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710 vaporizer sales (2024)

710 Vaporizer Sales Roundup (2024) – OIL Day Vaporizer Deals

710 Vaporizer Sales

This will be our 4th 710 vaporizer sale at To the Cloud Vapor Store, and with the trending popularity of concentrates, these 710 sales will certainly be an annual mainstay. 7/10, also known as “dab day” is another cannabis holiday celebrating concentrate extracts. 710 has been growing in popularity and nowhere can this be seen like in the electronic vaporizer market. Relatively new vaporizers like the Puffco Peak Pro, Carta 2 and an assortment of others have become established mainstays in a short period of time. Then of course there an assortment of growing new entries like the Aeris and Ispire Blitz which were not around last 710 sale.  It’s easy to see both new and old concentrate vaporizers alike have been winning over rig and torch traditionalists who are making the switch to extract vaporizers and E-rigs.

While 710 is still not on the level of notoriety as its 420 counterpart the shift that is taking place in the market from loose leaf and dry herb vapes to extract & concentrate vaporizers is very noticeable. Simply stated, more people are switching to dabs. So let’s dive in and check out some of the top 710 vaporizer deals.

710 Sitewide Promotions

  • Random T- Shirt Giveaways with Orders
  • All orders over $250 will receive a free 510 pen


puffco 710 sale

Puffco is by and far the most recognized brand in the concentrate vaporizer space. Last year they dropped the updated Peak Pro V2 which comes with a 3D chamber. This has remained the most popular selling E-rig to date and they released it about a year after the Proxy, demonstrates their constant ability to innovate. If you are looking for the best all around concentrate vaporizer, the new Peak Pro should be at the top of your list this 710. But no need to sleep on the one that started it all – the OG Peak !!! which they just stopped producing, them so you may want to get one at this price before they are collector’s items and selling for a premium. 

Puffco Peak Pro Vaporizer 20% Off $429.99 Now $344.00 (Save $85.99) 

Puffco Proxy Vaporizer 20% Off $289.99 Now $232.00 (Save $57.99)

Puffco Peak Vaporizer 20% Off $199.99  Now $159.99 (Save $40) 

Puffco Plus V3 Vaporizer 20% Off $89.99 Now $71.99 (Save $18)

Dr. Dabber

Dr. Dabber Switch GTID

Oddly enough the best E-Rig on the market for quality dabs does not belong to Puffco, but instead Dr. Dabber. For those looking for the ultimate best electronic dab rig on the market that is the Dr. Dabber Switch. Nothing provides fast, smooth and efficient dabs like the Dr. Dabber Switch. While it is a large device that will require a designated space and is not portable in the least, its durability, fast heat up time and ability to customize with aftermarket induction cups provide a hit above all others. So if you are going to be strictly using at home and don’t care about portability, this is my #1 pick. (Read the Dr. Dabber Switch review here)

The Dr. Dabber deal to not be missed this 710 is going to be on the Boost Evo however. This is a good vaporizer that is a tad more versatile and portable than the Dr. Dabber Switch. We have an overstock and will be offering quite the discount for our 2024 710 Sale.

Dr. Dabber Switch 23% Off $374.95 Now $289.99 (Save $84.96)

Dr. Dabber Boost Evo 37% Off $219.95 Now $159.99 (Save $59.96)

Dr. Dabber XS 20% Off $149.95 Now $119.96 (Save $29.99)

Dr. Dabber Stella 20% Off $99.95 Now $79.96 (Save $19.99)


ispire daab introduction

If you followed the Ispire saga, you are aware they stopped producing the Daab and some other cannabis vaporizer hardware ahead of their initial public offering and did so without saying a word nor fielding any queries. 

Ispire is an established business to business (B2B) company making custom branded batteries for vape carts and other applications. The Daab was their first foray into the high end retail consumer market. This presents a whole new set of issues for companies regarding warranties, customer service, etc. Over time these costs can really pile up. The Daab was certainly a big seller however it could have just not been profitable enough to pursue in lieu of the B2B angle. 

