Vapium Summit Plus

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The fine folks at Summit are lovers of the outdoors and the Vapium Summit Plus vaporizer sure does reflect. The Summit Plus is the most rugged and durable portable on the market. It can withstand the elements while delivering excellent vapor. What make it better than it’s predecessor are the applications such as blue tooth integration, improved mouthpiece and greater insights into the device’s output and battery life. Not to mention it comes with a pretty nifty on the go water proof case.


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Vapium Summit


The Vapium Summit Plus offers all the great aspects of the original with some fantastic updates which make it the perfect vaporizer for outdoor adventures. The Summit Plus vaporizer has been upgraded with  splash proof protection and a smart phone app allowing you more insight in to your vapor sessions. The Summit Plus has a large bowl for your loose leaf blends and an ergonomic design making gripping and using a breeze.



The Vapium Summit Plus has eight temperature settings. This allows for a wide range of vapor outputs, giving you a wide range of options for different occasions. Better yet the Summit Plus has pass through charging, so there is no need to wait around while your vaporizer charges.

Comes with

  • Micro USB Cord
  • Dry Bag
  • Cleaning Kit
  • Built-in Pick/Pack Tool
  • Securing Ring
  • Mouth Guards
  • Replacement Screens 
  • User Manual



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