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Davinci IQ Extended Mouthpiece

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  • OEM Davinci Part
  • Compatible with  IQ, IQC and IQ2
  • 100% Zirconia
  • Doubles a 10mm WPA



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IQ Extended Mouthpiece | Davinci Parts & Accessories

The IQ Extended Mouthpiece is the 10mm elevated mouthpiece for the Davinci IQC and IQ2 Vaporizers. It is used to get more vapor from your Davinci Portable versus the IQC flat mouthpiece and can double as a 10mm water pipe adapter and even can be modified with the IQ WPA to become to fit a 14mm female port for your water pipe.

The Extended IQ mouthpiece is made up of 100% Zirconia. Coupled with the dual airflow design it gives a smooth taste and profile for your vapor even when at the hotter and harsh temperatures. The Zirconia also ensures your IQ mouthpiece will never break.

If you misplaced your IQ Extended Mouthpiece or just want a back up, To the Cloud Vapor Store has you covered with the best prices and free shipping on all Davinci Parts & Accessories.



No ratings yet

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