A second more plausible theory is Ispire’s IPO offering had their underwriters not allowing a consumer product meant to consume concentrates. There are often strict but arbitrary regulations concerning these E-rigs and other vaporizers and financial institutions classify items like the Daab “high risk”.

Regardless, the good news is that Ispire has begun manufacturing the Daab under sister company Ispure and To the Cloud Vapor Store is their preferred vendor for all your Daab vapes and parts. We will be having the best deal on the Daab online this 710.

What makes the Ispire Daab a winner is its easy to operate controls, all glass induction heating element and most important the best flavor you can get from any electronic dab rig on the market. If it is flavor and ease of use you are after –  Daab all day. (read the Ispire Daab review here

Ispire Daab 20% Off $219.99 Now $176.00 (Save $43.99)

Ispire Wand 20% Off  $139.99 Now $112 (Save $27.99)

Focus V

carta 2 710 sale

Focus V released the popular Carta 2 vaporizer back in Spring of 2022 and it has established itself as an alternative to the Peak Pro for those looking to take down fatter globs. Focus V has  limited edition Carta 2 Clear and a slew of new edition colorways to accentuate your 710 summer sessions. The Carta 2 is one of the hardest hitters to date. If you are looking for huge clouds, the Focus V Carta 2 is going to be one to pick up. (read our Carta 2 review here

The new edition Focus V brings to the table this 710 is their Aeris Vaporizer. A heavy hitting portable dab rig which uses the same intelli-core atomizer of the Carta 2, making them interchangeable but more importantly giving the portable user huge heavy hitting dabs without needing to lug around the rig. (read our Aeris review here)

OG Carta Vaporizer  20% Off $199.99 Now $159.99 (Save $40)

Carta 2 Vaporizer 20% Off $349.99 Now $279.99 (Save $70)

Aeris Vaporizer 28% Off $229.00 Now $179.00  (Save $50)

Assorted Clearance

kandypens oura 710 sale

710 is the perfect time for insane deals on concentrate vaporizers and these assorted clearance deals are too good to pass up.

Kandypens Oura  37% Off $159.99 Now $99.99  (Save $59.00)

Kandypens Galaxy Tornado $24.99 (no code needed)

G Pen Roam 60% Off $149.95 Now $59.99  (Save $89.96)

G Pen Connect 53% Off $149.99 Now $69.99 (Save $80)

Dip Devices Dipper 20% Off $79.99 Now $64.00 (Save $15.99)

710 Sales Roundup

While there may not be as many new e-rigs and extract vaporizers in 2024 as we saw in 2023, we must note years past have seen this market grow tremendously. With  customizations and new and improved models this certainly is the time to upgrade your vaporizer collection if you are thinking of doing so. More and more electronic dab rigs, honey straws and wax pens are coming to market as concentrates gain popularity. 

Concentrate vapes are also finding better  footing as more and more vaporizers stop trying to identify as “dual use” (herb and extracts). Storz & Bickel recently removed liquid pads, a longtime included accessory with every Storz & Bickel Vaporizer which let you use your Storz & Bickel vaporizer with wax or oil. Davinci has really pulled back on the marketing claim the Davinci IQ2 is a solid vaporizer for concentrates. It is a great vaporizer for herb but there is nothing good to be said about how it functions (and ruins the unit) if trying to vape extracts. We have stated time and time again, it is best to get a vaporizer that accommodates your material. Herb vaporizers are not the only ones guilty of this. Dr. Dabber includes a flower cup for the Switch to be used with herb. Most of the time this ends up combusting and leaves behind a bad taste for your next session. Focus V has a flower adapter for their Carta 2. After using it I can say with certainty it is not anywhere near as good the vapor you get from a pure herb vaporizer like the Mighty+. While this Dab Day sale is intended for concentrates we are not splitting hairs and most of our herb vaporizers will be 20% off as well. Just be certain you pick up the right vaporizer accordingly. 

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