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420 vaporizer sales

To the Cloud Vapor Store 420 Vaporizer Sale: April 13th – April 21st


Well 4/20/2020 is quickly approaching and with most of the nation spending their days in  quarantine due to the Covid-19 (CoronaVirus) pandemic, it doesn’t appear that this highly anticipated 420 will be going down in the epic fashion we all anticipated. To the Cloud Vapor Store is still up and running and will be having our annual 420 vaporizer sale to help you save the most money possible.  Check out our list below for the best 420 savings.

That isn’t to say you should not have your go at some of the best herb vaporizers on the market. While we hate to try and capitalize on the current global health crisis, it is worth mentioning vaporizing is much less harsh on the lungs than conventional smoking and vaporizers give off less of a smell. So if It’s important you aren’t stinking up your apartment complex while you are hunkered down or need something a little bit more discreet with the little ones now always around, this 420 vaporizer sale couldn’t have come at a greater time. 

And for those who have already fallen in love with their vaporizer, now is an even better time to pick up a second or third. Our annual 420 sale will be going from April 13th to April 21st and will offer the best deals around on brands such as Storz & Bickel, Firefly, Davinci, Boundless and more. 

Better yet we offer a 60 day trial period with every vaporizer we sell, so if you do just need your vaporizer for a short period of time, or want to give a different make or model a try we got you covered. 

MSRP  To the Cloud 420 Sale 
Ghost MV1  $225  $159 
Arizer SOLO 2  $269.99 $169.99
Arizer Argo  $269.99 $169.99
Arizer Air 2  $254.99 159.99
Volcano Hybrid  $699 $559.20 with Code 420
Classic Volcano  $479  $383.20 with Code 420
Mighty  $349  $279.20 with Code 420
Crafty+  $279  $223.20 with Code 420
Plenty  $249  $199 with Code 420 
Hydrology 9  $199.99 $149.99 
Boundless Tera  $199.99 $139.99 
Boundless CFX  $179.99 $119.99
Boundless CFC 2.0 $89.99 $54.99
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