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DaVinci IQC

Davinci IQC Release | Davinci’s Newest Vaporizer is Just an Updated IQ Vaporizer

Davinci just announced the release of the IQC Vaporizer. At first glance it appears almost to the T like the original Davinci IQ which went out of production last year allowing Davinci to focus on the Miqro and IQ2 Vaporizer. It does however appear that there was still strong demand for the original IQ. Add in the relative lackluster sales of the IQ2 at $295 and not much of a difference between the IQ and IQ2 , and Davinci revamped their IQ original and dubbed it the IQC.

New Vaporizer Product Pipeline

It does seem like it’s been a few years since the vaporizer market has had a new “WOW” product come to market. Vaporizers are about as advanced as they are going to get for the foreseeable future. The Mighty Vaporizer was released in 2014 and is still considered the top herb vaporizer on the market. Other updated vaporizer models, whether it be the Puffco Peak Pro or Crafty+, are more or less refinements operating with the same fundamentals; built with the same materials and design as their predecessors.

With regulatory burdens from the PACT act to Apple iOS Vape App Ban, it is hard for a manufacturer to put in the R&D investments needed to come up with something totally new which may be met with greater scrutiny.

The Davinci IQ | A Pioneer

While everyone does like a shiny new model vaporizer, once the novelty wears off what matters most is that the product is durable, intuitive and provides quality vapor. While Davinci had the original DaVinci and DaVinci Ascent, they really hit their stride with the IQ, which became their flagship vaporizer. 

original IQ Vaporizer compared to IQC | To the Cloud Vapor Store

The DaVinci IQ consistently maintained a top 5 spot for portable herb vaporizers throughout it’s tenure. The DaVinci IQC harkens back to the quality design of a vape in what worked for Davinci when they released the original IQ Vaporizer in 2016 and what led the IQ to be their flagship product for nearly five years before being discontinued.  

Davinci IQC Vaporizer Updates

Davinci IQC updates | To the Cloud Vapor Store

USB-C for the IQC

We have seen new vaporizers switching from Micro USB in favor of USB-C for faster charge times. The Davinci IQC follows suit with a USB-C port  letting you charge your 18650 battery internally in two hours. While two hours is still a rather long time, the IQ2 takes about 6.

IQC USB-C outlet | To the Cloud Vapor Store

Thankfully Davinci Vaporizers all offer removable 18650 or 18350  batteries so you can put in a fresh backup battery  or use the Davinci External Charger to charge in a fraction of the time. 

Even neater is the Davinci IQC ability to reverse charge a device. Puffco recently did this with their Peak Pro Power Dock, letting you use your device as a power dock. This however would be a first for a vaporizer.

Dual Use 

IQC oil pods | To the Cloud Vapor Store

The IQC comes with the extract pod letting you use your IQC with concentrates. Theoretically you can use this concentrate pod in the original IQ, but it was not included until the Davinci IQ2 came along. It is our expert opinion that it is best to refrain from heavy concentrate usage with any Davinci Portable Vaporizer. With concentrates your unit will become more gunked up and the device is primarily intended for dry herb. Many herb vaporizers do include concentrate pods or pads which can offer a reprieve from flower. There’s nothing wrong with mixing some wax in with your herb from time to time, but if you are looking for pure dabs then try just picking up a $30 Boundless Terp Pen and use your IQC for your flower.

Colors & Designs 

DaVinci IQC colors | To the Cloud Vapor Store

While the design is the same, there are two noticeable differences with the top and bottom latches staying matte black in color. The bottom also has the Davinci logo and writing where this was just polished alloy on the original IQ and is the Air Flow Dial on the IQ2.

Davinci has updated the colors from the original with more eye popping clean colors. The new colors are Black, Red, Green and Blue.

Improved Magnetic Latches 

One of the issues on the original IQ was the seating of the mouthpiece. The rubber gasket had to be aligned perfectly and after cleaning the IQ mouthpiece or exchanging for the extended water pipe mouthpiece, that perfect seal would not always replicate. 

To mitigate this the IQC vaporizer has stronger magnetic latches. These improved latches should give a better seal and thus better vapor production.

Sharesafe™ Polymer Mouthpiece 

This is something we are awaiting to see first hand. The Davinci IQC has a different mouthpiece that is a composite Antimicrobial Polymer. This patent pending Sharesafe™ mouthpiece is FDA approved and is intended to prevent the growth of bacteria. Up until now the Miqro, IQ and IQ2 all have had 100% Zirconia vapor paths and mouthpieces surrounded by a rubber gasket. 

With the new IQC mouthpiece material being softer it could create a better seal and be less prone to breaks and cracks. My Davinci IQ Flavor Chamber broke many times falling to the ground and we have heard of a few mouthpieces cracking here and there (not a large scale issue by any means). It looks like this new mouthpiece is more likely a cost cutting measure as the best flavor without a doubt is going to come from the 100% Zirconia metal which both cools and softens the vapor.

Davinci IQ Gets an Upgrade

While there certainly are enough differences on the Davinci IQC to call it a different model vaporizer, we feel the IQC will be on par with the original IQ. The refresh is a great way for Davinci to let the community know they are always improving their old line up. 

The Davinci IQ was the best tasting conduction herb vaporizer and offered voluminous clouds. With a large herb chamber, strong outer casing, Zirconia comprised internals and a 5 year warranty, the Davinci IQC Vaporizer has all the makings of a top tier portable unit at a much better price than the IQ2.

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