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tinymight 2 vs angus

Tinymight 2 & Angus Vaporizer Comparison & Review

Our Tinymight 2 vs. Angus vaporizer review was meant to happen . We finally got a chance to try the Tinymight 2 thanks to our pals over at Planet of the Vapes. Ironically another vaporizer  by YLLVape we have been wanting to put through its paces arrived at the exact same time. Since these are two of the hottest new herb vapes on the market and they are both craftsman made, we decided to put them both to the test to see which one wins in a head to head comparison of the Tinymight 2 and the Angus by YLLVape. I know, goofy name for something that is not a burger but  impressive vaporizer.

The way things are trending, herb vapes have been losing ground in popularity to their dab vaporizer counterparts and even more so established herb vape brands are slipping in popularity to up and coming craftsman brands – enter the Tinymight 2. 

One reason for the slowing sales of herb vapes is the shift to dabs and a million other methods of consumption as technology and access to 420 goods expands. Hey it’s easier to drink a seltzer than pull out and pack a vaporizer. 

Another reason is the established brands (ala  Davinci, PAX , Arizer) “upgraded and newest” models are more or less remakes of previous versions. While still a dominant portion of the market, established herb vapes had their haydays in the 2012-2018 window and sort of failed to innovate past this. The Tinymight 2 and Angus are providing that innovation with something new and different.   

The Tinymight 2

tinymight 2 review

The Tinymight 2 is  the second iteration of the Tinymight. A convection herb vaporizer, made by JTJS products OY of Finland, which gained notoriety in both the Reddit Vaporents sub and Fuck Combustion. Two popular hangouts for the most hardcore of vaporizer lovers. 

A quick search of JTJS products shows the managing director as Juha Savolainen but we could not easily find much past that. A Linkedin search resulted in 2 production managers for the company. We have heard through perusing threads this is a small production company and the original Tinymight vaporizer was created by someone who simply loves a good vaporizer. This is much like the story of how Markus Storz got his start and judging by how many claim the Tinymight 2 is on par or better than the iconic Mighty Vaporizer, this second assumption of curator created, is likely true.

The Angus by YLLVape

yllvape angus review

The Angus is also a portable convection herb vaporizer made from wood. Unlike many vaporizer companies which simply outsource production to China. YLLVape both produces and sells the device as a Chinese company. Basically like the manufacturer owning 100% of the production. The Angus vaporizer has also received great feedback for it’s halogen bulb heating offering excellent flavor. This is the driving force behind what made the Herbalizer such a formidable vaporizer. 


Out the gate after a few sessions with the YLLVape Angus and TinyMight 2 – The Angus is the resounding winner on value. 

The Angus is $199 while the TinyMight 2 is $349. This $200 price point on the Angus seems even a tad low for a vaporizer I am finding up there with the likes of the Firefly 2+ and Crafty+. The $150 difference between  the Angus and TM2 does leave alot of leeway for the Angus to win in this category. While they are both great vaporizers and I am splitting hairs for a thorough comparison, the fact that I am liking the Angus more and it’s $150 less is like finding an amazing $40 bottle of  wine that tastes like a $200 bottle. Add in the fact you could essentially buy the Angus and another decent vaporizer for the price of the TinyMight 2. 


tm2 angus packaging

One thing you will notice with these newer smaller batch produced vapes, is exactly that. Opening them doesn’t give you that iPhone unboxing experience like you get with the Firefly 2+ or PAX Plus. They feel very artisan made. Artisan may be a nice way of saying it kind of feels like a prototype.

Where the Angus pulls ahead is the case that  YLLVape includes. It’s a quality case too. This protects the vape well which is nice given its glass mouthpiece, but also functions as a nice travel case. 

The Tinymight 2 comes in a package reminiscent of the Rasta Buddha Tao Milaana or Splinter , for those that remember those two vapes, also with a wooden body. The Tinymight 2 is most closely related to the RBT Milaana and even uses the same hemp/burlap sack as RBT for the spare parts. In theory you can carry your Tinymight 2 in this satchel, but with a glass mouthpiece, I would not recommend it. 

I am quite surprised there is no more protection in the TM2 packaging  than the cardboard cover over the glass mouthpiece, especially since this thing is shipping From Finland. 

tm2 packaging

The Tinymight 2 packaging does make a statement about being “better for the earth” and given the sustainable minimalist packaging and accessories I believe it is more than just a buzzword tactic most other companies use purely for marketing.

Accessories & Extras

Angus accessories

The Angus does come with more accessories but nothing noticeable that screams crazy value. We have actually seen alot of newer model vaporizers do away with perceived bonus accessories like grinders, pick tools, brushes, which would accompany vaporizers. Many never used these or already had them around the house and they added costs to production. 

The Angus comes with 3 extra screens, 2 dosing pods, extra mouthpiece, extra O-Rings, brush  & some tweezers (for removing hot dosing capsules).

