy wet hands, wait a minute then turn it off and put it away; I would rather just hit my C Cell Cart. I will say though this would be a good session vape for sitting at the beach or bonfire with amigos, just not having to lug it around in your pocket all day. 

Comparing the IQC to the IQ Series

comparing the IQC Vaporizer

The IQC is true to form with the Davinci IQ series lineup. It would be like getting a different model Iphone. If you have had any of the Davinci Vaporizers above you know exactly what to expect and how to operate it. 

There was not much difference between the Davinci IQ and IQ2 and there is even less of a difference between the IQC and IQ. The IQ2 comes with more premium features such as the know your dose technology (Android App feature), the ceramic pod, concentrate cotton pads and an air valve on the bottom of the unit. So if you are looking for the most extras and features, then go with the IQ2 but if you are looking for a good around the house/ backyard portable vaporizer, the IQC is a solid vape and will deliver the same quality vapor for $66 cheaper than the IQ2. 

Davinci IQC
Dimensions 3.5 x 1.75 x .9 in.
Weight 5.2 Oz.
Battery 3000 mAh 18650
Warranty 5 years
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Ted P
2 years ago

You should have mentioned that they reduced the warranty from 10 years to 5.years. I can understand why considering how many times I have had to return mine for repairs.

Last edited 2 years ago by Ted P
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