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DaVinci IQ Leather Sleeve by Zyyde

5 out of 5
2 Reviews

  • Protects your Davinci IQ  from the Cosmetic Damage
  • Handcrafted in South Africa of Genuine 100% Leather
  • Safeguards Hands From Unit’s Heat During Longer Sessions
  • Available in Various Color



Davinci IQ Leather Sleeve | Davinci Parts & Accessories

Crafted of the highest grade leathers and assembled by hand in  South Africa the Davinci IQ Leather Sleeve by Zyyde is what dreams are made of. If you are looking for the highest quality cover for your Davinci IQ Vaporizer this is it. The Zyyde Sleeve fits snug on your IQ and protects it from the elements –  Guarding against knicks and scratches from accidental spills or having it in your pocket with keys. Not only does the IQ leather sleeve protect the IQ from cosmetic damage but also protects your hands from longer sessions when the IQ Vaporizer generally becomes hot to the touch.

Davinci IQ Leather Sleeve Cover for sale at To the Cloud Vapor Store



What’s more ? The Zyyde IQ leather cover is pretty darn stylish, adding class and sophistication to your $275 vaporizer investment. Sure there are other IQ covers and sleeves on the market , but they don’t hold a candle to the authentic leather look and feel offered by the Zyyde leather sleeve. This leather sleeve is for the adult who cares about their products and appreciates quality, much like they appreciate the quality of a high end herb vaporizer.




The Zyyde Leather Cover for the Davinci IQ is a great way to protect your investment and look good while doing so. Offered with Free Shipping as all items are at To the Cloud Vapor Store.




5 out of 5
2 Reviews
  • Kelley White

    The white snakeskin cover is exceptionally crafted. It fits perfectly and dissipates heat extremely well. I am completely satisfied with the product.

  • Felipe

    Great case keeps your hands cool for longer sessions you can’t see from the picture but the bottom of the zyyde case for the davinchi Iq is open from the bottom to make it convenient to repack the oven that... way you don’t have to keep taking off the awsome leather case made of good quality leather ! A++++

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