A major bummer is that the Angus does not come with batteries (If you purchase from To the Cloud Vapor Store you will get 2 x 18650 batteries)  and it requires not one but two of them. So to get going you need to go out and get two 18650 batteries. Luckily for me I have an insane amount of vaporizers and batteries on hand, but if you don’t work for an online vaporizer retailer or review vaporizers for a living, then I would be pretty peeved in a day and age where batteries should come included. Not including them may be the smartest thing in terms of cost to ship and the regulatory hurdles of importing with vs. without batteries. 

On the other hand the TM2 vape comes with some extra screens, O-rings and a titanium stem mouthpiece. Ironically here the titanium stem doesn’t come with the needed cooling unit for use. So both have their accessory caveats. However the TM2 does come with a battery in place so you can get vaping and the herb chamber and cooling unit can be taken out of the glass stem and put into the titanium one. 

Could be the YLLVape is under greater regulatory scrutiny than JTJS products or simply importing from China is more difficult than from Finland. Whatever it is do make sure you have some 18650 batteries on hand if you are buying the Angus vaporizer. 

The provisions have even more nuances.  The Tinymight 2 chord is a USB-C to USB-C , meaning you will need to have a newer MacBook or USB-C adapter to charge your battery inside the device. The Angus having a USB to USB-C is much nicer for charging. At the end of the day, just get yourself a cheap external charger off Amazon and charge in a fraction of the time. 


The Tinymight 2 is made from American walnut wood and brushed metal with stainless steel internals. The vapor path is glass and there is also a titanium vaporpath (included in the 2023 models)  It boasts some considerable upgrades to the electronics from the first 2019 model. 

The removable 18650 battery is a Molicel p28a and on the bottom of the device are the controls and a USB-C charging dock. 

The Angus has an equally sturdy wood finish and adds a high-performance semi-crystalline engineering thermoplastic called PEEK to the device. Other components which make up the Angus are a glass mouthpiece attached to the magnetic cooling unit and stainless steel chamber. On the sides of the Angus you will find the single control button and USB-C Charging port; On the bottom the air intake. The pièce de résistance on the Angus would be the halogen bulb which makes heating super fast and clean. 

Interestingly enough the Angus is ROHS compliant. This is not required and very few companies besides say a Storz & Bickel or a Davinci spring for this added quality control certificate when building their vaporizer. This is pretty out on a limb for a Chinese manufacturer and I feel they are really trying to demonstrate the quality, especially given the added costs associated with obtaining certification status. 

Playing around with the Angus out of the box does not scream poorly made budget Chinese vaporizer like some of the lesser quality rebrands such as the Pulsar or Utilian lineup. This thing is sturdy and appears well built, both the Angus and TM2 very much do despite their non-traditional development.

Ease of Use

For reviews I try to get going without reading directions. This is to see how intuitive the vaporizer is. I tend to overcomplicate these wooden vaporizers. They still are consumer electronics but they aren’t exactly plug and play. On the Tinymight 2 I am having difficulty figuring out how to get the herb chamber out of the glass tube.  

I was able to get one session down with the TM2 in on demand mode. I could not figure out session mode (which is pretty tricky) and after that the haptics and lights started giving me many different feedback loops so I decided to go to the instructions to see how to turn it on and off. 

I was able to turn on the Angus and session with it but was a tad hard pressed to understand the temperature or what setting I was in so went to the directions. Loading it without a funnel was the biggest pain. The directions for the Angus are not as easy to follow as they are on the TinyMight 2. The TinyMight 2 manual is more coherent with pictures and separated diagrams. 

There is this odd cycle on the Angus where you press the home button once for each temperature level after turning it on and it continues in perpetuity if you keep pressing it until the end of your 5 minute session or until the device is powered off.

Vapor Quality

I started with the Tinymight 2 (on demand mode) and Reddit was not lying, the vapor on this thing is amazing. Crisp and clean flavor to start and clouds that keep their flavor mid session. 

Much like the convection 510 attachment herb vape from Rasta Buddha Tao, the Tinymight 2 feels a tad inconsistent upon preliminary use. The vapor I could get at heat level 5-6 was greater than what I could get at 8-9 solely if I drew longer, harder, pre heated more, engaged the heat longer, almost as if the heating element isn’t finely regulated. Good vapor is good vapor though and this ability to play the Tinymight 2 like an instrument with your inhale and duration of the heating in on demand mode should be seen as an added bonus for those who like on demand herb vaporizer. 

Comparing the Tinymight2 to the Mighty+ I found the vapor to be a tad hot –  saying that all over I am still a Mighty man. With the titanium stem I found the vapor to be even hotter than with the glass stem. 

