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Puffco Peak vaporizer review

The Original Puffco Peak Review | Disrupting Dabs And Spawning Imitators

Cannabis Vaporizers are relatively new on the scene in terms of means to consume marijuana and by in large still represent a very small portion of the overall cannabis market. Even with popular herb vaporizers like PAX and the Volcano on the market for several years, the first thing which pops into people’s minds when you say marijuana vaporizer is a vape pen with a 510 distillate cartridge on it. Quick, easy, convenient ;  You hit a button, take a draw and feel the effects.

The truth is there are a whole slew of marijuana vaporizers – concentrate pens, dry herb convection portables, dual-use desktops, dab straws, the list goes on. And for the most part these different segments of cannabis vaporizers have garnered their own following, without one entirely changing the game.

However the Puffco Peak seems to be reaching the pinnacle of becoming a disruptive vaporizer to the standard dab rig. This is what Puffco founder Roger Volodarsky set out to do, replace the standard dab rig with the Puffco Peak. Using a traditional dab rig can be a bit of a process when thinking of all the steps needed. The Puffco Peak offers an all in one solution for quick and quality dabs without the need for torches, bangers or nails.

to the cloud vapor store cannabis vaporizer

With the rise of concentrates and the various forms they now come in, dabbing has surged in popularity. Up until now to enjoy these you had to settle for a pen style vape or wrestle with a desktop dab rig.


puffco Peak size compared To the cloud vapor store

The Puffco Peak is small and sturdy and yes very portable despite meeting the credentials to classify it as a “Desktop Vaporizer”. Even with water inside it comes in at 13.3 oz.- Crazier when comparing to a portable herb vaporizer like the Ghost MV1 which weighs in only 1 oz. lighter than the Peak.

At 7” tall and 2.75” across the base you can compare it to a bottle of Negra Modelo.


The Peaks’ dimensions become more appealing in its weight distribution. A sturdy Silicone base accounts for most the Peak’s weight and minimizes tip over risk. A moot point to be noted as  minor spills would not be a match for the Peak’s thick hand blown glass.

Even the packaging is well thought out. Sturdy and lightweight  itself it will double as a transport case with a special slot for each part of your Puffco Peak. There is no need for any aftermarket cases for safe and secure transport. 

Puffco Peak case

Using the Puffco Peak

Puffco peak review

With all vaporizers it’s important to give it a full charge before the first use. The Puffco Peak Charges via a micro USB port in the back of the unit’s base. The Peak will fully charge in about 1.5 – 2 hours with the wall charger. It is not recommend using your computer USB port as it could be a few hours longer

Fill up the glass with a small amount of water (2 oz.) making sure to not overfill and attach to the base of the Peak. Next you can either: 

Charging the Puffco Peak To the Cloud Vapor Store
  1. Cold load – adding your concentrate to the atomizer before turning the unit on
  2. Traditional load – turn unit on and add concentrates once you are at temperature

Powering On

1. Long press of the button on the front end of the base under the heating element will engage the unit.  

2. Adjust temperature here with single clicks which are shown via the changing LED

Puffco Peak Temperature Settings To the Cloud vapor Store3. When you reach the temperature setting you want click the home button twice.

4. A slow pulsing LED will let you know it’s heating. In roughly 20 – 25 seconds your Peak will triple vibrate letting you know it’s reached  temperature and you can begin to draw.

Double click the front button to keep the peak at it’s operating temperature , or give a prolonged press to turn it off.

Quality Dabs With No Hassle

As you can see the Peak gives you amazing vapor without fumbling with expansive set ups and multiple moving parts – It comes down to ease. One reason dry herb cannabis vaporizers have not had the disruptive effect on traditional smoking that the Puffco Peak is having on dab rigs is that the tried and true methods of combustion remain much less complicated than herb vaporizers. Your joint doesn’t require you to go through a variable checklist to optimize your session, which can often be a gripe of finnicky herb vaporizer like the Firefly 2+ . With the Puffco Peak they made the process of taking a dab a easier and more efficient without compromising quality.

Buy the Puffco Peak

60 Day Trial Period | Lifetime Trade Ins

puffco peak for sale at to the cloud vapor store

The new Puffco Peak Pro has since been released addressing the issues of the original Peak and making improvements based on customer feedback.  To read more about the new Puffco Peak Pro check out our review here

Puffco Peak Downfalls

The Puffco Peak is the first of its kind, but being a pioneer can really highlight the flaws as well. The Puffco Peak is excellent and comes highly recommend,  but it’s not without its’ faults.

The Puffco Peak will not shut off on it’s own and for something with no external batteries and long charge times forgetting to shut it off will only drain the battery.

Being so expensive you would think it would have Bluetooth integration like the Firefly 2 or PAX 3,  letting you adjust temperature, view exact battery life and making overall operation a tad easier – all from your phone. Bluetooth integration would also curb the production of Chinese counterfeit Puffco Peaks. You know, from those guys on the Offerup app who happen to have come across 1000 new and sealed Puffco Peaks that they can’t wait to sell you for $100 under retail;  Yep those fakes. 

Lastly we have heard of Atomizer connectivity issues and atomizers wearing down rapidly. At $379 (Now $249)  for the Peak and $29 for the replacement Peak Atomizer you would think some coverage would be offered beyond a month. 

Regardless the Puffco Peak delivers the most quality and easiest dab experience out there and with the popularity of concentrates growing the Peak is an item to own if you can afford it.

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