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2018-19 Vaporizer Holiday Sales & Gift Guide

‘Tis the season to get high on mistletoe, evergreens and the spirit of giving, but what to wrap for the cannabis vape fans in your world that will render them speechless? Only but the best herb vaporizers will do,  to make sure the season is celebrated to the max.

Given the recent spate of expansive laws legalizing marijuana use, your timing couldn’t be better in terms of gifting those who are near and dear to you with the plethora of useful products currently on the market.

Vaping vs. Smoking?

Whether you’ve already become a convert or you’re flirting with breaking up with your faithful joints and joining the vaping crowd, we’ve got a few reasons to make the conversion—especially if you tend to become attached to habits. Did you know that kicking smokes and becoming a world-class vaporist could extend your life and keep you healthier?

Furthermore as Stated by VICE: “Vaporizing is more efficient because you are not literally burning half the material trying to get to the benefit of the other half.” Besides, small amounts of cannabis can be stretched further if you don’t light up.

V is for Victory Over Boring Holiday Gifts

Another sweater ? Puhleeze. Forget a case of beer. The people in your life deserve better. Holiday vaporizer deals are your solution to legendary gift-giving, and the great  product library of vaporizers has been know to trigger happy dances among recipients who won’t say, “You shouldn’t have!” To the Cloud Vapor Store boasts the best inventory with trial period rates (permitting returns on your Christmas & Holiday vaporizer gift), priority shipping and lifetime trade-in benefits. In other words, these are the sweetest holiday vaporizer deals.

The Mighty Vaporizer

When your holiday list is topped by a friend or relative deserving of the best, consider the Mighty Vaporizer. It’s manufactured by one of Germany’s most reputable manufacturers, Storz & Bickel, and from the hand-pleasing ergonomic design to enjoying twice the battery power, solid construction and high-quality materials, your gift will produce pure, dense vapor output from a unit that never gets too hot to handle.

Choose your favorite grind; the Mighty Vaporizer handles a range of coarse or fine herbs and this gift find even vibrates to signal its readiness to deliver courtesy of new wave thermal technology. Even the battery on the 2018 Mighty is 20-percent more powerful than previous iterations and everything you need—from power adapter to extra O-rings, a cleaning brush and user manual—is included.

15% Off With Code Holidaze

90 Day Trial | Free C Vault

Mighty vaporizer Christmas Sale

The Volcano Vaporizer

They’re twin brothers of different mothers: a pair of the highest-performing vaporizers on today’s market. Yes, both come with impressive price tags, but features and benefits justify either one when you want to give the very best.Volcano Vaporizer Christmas Sale

The Classic Volcano’s electromechanical system is an engineering marvel; a convection system that pinpoints vapor delivery at between 226- and 446-degrees F. German excellence shows in the stainless steel and plastic materials used shape this vaporizer, and for users who aren’t easily impressed, tell them that the Classic Volcano Vaporizer is intuitive, delivering smooth hits and maximum potency. Included with the Classic is the Easy Valve Starter Kit and 5 prefabricated bags that make awesome party-starters.


The Digital Volcano is the same as the classic with a digital temperature Readout and 30 minute automatic shutoff. Storz & Bickel insist that the Volcano vaporizer is “the perfect marriage of durability and design” and if you’re all about investing in one high-quality vaporizer for eternity, this is it. Referred to by those in the know as “the best and most sought-after high-end vaporizer in the world today,” this is no modest statement in terms of unique design, one-of-a-kind vacuum pump system, “easy valve,” filling chamber and an accessory kit that does everything but chat you up as you fire it up.

15% Off With Code Holidaze

90 Day Trial Period | Bonus Accessory

Volcano Vaporizer Christmas Sale

The Arizer SOLO 2

‘Tis the season to be selfish, so while you’re treating your besties why not snag an Arizer SOLO 2 for yourself? Seriously, the SOLO 2 offers an easy to understand vaporizer  all boxed up and ready for gifting at affordable pricing. The Arizer SOLO 2 is probably the best vaporizer for the money currently on the market and there is no learning curve , which will have you vaping straight out of the box.  The usual warranty comes with the SOLO 2 and we were impressed by rave reviews, especially from those who love the Arizer brand thanks to the original SOLO experience.