After some back and forth sessions. I am finding the Angus to provide better vapor than the Tinymight 2. I am ranking this on consistency, taste, texture and coolness of vapor. 

I am not putting either on par with the coveted Crafty+/ Mighty+ duo in regards to vapor quality but for those big sippers who want large clouds reminiscent to smoking I would recommend the Tinymight 2 or Angus over the Crafty+ or Mighty+. In fact we need to add the TM2 to herb vaporizers which are most like smoking.

These two vaporizers give you quality vapor and then when you want to turn on blast to get every last drop at the end of your session (or hell even the start if you want) you can really get some large clouds at the expense of sacrificing flavor. The Angus and Tinymight 2 both require you kind of dial in how to get the best sessions, but way more so with the Tinymight 2. Whereas the Storz & Bickel portables just give you the consistency and take away any guess work.


For parity we will need to use session mode with both the TinyMight 2 and Angus. The Angus has a large chamber. For best results with the Angus you need to load at least .2 grams which is about ⅔ it’s capacity.

Angus Bulb

Since the Angus is mainly a convection vaporizer the dosing capsules do impede the heated airflow. When using the dosing capsules your session hits its stride later on as the heat transfers from the emitting heat of the halogen bulb into the stainless steel. In a sense the dosing capsules provide more hybrid (conduction)  heating than just using the Angus without dosing capsules. 

The Angus will hit temperatures within 5 seconds but the heat transfer still takes some ramp up time. With the Tinymight 2 the vapor production is much more instantaneous than the Angus. On a full pack with the Angus at 395°F you can expect 16 solid hits. If you do want to do smaller amounts say ½ or ¼ the chamber it is recommended to use the dosing capsules. 

If after 5 minutes you have not turned the Angus off it will shut down.

Entering session mode on the Tinymight 2 requires some button sequencing work. To turn on demand more you press the home button three times then just press the button to engage heat. For session mode you press the button three times but on the third keep it held down. You will get some haptic feedback letting you know you are officially in session mode. Another way to tell it is heating would be the pond frog humming noise emitting from the Tinymight 2.

I am liking the vapor in the lower heat settings and with the glass stem over the titanium on the TM2. I thought the extended titanium was for cooler vapor with greater distance for the vapor to travel, but it appears it is conducting more heat and making the vapor thicker and less flavorful. This thing is giving me large heavy and hot (hotter than I would like) hits in the higher heat ranges with the extended titanium stem. I found the best pack also was about ¾ full, which I am putting at .15 grams, you can get about 8 good hits. These ones come in heavier and with greater volume of vapor over the Angus.

Session Tips

With the Angus avoid finely ground herb especially kief and don’t even think about concentrates. A coarse grind works best here given you do not want particles or oil getting onto the halogen bulb and causing it to burn out.  

Cool little hack I found is that the dosing capsules for the Angus fit perfectly into the Tinymight 2 stem and the vapor production is pretty good. 

The Tinymight 2 is going to be much better for micro dosing as the chamber size permits for loading smaller amounts. Even when using the dosing capsules offered with the Angus (in the Angus) the smaller amount will vaporize rapidly and start to whip around in the capsule when you draw, not providing the most consistent vapor. For best results with the Angus you need to load at least .2 grams which is about ⅔ it’s capacity.

Removable 18650 Batteries

Something everyone who has VAS (vaporizer acquisition syndrome) has been clamoring for in every new model vaporizer [that Storz & Bickel still refuses to do] are removable 18650 batteries. They permit a myriad of advantages over internal batteries. Here both vaporizers have done that. 

The Tinymight 2 comes with a Molicel p28a 18650 removable battery which is 2800 mAh. 

As mentioned above, the Angus does not come with batteries. We recommend picking up any competitor’s 18650 battery and they will function totally fine. You could even use the Tinymight 2 Molicel battery. If you have some on hand those will certainly work. We used the Davinci IQ2 battery and it worked out great. 

Screwing the battery caps on and off the Angus is one of the worst experiences ever. This thing is like trying to solve an old wooden toy in my grandpa’s den. Also another downside with both the TM2 and Angus is the battery caps are easy to misplace.

Battery Life & Charge Times

Both the Angus and Tinymight 2 utilize the USB-C which is no longer a pioneering feat in 2023 as USB-C is now the norm. 

With removable batteries we always say get an external charger and this cuts down charge times innumerably. Given that neither of these have digital readouts there is no way to get a 100% accurate gauge on specific charge times. 

The nice thing about USB-C is they do sell superchargers and from what others have said you can charge these two devices in 1.5 -2.5 hours (Tinymight 2 and Angus respectively) with a quick USB-C cable. These however do not appear to come with a quick cable. After 3 hours of charging the Tinymight 2 I was at full charge. In the same 3 hours the Angus was at 60% battery. This could have potentially been distorted by charging the TM2 with my MacBook charger. However it is safe to assume both charging internally with USB-C that the Angus with 2 batteries would take twice as long and that seems to be the result. 

