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comparing the Davinci IQ2

Comparing the Davinci IQ with the IQ2

The Davinci IQ2 is an upgrade of the original model Davinci IQ which is a portable bluetooth compatible conduction vaporizer for dry herb. The IQ2 remains very similar in design and function to the original IQ Vaporizer, with a handful of notable improvements and some not so much. 

Larger, Fancier Packaging

One of the recent trends with the latest model vaporizers is manufacturer’s cutting down on accessories and packaging to gain an edge on price in an ever competitive market.

We have seen this with the Firefly 2+ and Crafty+ coming in much smaller packaging with fewer spare parts & accessories, leading to decreased production, storage and shipping costs. 

The Davinci IQ2 takes an opposite approach and has some of the neatest packaging I have seen to date with a French Doors like opening and a pull out drawer – almost like a closet.

Ceramic Materials Pod

Iq2 ceramic pod

The Davinci IQ2 comes with a ceramic herb/concentrate pod, akin to the Storz & Bickel dosing capsule. The IQ2 Ceramic Pod is intended to preload  and pop in and out of your herb chamber helping you vape on the go and keep your herb chamber clean. 

The Ceramic Pod will also help reduce the chamber size so you can microsode with your IQ2 using smaller amounts of herb without the need for  the IQ chamber spacers.

Dual Use

The IQ2 comes with organic cotton concentrate pads and a concentrate/ oil stone 

The Davinci IQ was strictly an herb vaporizer. The IQ2 plus comes with some nifty little organic cotton concentrate pads and a semi porous ceramic concentrate accessory. In all fairness you can use these concentrate accessories in your IQ  as well. Using your IQ or IQ2 with concentrates works best when the stone or cotton swab are inserted into the ceramic pod (as shown above). Just throwing the cotton pad with a tiny dab directly into your IQ2 herb chamber only makes a mess and does not yield much vapor. 

In this sense calling the IQ2 a dual use vaporizer and the original IQ not is playing semantics. Both the IQ and IQ2 can do concentrates, just like the PAX 2 can do concentrates if you use the PAX concentrate insert that comes with the PAX 3 complete kit.

Outer Finish

The Davinci IQ2 has a Brushed aluminum finish, the original IQ has a powder coated aluminum finish. This gives the IQ2 a more bright look compared to the IQ. This does not affect performance whatsoever and with alot of these newer models manufacturers just like to switch it up on aesthetics. 

Adjustable Airflow and Vented Lid

Davinci IQ 2 air

With herb vapes, the manner in which your flower is packed greatly affects airflow. Many appreciate heavy pulls which require more breath but deliver voluminous vapor while other users, who may have medical conditions such a COPD, might not be able to toke as hard. The Davinci IQ2 tackles this head on with an adjustable dial on the bottom of the vaporizer which can be turned to decrease or increase airflow. With the greater airflow the less dense cooler vapor and vice versa. When compared to the original IQ the IQ2 lets you restrict airflow by 40% or increase airflow by 65%. This is great for those who want to chase clouds and those who want easy draws alike.


The flat mouthpiece on the Davinci IQ2 boasts more airflows or larger size. When quantified it amounts to a 35% increase in overall airhole size compared to the original IQ vaporizer.

Davinci IQ2 mouthpiece size

Redesigned Flavor Chamber / Stash Tube

Davinci IQ2 stash tube

The IQ2 has a more compact and smaller flavor chamber, making it easier to clean. While it does feel that airflow would be less with the smaller circumference of an area where air flows through, I am not noticing any differences;  probably offset by the adjustable airflow and larger air holes on the mouthpiece on the IQ2. 

Davinci marketed the flavor chamber on the original Davinci IQ as something you could store herb in or put other herbs in to taste as your vapor flowed through, thus the name flavor chamber and stash tube. I think it became apparent that not many were using it for this and the larger awkward shape only made for a harder time cleaning. 

Chamber Pearl

davinci IQ chamber pearls

Davinci claims the IQ2 pearl adjusts 30% greater in distance allowing for greater heat distribution on sessions with less herb. When testing this out , the pearl on the IQ2 did extend a tad further, but too much making it that the IQ2 door could not be closed when the chamber was extended to the maximum. 

I personally feel the chamber pearl on the original IQ did the trick of assisting with heat distribution and see no benefit to this slightly more pronounced chamber pearl. The ceramic pod and IQ Spacers are much better accessories to use for herb chamber reduction.

Slightly Larger Size

Davinci states the IQ2 is 9% larger overall than the original and weighs .4 oz more with an herb chamber which is 20% thicker and more insulated from the battery. This does cut back some on the external heat produced by the IQ2, but like the original IQ, the IQ2 will get hot in your hands after multiple sessions at high heat. For those who like to session long and strong we recommend  picking up a stylish sleeve by Zyyde or heat cover whether you have the IQ or IQ2. 

Know your Dose ( The IQ2 App)

The IQ2 app now does more than previously before with know your dose technology. In the app (currently banned by Apple and awaiting a re-release date) you can enter your strain’s potency, the amount of herb packed and your desired effect. The app’s bluetooth feedback lets you know when you have vaped enough to reach your desired intake.

Davinci IQ vs Davinci IQ2

The Davinci IQ2 does add some cool improvements over the IQ. If you want the latest vaporizer tech we definitely recommend checking it out. It will be even better when Apple let’s vaporizer apps back on their platform for iOS users.

That being said, anytime a manufacturer releases a newer  model vaporizer, the old model discounts significantly providing a great bargain. I am able to customize my sessions greater with the IQ2 but I still love my original IQ and it remains a top selling vaporizer at To the Cloud backed by Davinci – a company that is well known and trusted in the cannabis space. 

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