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Puffco Proxy or Focus V Carta 2

Puffco Proxy or the Focus V Carta 2 ? Portable or Rig

Puffco has recently released what is shaping up to be yet another blockbuster vaporizer. The Puffco Proxy,  a modular and portable e-banger that is designed to fit into any accommodating pipe or glass piece with the correct dimensions. 

puffco proxy modularity

The versatility of Puffco’s newest design make  it great for using as a portable dry pipe for dabs or attaching to a rig for larger volume hits like you would get from a traditional rig / electronic rig. The latter (larger volume hits)  being what the current electronic rigs such as the Carta 2, Puffco Peak Pro, Ispire Daab and Dr. Dabber Boost Evo provide. So how do you decide if you should go for the Puffco Proxy or the Focus V Carta 2 (or another Electronic rig ?)


If you want those big clouds you get from taking down large dabs and you are rarely going to use your vaporizer in any other manner, the Proxy needs to be crossed off your list. The Dr. Dabber Boost Evo and Carta 2 provide some of the largest and quickest hits you can get from any e-rig. Better yet they have the hardware to match with durable atomizers that can handle far more material  than the Proxy 3D Chamber can.  You will see in our photo below the Puffco Proxy has the smallest chamber by far. 

proxy Chamber vs. Peak Pro Chamber

Now if you are like me and someone who loves the flavors and terp profiles of all the types of extracts and is not a huge serious dabber, then the Proxy is amazing. You can really make a little go along way and unlike a full on E-rig one hit is not going to knock you off your seat. (read our Puffco Proxy review here

In deciding between the Proxy or something like the Puffco Peak Pro you must first decide how you will be using it. The Proxy will not be as high tech as your standard rig if that is what you are comparing it to and  you will be adding extra costs to go out and buy some customized glass if you are wanting to use it like an E-Rig. This adds up. 


Given the Proxy is the new hot item on the block it is no surprise it is going for a  premium. Many have already bemoaned that a full service e-rig in the Puffco Peak is only $199 , $89 cheaper than the Puffco Proxy. 

While the more premium vaporizer rigs like the Carta 2 and Puffco Peak Pro remain in the $350 -$400 range, they come ready to take down some serious globs out the gate. 

If you want to deck out your Puffco Proxy past the basic dry pipe it comes with then you are looking at shelling out a few additional hundred dollars for something super premium or even $100 for something straightforward and simple like the Proxy Bub.

The worst part about shelling out more than you would spend on a premium electronic rig are the limitations of the Puffco Proxy. While the Proxy Bub does let us get some bigger and smoother hits, it is still not as good as the Puffco Peak in terms of taking down larger dabs. Then you compare the two; the Puffco Proxy with Proxy Bub is $399 (the same price as the Peak Pro) and the OG Puffco Peak is $249. 


puffco proxy portable

Nothing is a bigger pain than trying to take a 10” water filled e-rig out in public. Sure Instagram makes it look cool, but if you’ve ever done it you know what a true pain it really is. 

The Proxy on the other hand is a truly portable vaporizer. The small modular mainframe can be dropped in other accommodating glass (pipes) for use. So if you are looking to just transport it over to someone’s house who has a set up for it, you can literally throw it in your pocket. Likewise the glass pipe it comes with is the same size as a standard sherlock pipe and taking it on a walk or throwing it in a coat pocket is a breeze. 

I have been able to use the Proxy one handed when I walk my dogs and in between steps when I cook. I love how small and versatile it is. Attempting this is something I would never consider with my Carta 2 or Peak Pro.

Customizations & Usability

carta 2 OLED screen

The newest slew of E-Rigs are really evolving to make them easier to use and take the guesswork out. The standard Peak and Carta (released in 2018) utilize single button control. The Proxy as well utilizes this single button function for all features – turning it on, changing temperature, engaging in your session is all done via pressing the home button in certain sequences of taps and length. While the sequences are not difficult to learn , this type of operation still presents a learning curve and burdens you when you just want to adjust on the fly. One of my biggest complaints with the Puffco Proxy is the inability to change temperatures mid session.

The latest releases such as the Ispire Daab and Carta 2 provide an LED Screen with all the information you need readily available at your fingertips along with multiple intuitive buttons making controlling and using easy peasy, whether you have used a handful of times or you are just getting going. 

Better yet with the Bluetooth enabled apps for the Puffco Peak Pro and Focus V Carta 2 you not only can control your vaporizers with ease but can make all sorts of customizations and even get social, sharing your session history and presets with other users. 

The Proxy is a straightforward device and will not offer the features and customizations offered by premium electronic rigs. Who knows, maybe we will get more of these features in the future if there ever is a Puffco Proxy Pro release 😉 

The Puffco Proxy is Versatile but Limited

While the Proxy is versatile, it is pretty limited in customizations with only 4 set temperatures and 30 second sessions; All of which must be operated manually without an app.  While the 3D chamber is nice, the Proxy has a much smaller chamber than you would get on Puffco’s premier vaporizer, the Puffco Peak Pro. This as well goes for the Carta 2, Ispire Daab and the Dr. Dabber Boost Evo which has an alloy chamber that is built like a tank and can take down half grams at a time. (don’t do this though) 

With the Proxy’s smaller chamber and overall design you are hard pressed to get the large clouds many are chasing with your standard electronic rig even with the Bub & Ball Cap set up.  Currently, one of the new releases in the Focus V Carta 2 is giving just that –  A design to provide maximum vapor in minimal time and draw. The result is large clouds that many are after. Where the Proxy shines is being the flip side of this coin. 

While many want to take their face off with dabs galore, cannabis and concentrates are expanding into the mainstream. The Proxy is a great device for the soccer mom stoner who loves vaping her concentrates or extracts but is not trying to take them down beer bong style. The Proxy offers subtle and tasty hits through the dry pipe which it comes with.  For those who do want to add water the Proxy can be used through any accommodating pieces as well. So in this sense the range adds the options to use it like a standard rig but just not as good as the ones which are specifically designed for that. 

Ultimately the decision should come from how do you see yourself mainly vaping your concentrates and how often ? If you are going to be playing video games all day and want to take down as many dabs as possible a standard e-rig is going to provide much better battery life, durability and greater volume,  easier to obtain vapor production. 

If you are going to be walking the dog and want to take a little pin sized drop of hash or live resin and enjoy a few mellow puffs, not looking to take it all down in one fell swoop, then the Proxy will be your type of concentrate vaporizer. 

The Puffco Peak design opened the door for getting so many dab & torch traditionalists to make the switch to vaporizers. The Puffco Proxy will certainly get many more recreational users who are too encumbered or intimidated by a dab rig/ e-rig to likewise make the switch to concentrated cannabis.

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