Customizations & Modes

The TinyMight 2 allows for way more customizations than the Angus, which I guess you could apply a whip to the mouthpiece to filter through a water adapter, but not much else. With the Tinymight 2 you can use an assortment of stems made from different  materials and in different lengths and designs for greater cooling and or purification through water. 

The Tinymight 2 herb chamber also moves up and down throughout the stem. In theory you can push the herb chamber and cooling unit to the tippy top of the stem and pack in a whole gram if you really wanted to. This would produce even hotter vapor than it already does and assuming some mid session unpacking and repacking. For the Tinymight 2 review we just packed it as intended. 

tm2 stem

The Tinymight 2 also has on demand mode and session mode whereas the Angus only vapes in session mode. While the Angus does have a boost mode which lets you jump temps 10 degrees from your current temperature setting, the TinyMight 2 has their own version of boost mode in what they call  “Beast Mode” which brings the unit to the highest temperature setting possible. Beast Mode however is only available when using the Tinymight 2 in “on demand” mode. The Tinymight 2 also has a stealth mode which turns off all external lights. Not that cool but hey, it exists. 

The Tinymight 2 is going to be for someone who treats a session almost like a science lab project in search of the best vapor. Or someone looking for those large easy to obtain on demand clouds.

The Angus on the other hand is a more straightforward unit, put herb in the chamber, turn it on and vape. Personally I am more the latter guy and a reason I like all encompassing vaporizers where I am not adding many customizations or having to do things like torch a cap to get vapor. The Angus is more my speed for its more straightforward approach. 

Temperature Range & Heating

tinymight 2 temperature

The Tinymight 2 and Angus both heat with convection heating. The Angus does have a small component of conduction with the heating which occurs from the sides of the loading chamber heating.

The Angus Vaporizer is a convection session vaporizer that has 5 heat settings ranging from 356°F – 428°F.  

  • Setting  1- 356°F
  • Setting 2 – 375°F
  • Setting 3 – 395°F
  • Setting 4 – 410 °F
  • Setting 5 – 428 °F

The Tinymight 2 has a 10 interval dial on the device with temperatures ranging from 280°F – 460°F. Others have stated the Tinymight 2 can get as hot as 480°F. On the official Tinymight website there are no specific temperatures given.


angus vape case

In this day and age it is hard to recommend taking herb vaporizers out in public anymore. If you are looking for the best portable herb vaporizer, that has been and remains the PAX. Herb vaporizers are more bulky and less efficient than a cheap and easy wax or cartridge pen. 

The Tinymight 2 and Angus are super heavy. The Angus weighs 14 ounces  and the Tinymight 2 weighs. 7.4 ounces. Add in glass mouthpieces and these being strictly around the house “ portable vaporizers” could not be more apparent. The design also would preclude most from being seen in public with these giant wooden vapes. They certainly are not cool and sleek looking vaporizers like the G Pen Elite 2 or Davinci Miqro-C. 

Durability & Warranty

Kind of hard to talk about how well these things hold up when both vaporizers are so recently new and then factor in the manufacturer’s are also relatively newer smaller companies.

The Tinymight 2 does strike me as a slightly better made or potentially more crafted and polished than the Angus. The TinyMight 2 also does have a “2” after its name signifying the success of a TinyMight 1. JTJS also offers the Tinymight 2 with a 10 year warranty (if registered in the first year of owning). 

The YLLVape Angus also feels very durable. The body is made from walnut wood and other durable high grade materials. The internal Halogen bulb is more what I would be worried about. These things do not hold up for the long haul in vaporizers. I am not sure who remembers the Herbalizer, an amazing desktop vaporizer that would burn out if the bulb was subject to any oils which would leak down through the liquid pad. This is why it is very important to not do concentrates with your Angus. 

The one thing one must worry about with the warranty is if the company doesn’t survive, the warranty could be good for 100 years but it will not matter. This was the case with the Ghost MV1, VapeXHale Cloud Evo, Herbalizer;  Great vaporizers (well maybe not the MV1), but great vaporizers that are now expensive paperweights if needing repair. 

The hype however is real for both the Tinymight 2 and Angus vaporizers. The Angus and Tinymight 2 are the best new vaporizers to have come around in a long time in a very stale and declining herb vaporizer market. For those looking for added customizations and thicker clouds the TinyMight 2 is the one to go with. For those looking for a simple session vaporizer which offers consistent high quality vapor the Angus is best suited for you. 

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7 months ago

Not a bad review except for the Ease of Use section where you say you try to figure out how it works without reading the directions. That’s idiotic, the directions are there to direct you. Making a judgement about how easy something is to use without learning how to use it first says more about your inefficient and somewhat incompetent testing methods than it does about the product.

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