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Turn on your Volcano Vaporizer with Siri

Turn your Classic Volcano on with your Smartphone

Turn on your Classic Volcano with your Smartphone

Regarded as the gold standard of desktop vaporizers  a decade on the market,  the Classic Volcano Vaporizer and moreover the Storz & Bickel name is synonymous with the highest quality when speaking about vaporizers.

While there are too many good things that can be said about this simple yet marvelous blockbuster of a vaporizer,  the long heat up time is not one of them. The heat up time is actually quite awful – at 4-5 minutes – waiting for the Classic Volcano to hit your desired temperature is one of the worst things about it.

Given in 2018 how many new vaporizers have adopted bluetooth integration and taken advantage of smaller devices with more powerful batteries and thus quicker heat up times, the Classic Volcano can come across as outdated. But with the ultimate goal being to deliver the best vapor,  the Volcano Vaporizer remains king and there really is no need to reinvent the wheel.

Thankfully you can set your Classic Volcano up to turn on from your smartphone, smart watch or other integrated smart home device allowing it to preheat so when you get home your Volcano is fully heated and ready to rock.

You can do this by setting up any smart plug. These plugs can be picked up anywhere and are cheap and easy to use. A quick Google search will show you just how many options you have when choosing a smart plug. Even better these smart outlets will sync up with Amazon Alexa and Google home systems.

Classic Volcano Vaporizer bluetooth
Classic Volcano vaporizer

Since the Classic Volcano will remain on with the red power switch down you just need to set your desired temperature and leave it on. When using your smartphone, smartwatch  or Alexa to turn on your Classic Volcano you are essentially just turning the power on and off. Turning your Classic Volcano on with your smart device will not work the same with the Digital Volcano as the Digital Volcano requires you to physically press the red power button to turn start the heating sequence. Hopefully this will be something in the works for the Volcano Vaporizer in 2019 or maybe a feature on a new Storz & Bickel vaporizer.

For now this is a nifty little way to avoid the wait time associated with waiting for your Classic Volcano to heat up. Just tell your bluetooth device to turn on the power outlet associated with your Volcano Classic and come home ready to vape without the wait.

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