Our fav review? The generous guy who bought one for his mom to help deliver rheumatoid arthritis pain medicine. He feels better knowing she’s vaping and not smoking! This second iteration of the Solo has been built to exacting standards, so you’ll make anyone on your shopping list positively blissful if they open their holiday box to find this product inside.

15% Off WIth Code Holidaze

60 Day Trial Period | Lifetime Trade Ins

Arizer SOLO 2 Christmas Sale

The Puffco Peak

Puffo a name known for quality dabbing since 2013. The Puffco Peak will up your gift-giving cred to the dabber in your life if you wrap and put this new, technologically state-of-the-art dabber (known for showing up competitors) under a tree. Users get a traditional dab in a sleek 7- x 2.75-inch casing with single button control, rechargeable battery, ceramic bowl and four temperature settings.

Simplicity is the keyword here, but it’s the start-up speed that may impress gift recipients most: it takes only 20 seconds to heat up. Once it’s going, users select optimal temperatures that range from 450- to 600-degrees. “Sesh-Mode” rules when dabbing with friends, and the accessory package is loaded: a case, USB charger, two ceramic bowls, cleaning swabs and loading tool. You supply the good wishes.

Free Dab Container

60 Day Trial Period | Lifetime Trade Ins

Puffco Peak Christmas Sale

The Ghost MV1

Can a vaporizer be sexy? The answer is yes if it happens to be the Ghost MV1 Vaporizer. Because this product is unique, set-up time and the user’s learning curve could take a little time to learn, but once the Ghost is mastered, it might become your daily use vaporizer. The Ghost Delivers a misty and power packed punch of vapor with absolutely no draw resistance. It is considered by many to be the vaporizer that gives you the most effect from your herb.

Ghost MV1 christmas sale holiday bundle

Making the Holiday’s Brighter from now until January 2nd, 2019 Your Ghost MV1 will come with a free 4 piece grinder, Fast Charger and Crucible Dispenser – allowing you to optimize the Ghost with faster battery charge times and pre packed herb for on the go.

$100 in Free Accessories

60 Day Trial Period | Lifetime Trade Ins

Ghost MV1 holiday bundle for sale Christmas

Stocking Stuffers

Despite trial period rates, trade-in potential and healthy guarantees, not every gift giver can fork over enough cash to treat their favorite people to vaporizing experiences of a lifetime. That’s why we offer solutions that won’t require you to dip into your 401K.

Fill a few stockings. Little things mean a lot and there is no  shortage of affordable presents Included on our shortlist such as the G Pen Elite Vaporizer or Vapium Summit Plus both good vaporizers for the beginner vaporist which won’t break the bank 


Treat folks to SLX Grinders. Thanks to the SLX Grinder’s non-stick surface coating, resin build-up is non-issue. Stuck herb bits? Nope. The SLX is a game changer for more than just its smooth surface; it’s engineered with ultra-sharp teeth for a uniform, consistent grind. Further, the bottom sifter screen doesn’t require threading and aerospace-grade aluminum construction promises years of faithful use at a price that’s doable.

Give C Vault Storage Containers. We saved this affordable storage container suggestion for last to leave you with a good impression. Two versions of this airtight, food-grade stainless steel humidifier are available for less than the cost of a few fast-food meals. Plants stay fresh because no light penetrates solid casing and humidity can’t compromise contents thanks to the Boveda pack that’s included. Folks on your gift list will fall all over themselves thanking you. Our advice? Be gracious and accept their gratitude. You never know what they may do to reciprocate next year.


So whatever vaporizer you are looking to give or receive this Holiday Season To the Cloud Vapor Store has you covered with an extensive selection of the best new and used vaporizers all which come with a 60 or 90 day return window and lifetime trade ins for store credit. With offers like this , this will be a Holidays not to disappoint.

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